01 March, 2012

Bag & Swag: A Sneak Peek

Not a huge update today because as you can imagine I am busy running around organising things and putting together the finishing touches for the launch party this weekend.

There is also some final tweaking going on between my designer and I. She is a VERY gifted woman but she has also been very patient with me, my stupid questions and my even more stupid answers!

But I thought in the spirit of drawing out the suspense I’d share a sneak peek at all the swag up for grabs this weekend! I gotta say, I’m pretty astounded by the amount of support I have received and the way everyone has gotten behind me on this. I am a very lucky girl!

Gift bags ahoy!

Although not lucky enough, because this stuff is freakin AWESOME and I can’t win any!

Also, my big parcel from Sailor Jerry is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and I’m SO excited to see what turns up! It’s all a big surprise you see, so I just have to wait til it gets here to see what I’ve been sent…it’s like Christmas or my birthday or something! SO COOL!

I hope you’re all as excited as I am about Sunday! As excited as I am, I’m also a bit nervous. I’ve not hosted something like this before and I just want everyone to have heaps of fun so I’ve got my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and y’all don’t end up thinking I’m lame haha

Although as a very kind lady reminded me yesterday, you’ll all be there cos you’re in my corner. So it’s deep breaths, try not to stress and lots of running around. But I can’t wait!!

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Gillian for Tessie Girl said...

It will all go fabulously, I am sure!! Just keep breathing x

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks Gillian, I am more excited than nervous :) xx

<----- MZ VICKI said...

We can't wait. We're so excited for you and are behind you 100% woohooo!

Sheri Bomb said...

Nawwww thanks Mz Vicki! ♥ I can't imagine how nervous/excited you must be getting!! I can't wait to see how hairy The Big Fella has gotten! haha xx

Anonymous said...

Hoping to be able to make it Sheri. Do you want another donation? Kath

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks Kath, hope you can make it :) If you're interested in contributing to the giveaways feel free to email me at contact@sheribomb.com.au with an outline of what you're offering and we can sort it out :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck on Sunday honey. I wish I was coming, but I'm going to be over at the Suitcase Rummage selling my wares.

I can't wait to see pics from all the fun, I'm sure you will have. Just as keen to see the new design.

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks Trudie, I can't wait to show everyone!!! It's a shame you can't make it as there is some REAL vintage up for grabs! But I understand and I hope you sell a bunch at the suitcase rummage : ) as always, thanks for your support xx

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