28 September, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Most Ugly

Forgive me if this post seems a little all over the place but there are a few things I need to share and none that I feel can wait.

May you rest in peace Jill

I'll begin with the very sad news about the Jill Meagher case. Missing since the early hours of last Saturday, her body has been found and a man charged with her rape and murder. Everyone is talking about this case and it seems to have hit home with people in a big way. Men and women. While there have been some opinion pieces and media coverage circulating that leans toward victim blaming, the sheer fact of it is that a family is grieving for a wife and daughter who's life was suddenly and unexpectedly cut short in the most horrific, brutal and ugly way.

My heart goes out to her family and friends and although I did not know her, I find myself feeling heartbroken for them and her. Such a promising young woman, now a life wasted. I think this case has resonated with so many of us because of the sheer shock and absurdity of it. We realise how easily it could have been us or one of our friends. Because we have done the very same thing. Walked alone at night to our car parked further down the road, the bus stop around the corner or home from our local just a few blocks down the road. We think we are safe, we think we will be fine and we don't want to 'bother' anyone by making them walk us to where we need to be. I myself am very guilty of this. I have this inherent philosophy that 'everything will be fine'. Unfortunately this is not the case and the sad tale of Jill Meagher is the wake up call that a lot of us needed. It is devastating that such a realisation should come at such a cost but I urge every single one of you, male or female, to stay safe and think carefully about where you are going. Stay alert and look out for others too.

I move on from Jill now, not to diminish her story but because the weight and sadness and ugliness of it is so unbearable that I can't leave this page focused on such negativity. There are also some other things I need to explain. In fact, I must apologise if you visited the blog yesterday as no doubt you would have been redirected to a spam site within about a minute. It seems the BadgePlz widget I had in my sidebar was hacked and was causing redirects to spam sites. Egads! It seems pretty much any blog with the code was affected and I only realised it was happening to my blog also after I urgently texted Suger telling her there was a problem with her blog. Hah. Anyway, I've sadly had to say goodbye to my Instagram feed down the side. I miss it already. But no spam sites thank you very much! It's lucky I didn't post yesterday or those naughty little spam sites would have been getting all my clicks! Bad spam sites! BAD!

*Insert Hallelujah music here*

Again moving on to this beauty, you might have noticed my IG shots last night of this stunning vintage swimsuit which arrived yesterday. Goodness me am I excited to have her in my hot little hands! She's all my vintage swimsuit dreams come true! I had been searching and searching for the perfect vintage suit and I had something in mind but couldn't seem to find it anywhere and then suddenly burlesque bombshell Lila Luxx put her up for sale and what do you know SHES EVEN MY SIZE! Of course I had to have her!

She's a spectacular and very rare Jantzen swimsuit from the 50s. The styling is incredible with shirring on the bodice, sides and back. Jantzen called the shirring on the bust "Crinklpuff" and the back shirring "Crinklelastic". The fabric is a quick dry nylon. It also features boning in the bust; adjustable button straps that can be tied as a halter as well; lined bust and tummy panel; two rows of horizontal shirring down the front to give an elongated look to the torso and modest leg openings. I have never seen another suit like this one. It is styled a bit like the "Postage Stamp" swimsuit that Jantzen made in the 50s, but this one differs because it has shirring on the bust as well and the "Postage Stamp" did not.

I'm hoping she'll win me the Viva Las Vegas swimsuit competition next year!

26 September, 2012

Old Fashioned Foreplay

Now I know that headline is rather titillating but it's not quite what you think. The Vintage Style Workshop I modelled for last weekend which was organised by My Vintage Vow and held at Kitty's Vintage Kitsch & The Shop That Time Forgot was extremely informative and covered a great range of information. A whole section was dedicated to foundation garments (thats unmentionables to the uninitiated).

And it was during this particular talk by Celia that I had a revelation. MAN getting undressed for some nookie back then must have been WAY more fun. No need for foreplay, the disrobing IS the foreplay! Allow me to elaborate and you'll see what I mean...

More commonly known as 'shapewear' these days, foundation garmets were the underthings women wore to help complement and enhance their shape under their clothes. However, it wasn't as simple as some 'sucky inny' undies...foundation garmets were a whole repertoire of boned, elasticised and smoothing shapers.

The Longline Bra

Beginning with a longline bra that was designed to provide shape, fit and support all the way down to the waist, most connected with hooks to girdles which used a combination of strategic panelling and firm elastic to smooth, shape and contour the stomach, hips and thighs.

Don't forget under your girdle you'd be wearing your underpants and then on top of that, your stay up stockings would clip to a suspender belt or clasps on your girdle. Add over the stop of that a full slip to smooth any shapes or outlines from the hardwear of your foundation garmets and I bet you're already feeling hot and bothered.

The Girdle

And of course, no 50s female fashion was complete without her frock and petticoat. So let's just think about that for a second. To get to the goodies of your gal underneath, you first had to get through the dress itself and the crinoline petticoat before you could even start on the slip or the clips and hooks and zips and laces of stockings, girdle or longline bra. And for goodness sake don't mess up your order of attack or your lady in waiting could be stuck in there forever!

Seriously though, I'm actually a little jealous. All the waiting and the undoing and the suspense and the relief (oh the relief!) of everything being released sounds like an exciting way to get worked up.

One can only hope they had enough energy left by the end to get the deed done ;)

25 September, 2012

- Addinked -

I think I have a problem. I've heard people speak of it before, and I had occasionally wondered if really was as bad as they say. I'd had a little taste of it before, but always thought I was the one in control. That I could stop at any time if I wanted to.

In fact, I thought the more I had the more satisfied I would be. That the urge would not be so strong. Maybe even go away. But it seems this is not the case. It actually seems like the opposite is true. The more I have the more I want. An insatiable appetite, a void that needs filling, a great big sucking hole drawing me ever closer.

It fills my waking hours. It's all I can think about. I want more. More. MORE.

I used to care what people thought. Tried to keep my intake at a level that was relatively easy to conceal. But the more I have, the more I don't care about hiding it. I don't care about the possibility of it affecting my working life. I don't care what anyone thinks. I just know I need more.

I don't care about the money it costs me either. It has certainly been an expensive habit. But I don't care, even when it's impacting my savings, getting me into debt or forcing me to scrimp on other things. I must have my fix.

I am an ink addict. The less space there is on my skin, the more I want to fill it.

Lucky I still have plenty left to go...

18 September, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: Love, Life & The ReChords

Today's Tattoo Tuesday is courtesy of one of my most favourite Melbourne bands The ReChords!

Inspired by their song of the same name, the music says it all really.

It's not only about a certain someone but life in general. My outlook on the world. Not in a negative way, quite the opposite in fact. A reminder to always look on the bright side of life, to never get bogged down in the negativity of a situation and to count my blessings.

Another Tilly Lace original, this is my first music inspired tattoo but it seems very fitting. The moment I first heard this song I knew it meant something to me in a big way. It helps that I love these guys and that they're some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

I'm pretty sure this puts me at #1 fan status now, right?

17 September, 2012


I'm only 24.
I'm only trying to give you my best.
I only know what I've experienced.
Having no experience in this I can only make it up as I go along.
I'm only trying to do things right.
I can only apologise when I don't get it right.
It only takes a little appreciation to acknowledge that I'm trying.
I only want some understanding.
I'm only human.

14 September, 2012

- Pin Up Noir -

Today I'm off to Noosa for 2 days with work and I'm not really going to have much time for or access to all things blogging so just before we head off this morning I thought I'd leave you with some images from a recent shoot I did with the amazing Poco Rojo Pictures. She's recently been mentored by Shannon Brooke and her work often appears in top publications like Deadbeat Magazine so if you're in Brisbane or the Gold Coast and are looking to get some fantastic images, she's your gal!

Also, a big thank you to Elisse for her fabulous job on the hair and make up! She did an amazing job and I wish I could have my hair like this all the time!! And of course to Kitty's Vintage Kitsch & The Shop That Time Forgot for the cute little desk and chair set and the wonderful old typewriter!

12 September, 2012

Blogging: Cheaper Than Therapy

I love how writing can make things clearer in your mind. Well, at least in my mind.

I had a touch of the Monday blues and so I sat down to write a post that was going to be a bit of a boo hoo poor me type post Monday evening. Somehow it turned into a wonderfully uplifting and positive post and by yesterday afternoon had been shared around Facebook and was illiciting grateful and heartfelt comments. Spreading so much love and light.

I went from feeling down on Monday to feeling SO great by Tuesday.

I just love how putting something into elegant and articulated words forces you to REALLY think about it and the way it makes you feel. It still surprises me to realise that the way you think you feel about something and the way you actually feel about it deep down can be polar opposites.

As I wrote yesterday's post, I think I was going for a 'this is how I try to live my life but I don't think it's working' kind of vibe. But by the time I had finished recounting the ways in which I live my life I realised that it actually WAS working.

And just like that, it put things into perspective, purged the negativity from my mood. Come publishing time I had a satisfied little smile on my face and the wonderful response that it received turned it into a grin.

So I say ha ha Sooky Sheri, you can't even have a whinge and be unhappy!

And you know what? That suits me just fine.

11 September, 2012

Simple Kinda Life

I see life very simply. Maybe I'm just naive? Honestly, at this point in my life I really don't know yet. But I just don't see why things need to be complicated or hard.

Things are the way they are. If you don't like them, change them.

Be a good person, find your happiness in the happiness of others and just live and let live.

Honesty is the best policy. Be true to yourself and others and you won't attract drama.

Always look on the bright side of life. Dwelling on negativity will only leave you feeling low. A shot of sunshine will always give you a kick.

Stand up for what you believe in but don't force it on others. Being heard is more important than being agreed with and other ideas and opinions only serve to broaden your perspective so keep an open mind.

Be generous. Of love. Of mind. Of spirit. Of knowledge and, if you can, of material things too. Giving feels good.

Count your blessings. Always, but especially while they're there to count. When it feels like there are few, remember the long list you had until they come back again. They always come back.

Always do your best but don't beat yourself up when your best isn't enough. Learn from your mistakes and do better next time.

It's a pretty simple way to live. Generally, it'll keep you pretty happy. But things aren't always that simple.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, that simple life doesn't feel so happily ever after. But the road is long and when you can't see what's on the horizon, you just have to trust that this simple little life is leading you in the right direction.

When you feel like your fading, doubting, changing. Just keep walking until you come to the next fork in the road.

Go with what feels right. Don't over think it. Just keep it simple sweetie.

07 September, 2012

Asphalt Demons 2nd Invitational

Rounding out the month of September is the Asphalt Demons 2nd Invitational at the Archer Falls Airfield in Mt Archer. The first one was HUGELY successful last year and I have to say it's certainly one of the coolest club days I've been to.

 Held on an old airfield, this is your chance to run your beast around the dirt track for a great cause. Helping to raise funds for the Wings of Life charity, entry is $20 and is probably the most fun you'll have in a long time. Gates open at 9 am and throughout the day rods, customs and bikes will have the chance to flat strap it around the dirt track and compete in the time trials.

 There's also an art show, food and drink as well as live bands and if you're so inclined, you can even camp overnight for just $5. This is definitely the reccommended option as you'll be having far too much fun to want to go home and the greasy breakfast put on the next morning is just what you'll nede to kickstart the drive back home.

 The Beatniks, Barons and Reaper car clubs will also be in attendence with trophies for the fastest as well as club choices. I may or may not have been in the Beatniks choice from last year ;) A family friendly day out, there's nothing more exhilarating than racing around the track at top speed as the 'Red Baron' takes off above you.

One of the greatest days of gasoline and grease on the Brisbane calendar, I can't wait!

06 September, 2012

Eliminators Hot Rod & Car Show

Get your fill of hot rods and gasoline at the Beenleigh Showgrounds on Sunday 23 September with the Eliminators Hot Rod & Car Show. Sponsored by Oz Rods hot rod and stree machine specialists, the event offers a swap meet from 6 am where you can pick up all manner of car parts, vintage finds and brick a brack. Gates open at 9am for the car show with admission just $5 and kids under 12 FREE!

There's a low brow art show, heaps of trade vendors, live music and plenty of horse power to drool over. You can enter your hot rod, American muscle, street machine, comp car, resto, custom or classic on the day and trophies will be awarded to the top ten.The show is catered and there's also a bar serving alcohol on the day however there is a strict no BYO policy in place.

There's free parking on Milne Street and better yet, the event is ASRF sanctioned! (SA-117-02-2012). There's plenty on offer and its a fantastic family day out. It's also a great way to get out and about to enjoy the spring sunshine but there is little shade provided so bring your parasol or sunscreen!

I wonder if we'll take The Tank or the Merc?

05 September, 2012

Vintage Fashion, Style & Shop

 Presented by My Vintage Vow and Kitty's Vintage Kitsch & The Shop That Time Forgot, Saturday 22 September sees your chance to wind your way up the stunning roads of Mount Tambourine for a special vintage event.

For just $10, from 11 am you'll enjoy drinks and nibbles as you learn how to style vintage fashion. Using key looks from different eras, we'll explore how to style vintage outfits and how to discover and define your own vintage style.

Lucky door prizes are on offer as well as a chance to shop for your perfect vintage look. Myself and another attendee will be styled in full vintage including hair to demonstrate how simple it can be to dress and enjoy vintage every day.

The time is now! Don't save your vintage best for a 'special occasion', every day can be an occasion if you'll let it, and vintage must be enjoyed not locked up in a musty cupboard. These beautiful frocks are begging to be worn and appreciated like back in their heyday.

Grab your girlfriends and make a day of it or come on your own and meet some of Brisbane's loveliest and avid vintage collectors. What better way to spend a beautiful spring day than at the top of stunning Mount Tambourine gazing on wonderful vintage attire.

Tickets are limited though, so contact myvintagevow@bigpond.com to secure your spot.

Show off some of your favourite vintage pieces, and I'll show you mine.

03 September, 2012

Harry's Diner Old Skool Reunion Cancer Fundraiser

Harry's Diner has long been a fixture of the Friday night kustom kulture scene, providing a cool place to hang out and admire each other's rides while enjoying a burger and some old fashioned hospitality. An iconic Brisbane restaurant, Harry's has been going strong for 20 years. The 50s style diner offers classic American cuisine including burgers, buffalo wings and chilli cheese fries as well as a selection of American candy and sodas.

Designed to be family friendly, a crew of dedicated hot rodders have kept the tradition going on the first Friday of every month for years. But don't be mistaken, the strict 'no dickheads' policy means these gear heads are the good guys. So good in fact that at a time when their mates need them the most, these guys are stepping up to the plate. In a BIG way.

This Friday night from 6 pm, Harry's Diner is transforming their Old Skool Reunion Night into a chance to raise much needed funds for treatment for one of their biggest and longest supporters who is currently fighting cancer.

Aside from a cool place to hang out on a Friday night and enjoy the new menu surrounded by cool cars, Nova 106.9 FM will be there early with giveaways. The night will also have a sausage sizzle, promo girls, raffles and prizes and best of all some of the toughest old school rides in Brisbane. Special guest vehicles including one of Australia's Fastest Roadsters, one of Australia's Fastest Pro Street cars and a new weapon about  to hit the track that will shake up the ranks in the QLD drag scene!

Dress to impress as Grunt Files will also be there on the night filming for their new series and DVD. Grab some raffle tickets to donate to the cause and have a chance at winning a huge range of prizes including:
  • $100 Hogs Breath Aspley Gift Voucher – Shane and Cassie Joyce
  • Window Tint – Peter Cosgrove
  • PT Sessions – Gavs Big Time Boxing
  • Photography Session – Shots by BJ
  • Pink Couture $50 clothing voucher – Jane Hatzellis
  • Totally Automotive vehicle service – Scott Wilmington
  • Beautylicious package – Tracey and Andy Mc Connell
  • Personal Painting of your ride – Vanessa Swift
  • Nails package – Wendi Webb
  • $260 Serious Supplements package – Mark Roberts
  • Wheel Boyz - $200 voucher and shirt
  • $75 Voucher from Di Heath Norwex Products
  • $599.00 ASUS Laptop Computer – Computer Rehab Albany Creek
  • Powercruise Hot Laps in Jason Chizzotti’s Blown Camaro - Saturday
  • $199.00 Italian Leather Handbag – Dee Simone Handbags
  • $100.00 Voucher Forever Filthy Clothing
  • Drag Race Experience with Pro Street Industries – Matt and Bek
  • $50 Voucher at Happy Berry House Samford
  • Messineo Racing Experience – Messineo Racing
  • Signed Ashes Memorabilia – Woolies MacArthur
  • $200 Voucher, Shirt, Hat and Cooler at Jaz Performance and Mechanical Brendale.
  • Brett’s top 10 Hotties: 10 in car extinguishers including brackets

So come along and try out the new menu, win some fantastic prizes, drool over some amazing cars all while giving back. Harry's Diner - 104 Newmarket Road, Brisbane

I'll see you there!