30 April, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures - Part 1

What a weekend! I think I'm all partied out, but I'll need my rest this week as next weekend will be even BIGGER with the Garterbelts & Gasoline Nostalgia Festival. Still, this weekend was so huge it needs two posts to cover everything and Sunday was so amazing it needs a post all to itself!

This post will be pretty picture heavy as there's really not much to say as the pictures say it all...LOTS of fun to be had though! Hope you enjoy...

Friday Night 80s Prom

Myself & The Birthday Girl

Going for the Cindi Lauper look
Me n Kazzels n Mimswah - totally 80s man

Lots of daggy 80s dancing

A John Hughes teenage dream

So many fingerless gloves!

Saturday Night Tiki Party

Ready for the luau
Tiki Surf Shack
Tiki Beach Bar complete with sand floor!

Nice coconuts!
Aloha Wahine! Brrrr was a little chilly!
The beautiful birthday girl

And her amazing cake!

Hmm something's not right with this picture

Limbo! How low can you go?

Phew! And that was only the first two nights! But how much fun is that!!

27 April, 2012

Happy Birthday To...


Yup, can you believe it!? It is my blog's first birthday today!! Ah, they grow up so fast don't they?

I actually almost missed it (oopsie!) it certainly doesn't feel like I've been doing this a whole year. I was just faffing around on my site the other week and thought 'Hmmm...I wonder when my first post was?' I had a look and just about fell of my chair - AYE CARUMBA it's nearly birthday time!

So in the spirit of things, I thought I'd do a video post. I haven't done one in a while and I actually miss doing them, so I hope you enjoy.

So there you go. One whole year. Can't believe I've made it this far. Thank you to each and every one of you, without your support this blog wouldn't be as great a place to be. So have a piece of cake for me ;)

26 April, 2012

Thank You

This post was actually intended for yesterday but thanks to some technical problems it didn't go up. It's too important not to be shared though, so I hope you don't mind it a little late today.

Anzac Day has always been an important day to me and my family. We haven't always 'celebrated' it with all the fanfare that it attracts, but I know that not a year goes by that I'm not moved to tears on this day. I can't even watch war movies, they simply make me too sad.

For all my pacificst ways, wishing that there never were or had to be any wars, I know that is sadly not the case and the enormity of what these young men endured and sacrificed for their country, so that we may enjoy the freedom that we do today, presses upon me especially on this day.

My grandfather served in WWII and while we were very lucky to have him returned home in one piece, the mental scars were always there. My uncle served in the Vietnam War and while he too came home unharmed, he refuses to even speak about that time to this day. My brother in law has recently joined the army reserves, part of the Charlie Company he's training to become a rifleman. I'm so proud of him but I hope he never has to put his training into serious action.

The things past and present service men and women have seen and experienced is unimaginable. I literally cannot wrap my head around it. The depth of gratitude I feel towards these people that I have never met is almost tangible. I see young fresh faced cadets marching beside the weathered faces of men who despite their somewhat fragile gait stand tall with a pride that puffs out their chests laden with medals for this one day. Their day.

I don't believe you need to attend a dawn service to pay your respects and acknowledge your gratitude. Sometimes quiet reflection is far more powerful. So whether you went to a service, baked the biscuits, clinked a couple of cold ones, shared a snag, played the games or watched the parade pass by, I hope you took a moment out of your day yesterday to remember those who gave so much for us.

Thank you.

24 April, 2012

A Stitch In Time: Tiki Time!

I’ve been asked a few times in the past to explain how the tiki influence fits in to kustom kulture and I’ve been meaning to get around to it for a while now but with a tiki party looming ahead for the weekend I thought what better time than now!

The whole tiki culture started out in The States in 1934 with the opening of iconic Hollywood bar and restaurant Don the Beachcomber, a Polynesian-themed venue created by an ex-sailor of the South Pacific. Featuring Cantonese cuisine and exotic rum-based punches, the bar was decorated with rattan furniture, flower leis, flaming torches and brightly coloured fabrics reminiscent of the islands.

Don The Beachcomber

Three years later, Victor Bergeron, known as Trader Vic re-vamped his Oakland restaurant with a tiki theme and grew to not only become a worldwide chain but also inspired architecture and décor concepts throughout the United States.  California’s 1939 World Fair also helped to reinforce tiki culture in the collective American mind with the Golden Gate International Exposition themed ‘Pageant of the Pacific’ showcasing goods of Pacific nations.

The 1949 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific (which later became a movie) was based on James Michener’s Pulitzer Prize winning collection of short stories titled Tales of the South Pacific and helped to fortify tiki culture in mainstream media by the time American soldiers were returning home from WWII, their stories and souvenirs from the South Pacific helped the tiki movement gain momentum and popularity.

South Pacific - © 1958 20th Century Fox. All rights reserved.
Post-war America was a driving economic force and with the ever increasing affordability of travel as well as newly established air travel to Hawaii, the nation’s interest in all things tiki grew. Americans romanticised exotic culture and fell in love with their own ideas of a tropical lifestyle. Tiki culture began to appear in every aspect of the country’s aesthetic – from home décor, architecture, fashion and accessories all the way to the drinks they drank.

Come the 60s, tiki culture was in full swing and the rich iconography portrayed in the CBS TV series Gilligan’s Island helped to continue the trend of tiki culture. However by the 80s, progress had wiped away much of the tiki aesthetic that had been present and has only enjoyed a resurgence in the last 20 or so years.

The LuWow - Melbourne

So how does all this tie into kustom kulture? Well, as not only an influencing factor on the fashions of the 50s, the collectible kitsch that resulted from the loose and stylistic representations of tiki carvings and mythology of the Pacific have become a large and very enjoyable part of the styles adopted by the rockabilly culture.

23 April, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Beers, Gears & Gasoline

If you were watching my Instagram feed you would have notice that my weekend consisted mainly of hot rods and bikes. This weekend was a big one for all things automotive starting with the Rebel’s Bike, Hot Rod & Tattoo Show at the Big Fish Tavern on Saturday, then the Gasoline Alley Open Day on Sunday morning and the Asphalt Demons Cars, Bikes & Band Day at The Seaview on Sunday afternoon.

There’s not really too much to say about either of the days except they mostly consisted of plenty of sunshine, cold beers, great music and some rockin rides! They say a picture says a thousand words and so in this case I think I’ll let them tell the story…


Official photography by The Man

20 April, 2012

Feeling Peachy

Last night I had an out of body experience…it kind of went a little something like this.

Ok, so I like to think I’m a little better looking than that but I DID have the MOST AMAzING massage I’ve ever had in my life. Pfft, massage…I feel like I can’t even call it that, it far transcended any massage I’ve ever had before.

Peachy Body Clinic is a recently re-vamped massage and beauty studio run by the delightful Kirstie. Look at her all sparkly eyes, gorgeous smile and best of all – cool tattoos! Really, as a massage therapist for me we are a match made in heaven!

And her hands, oh her hands! She makes moving a towel feel like a complete sensory experience – how does she do that!? Available to come to you or run from her home studio, Peachy offers remedial massage as well as waxing and beauty treatments.

Now I tend to think of myself as somewhat of a massage connoisseur, they are definitely one of my most favourite ways to treat myself and as a, err shall we say ‘top heavy’ gal with poor posture and a sedentary job they are also quite a large part of my physical wellbeing.

I was looking forward to trying out Kristie’s technique as she’s a local girl, literally just down the road from my place and I always like to support local. However, I wasn’t expecting to be blown away as much as I was. This girl REALLY knows her stuff! Which isn’t surprising I guess given that she’s not only a fully qualified massage and beauty therapist with 15 years’ experience but she also sits as a Director on the National Board of the Australian Association for Massage Therapists. So you’re in safe hands with Kristie, safe magical hands.

It was like going to see a psychic or something, just from feeling my body she could tell me things about my lifestyle and how I could easily improve my comfort levels. But best of all, the 75 minutes of pure bliss that I experienced on her table can be claimed on your health fund! I have never had a more relaxing or therapeutic massage and I’m ashamed to say that at one stage I woke myself up with my own snoring haha

Kristie’s home studio is so welcoming, lit with a warm glow from within that radiates off the glorious wooden floors and shines through each cosy little arch. As I visited at night, the smell of dinner cooking wafted through to the treatment room and I imagined this was what my house would be like if I was rich – a chef cooking dinner as I indulged in my nightly massage….ah a girl can dream!

And speaking of dreamy, book online or through the Peachy Body Clinic Facebook page and go and see this lovely lady! You really won’t regret it. In just 75 minutes she had me completely relaxed and fixed a number of problems I was having including my sore lower back, a slight rib displacement and opened up the space at the base of my head to relieve the headaches I’ve been getting every few days.

I feel like a new woman! For the same price as the ‘commerical’ salons you get a longer massage with FAR better results which you can claim on your health fund! Seriously, stop putting it off. The difference it makes in your physical wellbeing as well as your happiness levels is amazing. I’m going back next week for her signature eye treatment for a custom brow tint and shape as well as a lash tint and rejuvenating eye treatment.

Kristie is SO lovely, she's also offered $10 off your first treatment over $50 if you tell her Sheri Bomb sent you. Awww...feel the love!

Thanks Kristie, for such an amazing experience! Now just try and keep me away ;)

19 April, 2012

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Shannon Brooke to Hit Australian Shores!!

We interrupt today's regular programming with a VERY special announcement that has literally just come to hand.

World famous USA pin up photographer Shannon Brooke has just announced she will be visiting Australian shores in late July early August!! From the sounds of it she intends on visiting Greazefest while she's in Brisbane and I can safely say we'll be happy to have her.

If you're interested in booking a shoot GET IN FAST! I can tell you right now she will sell out very quickly! To find out about her rates or book in, email her at shannon@shannonbrookeimagery.n​et

Shannon is an amazing pin up photographer who has worked with the likes of Sabina Kelley, Masuimi Max, Bernie Dexter, Dayna Deluxe, Kitty Van Horne, Angela Ryan, Lourdes Dodds and a bevvy of renowned pin up beauties. 

She's worked with Kat Von D and is a regular contributor to magazines such as Deadbeat, Varla, People, Traditional Rod and Kulture, Tattoo Life, Tattoos Down Under and many MANY more.

She has also shot for some incredible brands including Hot Topic, LA Ink, Lucky 13 Apparel, West Coast Choppers, Pin Up Girl Clothing, Trophy Queen, Iron Fist Clothing, Lux DeVille, Austin Speedshop, Pleaser USA, Torrid and so many more.

She produces incredible images and will be joined by her key make up artist Jennifer Corona. If you want outstanding images of your rod or kustom or want to make your pin up fantasy come true, you can't miss this rare opportunity to shoot with one of the industry's best!

*All images the property of Shannon Brooke and shannonbrookeimagery.net*

18 April, 2012

Sin City Baby!

Some very exciting things have been discussed and decided on around these parts. Over Easter it was decided. I’ve been busting to say something about it since. I was going to wait until plans were a little more concrete but I’m too excited! I just want to say something about it, I’m busting over here!

Next year I will be attending Viva Las Vegas!!!

Viva Las Vegas is THE biggest rockabilly festival in the WORLD held over the Easter long weekend in the bright light city at The Orleans Hotel. The Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender features four days of non-stop rockabilly and 24 hour vintage shopping (ohmigosh I know!!).  The festival offers original 50s acts (Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, The Ventures, etc), a legendary car show with more than 700 pre-63 period correct cars and hot rods, more than 50 other music acts, a tiki pool party, burlesque showcase, vintage fashion show, swimsuit contest and much much more.

I have wanted to go to this for so many years now and each year I’ve had to watch all my friends go and hear all their wonderful stories and miss out. But not next year! And you know I don’t do things by halves, so I’m not just planning on heading over there for the long weekend…I’m hoping to be over in the US for 2-3 weeks, depending on how dates work out. The annual Lonestar Roundup is also going to be on about that time and if the dates work out next year the way they did this year then the Roundup will be on the weekend after Viva. A western/rockabilly 3-day festival, the Roundup is held in Austin, Texas and from what I hear is also a cracker!

So right now, the very loose plans are to fly into LA, spend a couple of days there checking out Hollywood, Beverly Hills, California etc and of course visiting Universal Studios and Disneyland. Then we’d like to drive down and spend a day and night in Tijuana, Mexico before driving through the Nevada desert into Las Vegas for the Viva Weekender and to visit the Grand Canyon. THEN we want to road trip a few days through Pheonix Arizona, New Mexico, El Paso and into Texas. After the Roundup we’ll fly back to LA and then home again. Phew! It’s going to be AMAZING!!

You might notice I keep saying ‘we’. Well, that’s because I’m going with The Man. Yup, I know what you’re thinking. Huh? I thought you guys had broken up?? We have, but I told you we’re staying besties and we know we would be excellent travel companions and we’ve kinda both always talking about doing this so we’re totally cool with it. Besides, I need someone to protect me from getting my kidney stolen in Mexico! Besides, Mexico kinda has a special meaning for us.

SO this is my USA adventure of awesome. Well, a pretty loose version of it anyway. No doubt more details will come as we book and confirm things. But I’m SO EXCITED! I just can’t wait! I’ve wanted to travel to go to Viva for SO long and I’ve wanted to travel to The States for even longer. This really is a dream come true and I think it’s going to be a bit of an adventure in self-discovery as well. It’s going to open up my eyes and ultimately make me a better write too I think. You know, worldly experience and all that.

Best of all, you get to see it all with me! #sheribombinsincity

17 April, 2012

Bluebird Retro Rags

While we're on the topic of events, fashion, shopping and what to wear, it's high time I introduced you to one of the kind sponsors of the launch party I held a while back.

Bluebird Retro Rags are a local Kustom Kulture clothing provider offering everything from girls skirts, dresses and cardigans to mens shirts and jackets. Based around a talent for embroidery, Bluebird not only stock a great range of men and womens fashion, they also produce the Greaser Speedshop Kustom Clothing label, their very own Kustom embroidery label.

Their latest Greaser Speedshop garmets include the Greaser Pistons designed by pin striping and tiki carver extraordinaire Krash and the Voodoo pin-striped design with artwork by Darren 'Kleetass' Cahill. Both designs are available on Greaser Speedshop Garage Jackets or work shirts from quality USA brand RedKap.

But the favourites in the women's designs are the Bluebird, Vintage Cherry and Rose Sugar Skull Cardigans - so cute! There's plenty available to suit the rockabilly lovin guy or gal and Bluebird Retro Rags also do custom embroidery work so if there's something special you need, these guys have got you covered.

I'm thinking of a diner shirt like this with some custom Sheri Bomb embroidery on the pocket - what do you think?

If memory serves me right, Bluebird Retro Rags are sponsoring and trading at the upcoming Autumnfest in Taree on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April 2012. They'll also be high tailing it up Tambourine Mountain for the Garterbelts and Gasoline Carnivale on Sunday 6th May 2012. Oh do I see some shopping in my future at their stall at Garterbelts!

So if you're keen to make these one-off designs your own or you want to commission your very own unique embroidered ensemble find them on Facebook or visit their website or better yet their Ebay store - it's got everything!

I'm serious...I want a Sheri Bomb diner shirt!

13 April, 2012

Update: Garterbelts & Gasoline - Last Chance!

Well the countdown is on, Garterbelts & Gasoline is just three weeks away! THREE! Aside from starting to plan all my outfits and sending off some interview questions to some overseas guests (shhhh!) there’s still plenty to think about. Including getting your tickets!!

Tickets for all events are currently on sale and there are just 7 days left to pre-book! Which I seriously suggest you do as the Friday and Saturday nights are renowned for selling out EXTREMELY quickly!

Pre-ordering your tickets saves you money and if you order the Deluxe Pack you also get a GB&G decal pack and 2012 GloveBox Magazine and Festival Program for FREE! You can download the ticket booking form at www.garterbeltsandgasoline.com.au  or on the Cruzin Magazine website www.cruzin.com.au or just call Paul the Festival Director on 0428 887522 to place your order.

And now for the lowdown on all you need to know about attending the festival:

 Friday Night Rockabilly Ball - May 4th 2012

The Drey Rollan Band (NSW)
Rocket To Memphis (WA)
Pete Martini and The Freight Jumpers (QLD)
Special international guests
Mars Attacks (Austria/ Switzerland)
Vintage fashion parades by Kitty’s Vintage Kitsch and The Shop That Time Forgot

Tickets $20 Pre-booked and $25 at the door

Saturday Afternoon Movie Matinee - May 5th 2012

Starring Lori Nelson, John Smith, and Chuck Conners. This black and white flick centres around Hot Rod Girl Lisa’s relationship with her boyfriend Jeff, an engine wizard who tunes Lisa's '55 T-bird  & his kid brother's '32 highboy to victory at the local drag strip (San Fernando).

Tickets $15 kids under 15 are free

Rockabilly Meltdown & Pin up Comp - May 5th 2012

Warren Earl & The Atomic Rockers (VIC)
The Garterbelts & Gasoline Pinup Contest presented by famous US pin up photographer Mitzi Valenzuela
The Rusty Pinto Combo (WA)
Wes Pudsey’s Hollywood Hombres (NSW)
Mars Attacks (Austria/ Switzerland)

Tickets $30 Pre-booked and $35 at the door

The Hot Rod Carnivale - May 6th 2012

Midnight Son (QLD)
The Fuelers (ACT) All day show at the Fueler County stage
Little Miss GarterBelts & Gasoline Pageant
Rocket To Memphis (WA)
Scotty Baker (VIC)
Coral Lee and The Sliver Scream (VIC)
Hanks Jalopy Demons (VIC)
Corn Liquor (QLD)

Tickets $15 Kids under 12 are free

The Sunday Night Wind Down - Sunday May 6th

The South Valley Syncopaters (VIC)
The Blackhill Ramblers (VIC)

Tickets $15

 *program is subject to change

Courtesy Buses will also be servicing strategic points around the mountain for pick up and drop off to and from The Vonda Youngman Centre on the Friday and Saturday nights. To book, please visit www.tamborinemountaintours.com.au or call Tamborine Mountain Tours on 07 5545 4321

Park N Ride will be in place on the Sunday during the Hot Rod Carnivale (May 6th) with parking at the Sports Ground on Long Rd for just $5 which includes a raffle ticket to go in the draw for a beer and wine pack from MT Brewery and Witches Falls Winery. You will then be able to ride a bus to and from the show ground for just $2

Accommodation has been secured for up to 50 Caravan sites for modern caravans and campers. Those who come under the pre 1970s Vintage Van categories are able to stay at the show ground.  Sites are asphalt with showers and toilets but no power and are within 10 min drive of all venues.  Sites are $25 per night, to book email with your enquiry to info@garterbeltsandgasoline.com.au Aside from that, you can also check out accommodation options on the mountain here.

12 April, 2012

I Don't Smile Anymore

You see that up there? No it does not mean I am 'up for it'. Nor do I want you to come onto me. Neither do I want to hear how 'beautiful, sexy, hot' you find me.

I don't need you to validate me or bolster my self-esteem. That's what my friends are for if I ever need it. I also won't be disrespecting the wonderful time I spent with my also newly single partner. And if you are a 'friend' of mine or theirs, you should be even more ashamed of yourself. Beds not even cold yet buddy.

No I am not an up myself bitch - that's just a cop out your internal douche-o-meter is using to make yourself feel better about being inappropriate.

Guess what? I am done being the 'good girl'. I'm done letting people walk all over me or manipulate me into feeling like I can't stand up for myself. Done being afraid that I will be labelled a stuck up bitch or an ice queen.

I am reminded of this brilliant post by Eden, which was inspired by this sickeningly accurate post by Alice (if you're a woman, READ THEM, if you're a man, gain some insight). Now before you get all ranty, I'm not man bashing. I do not man bash. Ever. So chill, I am just venting my frustrations on my own particular experiences and they happen to be sadly very similar to those these ladies have expressed.

But suddenly I have developed this inner lioness. Well, maybe not so suddenly. I have kind of felt it building. From the inside out. First the feelings of outrage. Of humiliation. Of incredulity. I have felt them for a little while now but was unsure how to act on them, how to express them without seeming like a psycho.

I have found my voice. I don't smile anymore.

I've never really been one to care too much about what other people think of me, particularly where it doesn't matter. So why have I allowed myself to be made to feel this way for so long? It's possibly a bit of a societal thing and a little bit of a maturity thing I guess. I've never really been good at or sure of how to handle situations like this.

But I am a writer for goodness sake. By my own admission, my words are my weapons. And in that sense, I use them not to harm others but to protect myself. And so I will.

I handled a situation like this so well the other day. I wasn't rude. I didn't sound up myself. I was just clear about boundaries. I was so damn proud of myself. It wasn't even that hard.

It's a brave new world, feeling like this, feeling like I have this much strength and control.

11 April, 2012

Put The Needle On The Record: JD McPherson


- JD McPherson, Scratchin Circles

I first caught wind of JD McPherson about a year ago when North Side Gal was released as a teaser for this new found talent. I dug the sound, but found it being played EVERYWHERE I seemed to go and so shied away from the repetition. I’m kind of glad, I guess it just wasn’t the right time.

Fast forward to just a few months ago and I got back into it. Started exploring more tracks from the new(ish)ly released album Signs and Signifiers and BAM! The more I listened the more I wanted to hear of this rock ‘n’ roll blues explosion! What started as a fall down the rabbit hole on YouTube turned into full blown love and I just HAD to buy the album off Amazon.

Best decision I ever made! I have listened to it practically non-stop since I got it and I’m STILL not sick of it! An extremely clever album, I adore every single track on it – a quality I find so rare these days. Normally I love a couple of tracks off an album and find myself skipping over the others but every track on this album is just as addictive as the next.

Released in April of 2011, the album was recorded in a 100% analogue studio and is breaking the mould for many vintage rock recordings. Singer-songwriter JD McPherson channels the swinging blues greats of old across the 12 tracks of Signs and Signifiers with songs ranging from fevered beats and original material to covers of old rhythm and blues numbers. Recorded through vintage microphones, the flat tyre beat and coarse velvet vocals of JD are perfectly complemented by that old time distorted sound.

From humble visual art beginnings in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, JD McPherson was named as 2011 ‘artist you should know’ by NPR and has been touring his home country with his own brand of retro blues-a-billy.

I love love LOVE this album and as I sit here and try to pick a favourite to recommend to you I struggle not to list each 12 tracks. But I can’t whittle it down by much because each is totally worth checking out and my absolute favourites are North Side Gal, Country Boy, Fire Bug, Wolf TeethYour Love (All I'm Missing)Scratchin Circles and Dimes For Nickels.

Seriously, YouTube them!

10 April, 2012

Easter Detox

Ok, so I didn't overdose on chocolate over Easter but I DID over-indulge in general. And I didn't exercise. And I feel ick. I guess my body has become so used to me exercising regularly and eating well that when I fall off the wagon it gives me a swift kick in the pants in the form of making me feel feral.

But it's a good thing, and craving good, healthy, whole foods can only be beneficial! So, in the spirit of all things Easter detox I hit the supermarket health food isle and bought up then cooked myself this delicious meal last night. And I made heaps, so I will be eating it all week. Not unhappy about that at all!

And I thought, in case anyone else is feeling a bit second hand like me, you might want to try this for yourself too - it's cheap, easy, healthy AND yummy so it's a total WIN!

Lamb Meatballs with Spice Roasted Veggies, Roast Chick Peas & Quinoa

My picture doesn't do it justice but I'm not a food blogger ok, so sue me!

You'll Need

1 Carrot
2 zucchinis
2 Potatoes
1 Sweet Potato
1/2 Butternut Pumpkin
1 Onion
1 Tin of Chickpeas
1 Cup of Quinoa
2 tsp Curry Powder
Lamb Mince or Pre-made Meatballs (from the supermarket)

Then Just

1. Chop veggies into small cubes then sprinkle with spices (I used cinnamon & all-purpose seasoning).
2. Drain tin of chick peas, toss in a small amount of garlic and oil then roast with veggies for 1 hour.
3. Add 1 cup quinoa to 3 cups of water in a saucepan, bring to boil then simmer for 20 minutes. Drain.
4. Mix cooked quinoa with 2 tsp of curry powder and salt and pepper to taste.
5. Cook meatballs then add to quinoa, roast chick peas and roasted veggies then toss.


This was also my first time cooking quinoa so I was quite proud of myself! Mmm mmm so good!

How do you do your Easter detox?