14 March, 2012

Put The Needle On The Record: A Stitch In Time

I know I’ve touched on what the Rockabilly culture is all about before and I’ve given you glimpses into the type of fashions it has shaped but the blog has been a little ‘unstructured’ of late. Which is fine by me, I like that it has been flowing naturally with me and my life.

That being said, I’d really love to put more of a focus on the music and fashion side of things so over the coming weeks I’ll be concentrating on showing you some of my favourite music makers and fashions of kustom kulture.

There may be a little giveaway or two and not only will I be explaining where these music and fashion influences come from, I’ll be sharing with you plenty of my own fashion and music obsessions and where you can pick them up from.

I’ll be trying to cover a good cross section of music, styles and fashion for both women AND men but if there’s something in particular you’ve been wondering about or would really like me to cover, feel free to email it through or leave a comment and I’ll make sure to include it in the coming series.

But don’t worry, there’ll still be plenty of all the other random, fun stuff gracing these pages. Including the epic weekend I’m about to have!! But more on that later this week…

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