07 March, 2012

The Launch Party: A Timeline in Pictures

Welcome everyone! Care for a gift bag?

It's LIVE! And we love it!

Ooh prize table eye candy! Will you get lucky?

The punters couldn't get enough of that Sailor Jerry Rum!

Yay! The bloggers are here!!

Everyone write on my Post-O-Matic and get your message on my blog!

Enjoying a Sailor Jerry to calm my nerves

Such good looking party-goers!

Get those business cards in the draw people!

Time for the band to get started - yeehar!

Thanks boys, now it's prize time!

One of many happy prize winners!

Feeling the love!

More gorgeous guests!

Time for the band's second set - these boys were going off!!

A bit more mingling...

We love you Bobbi!!

The amazing designer responsible for the blog's new look getting some well deserved love!

So that's what happened in a nutshell...a GREAT day was had by all but I have to admit, it's a bit of a relief that it's all over. Now I can just sit here and stare lovingly at my blog all day.

I thought it might be a bit lame to write a full on post about my own launch party so I thought a picture would tell a thousand words and I'd leave it up to the other fab bloggers who attended to tell the story.

Check out Suger's run down here and Gil's wonderful post here. I'll put Liv's up when it goes live.

Thanks to everyone who came, I really can never say just how much it meant to me ♥

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