30 May, 2011

Getting to Know You...

Well actually, this post is about getting to know me. I love the voyueristic nature of blogs, that feeling that you're getting a glimpse into someone else's life...and I figure the best way to give you guys the best insight into me and my life is to give you all the basic info as well as some of the more interesting bits.

Section 1: Basic Information

Gender: Female
Hair colour: Reddy Purple at the moment or naturally, a dirty blonde mousey sort of colour
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5’3”
Location: Brisbane, QLD Australia
Age: 22
Birthday: 5 July 1988
Birthplace: Brisbane
Scars: A few small ones on my face from being attacked by a dog and a huge one on my left knee from getting ripped open by a metal pole
Astrological sign: Cancer
Dominant hand: Right
Religion: None – and don’t believe in it, used as the excuse for too many bad deeds by mankind
Major/Career: Journalism & Literature/Content Writer (& Blogger?)
Race (Mongoloid, Caucasian, or Negroid): Caucasian
Relationship status: In a Relationship
Siblings: 1 older sister
Parents: Divorced – wonderful people who have each taught me so much
Pets: None :(
Glasses: Only for close up computer work
Braces: Not any more but for about 5 years – it sucked!
Piercings: Only my ears twice although I used to also have my belly button, my nose, my lip and my beauty spot

Section 2: Preferences

Favorite colour: Hmm hard to pick just one – I’ll go with Black, Purple & Red
Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookie Dough
Favorite food: Hmm – tie between Italian & Mexican
Favorite drink: Currently Sailor Jerry Rum
Favorite number: maybe 6?
Favorite month: December – I love Christmas!
Favorite song: Way too hard to choose!
Favorite book: Again very hard to choose but I’d say Edgar Allen Poe Anthology
Favorite movie: I’m so bad at picking favorites! There are too many good movies!
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite TV show: Hmm I don’t watch that much TV…can I say The Muppets?
Favorite cartoon character: Jessica Rabbit
Favorite series: Lame but I’m loving Masterchef at the moment…inspiring me to cook more adventurous meals

Section 3: Serious Issues

What are your views on...

1. Liberalism?
Everyone should have the right to choose how to live their life even if we don’t all agree

2. The existence of God?
It’s a nice idea that has been distorted over time…I believe more in spirituality and the higher power of the universe rather than ‘God’ in the traditional sense

3. Jesus Christ?
See above

4. Abortion?
Very difficult as there are situations where I can understand why people may want to choose to do this but there are so many people in this world who can’t have children and would dearly love them so I think adoption is always the preferential choice…however everyone has the right to choose and should be able to make their own decisions

5. Global warming?
The crazy weather lately says it all really

6. Humanity?
There are good and bad, and it depends on the day you catch me as to what my view is but today I’m feeling relatively positive about humanity…or at least the humans I know 

7. Vegetarianism?
A personal choice that should not be forced on others or lead to judgment (whether for or against) but definitely not a lifestyle change I could make – I love meat! Lol

8. Animal abuse?
Absolutely inexcusable whether intentional or not and I think penalties should be harsher – people who do this absolutely disgust me

9. Capital punishment?
A dangerous issue – some crimes are so deplorable this would sometimes seem the only fitting punishment but a book I read about a couple who were wrongly convicted really opened my eyes, especially after the innocent man as executed before they could prove their innocence…not a risk that should be taken

10. Evolution?
There are plenty of missing links in society these days so it must be true

11. Extraterrestrial beings?
Like the concept…I believe there is ‘something’ out there but what and where I don’t know

12. Heaven?
I dunno…it’s a nice idea, but given I don’t believe in God and Religion in the traditional sense of the word I’m not sure in what capacity it could exist

13. Hell?
As above…the original question that these places stem from (what happens/where do we go when we die?) is just too big for my tiny little mind to understand…guess I’ll just have to wait and see…isn’t that the fun part anyway?

14. Purgatory?
They’re all the same principle, so my answer still stands

15. Ghosts?
Yep – seen one so I know they’re real…but the actual logistics behind them I have no idea but it’s a very interesting topic that I love reading about

16. Serial Killers?
The basis for practically my entire reading material my whole life…extremely fascinating

17. Marriage?
Something I very much want one day but not sure if it will ever happen…I am scared of making the wrong decision

18. Smoking?
Gross please don’t do it near me

19. Drinking?
Usually too much although lately I have been pretty good…as with everything in life, moderation is the key but not always easy to achieve

20. Child abuse?
There is no excuse – EVER

Section 4: The "Test" with No Wrong Answers

1. If you could change your name, to what would you change it, if anything, and why?
Don’t think I’d really change my name…I pretty much like it how it is…although I wouldn’t mind if my last name changed to Depp because I got to marry Johnny Depp lol

2. If any amount of any sort of fame was available to you, what would you choose and why?
I would choose moderate fame based on my skills and abilities that would generate enough income for me to live a comfortable and generous life

3. If you had everything you needed delivered daily, what would it be?
A soft fluffy robe and slippers with a morning coffee and the paper with a croissant for
breakfast, diet coke for when I was thirsty, Mexican or Italian for lunch, a roast for dinner, a puppy, a new pair of shoes everyday and a new item of clothing everyday – not much :P

4. If you were told you must join the army (or navy or marines), but could choose any position you liked, how would you react?
Angry that I was left no choice but I would probably choose to be a cook or something like that

5. If you were assured of all your daily needs, what kind of job would you want, if any, and how would you spend your paycheck?
I would like a part time job with flexible hours where I got to write about things that I love and I would spend my pay check on shoes, clothes, holidays and going out

6. If you had to wear the same outer layer of clothing every day, what would it be?
My pajamas

7. If you received a fifty dollar check in the mail, guaranteed, every day, what would you do with it?
Save it so I could go on a holiday (Viva Las Vegas 2012!)

8. What would you do if you knew you would die in 5 days?
Sell all my stuff and give the money to a charity and spend the 5 days with all my family and friends telling them how much I love them

9. What is the most important goal in your life?
To be recognised for my skills and passion for writing and to be successful enough doing it to make a comfortable living

10. How would you prefer, ideally speaking, to die?
In my sleep – wimps way out I know but I think it would be nice

11. Do you have any strong feelings about how you will or will not die?
Not really…I kind of always thought I would die young so the older I get the less I even think about it…you never know what’s going to happen

12. Do you find talk of death creepy?
Nope – I actually wanted to be a Mortician when I finished high school so it doesn’t creep me out

13. What role do you think fate plays in your life?
A large role…but I guess it depends on your definition of ‘fate’…I don’t necessarily believe that certain things are ‘meant to be’ but I do think that things happen for a reason to create opportunities and to teach us things and I think the more you pay attention to those things the closer you are to being where you are meant to be in life

14. How important do you think you are, not just to yourself but to your circles and the world?
Hmm I dunno, interesting question – as far as the world goes I really have no idea. I’m pretty sure I don’t know the cure for cancer so to the world I’d say not THAT important but to my circles I’d say average. I think important is a strange word to use – I’m not responsible for many people in my life so if I wasn’t here one day I’m sure people would be a bit sad but like everything in life they would get over it and move on.

15. What really brings you joy?
Seeing/making other people happy – pretty basic really but that’s me

Section 5: More Random Questions

1. What is your motto? Why?
Live and let live…because there is enough negativity in the world without people judging each other over petty things and the decisions they make in life

2. What is your cell phone ring tone? Why?
Some random tune that came with the phone – kinda sounds like rio carnival music I like it because it’s very happy and makes me want to dance everytime my phone rings

3. Would you consider priesthood or the religious life (monk or nun)?
No way

4. Do you have a nickname or nicknames? What is it or they?
Sheryl, Shezzles, Sheri Lee…my bf sometimes calls me turd burglar…I don’t know why haha

5. What do you fear?
Sharks, Crocodiles…having to rely too much on other people

6. What do you consider a weakness?
My weakness is I over-think things…which sometimes leads to negative and equally ridiculous internal dialogue

7. What do you consider one of your strengths?
My sense of humour…it allows me to see the lighter side of things and not be bothered by things others might be

8. What mythological creature do you wish was real?
Probably unicorns cos they’d be pretty…I’m not really up on my mythological creatures

9. What would you do tomorrow if you knew you could not fail?
Find the cure for cancer

10. Would you ask someone out if you liked them or would you wait and try to find out if it's mutual first?
Find out if it’s mutual first…that just makes sense to me

11. Do you like sleep?
Oh so very much! I never used to…didn’t want to go to bed and then would get up very early but now I just love my sleep!

12. What is your opinion on acronyms and abbreviations?
They have their place, they help make my txts cheaper! But I don’t use them unless I have to – can’t help it I’m a writer!

13. Do you think math is important? How important?
I think math that is applicable to everyday life is important and math that is necessary for certain professions is important for people who want to pursue those professions but as a whole I’ve never really liked math

14. Do you have a dream home?
Not really…well in my head I do…my dream home would be one I built myself that way I could have everything exactly how I want it

15. Would you rather freeze to death in summer or burn to death in winter?
Freeze to death in summer…burning to death would be a horrible painful death at any time

Hopefully this will give you a bit more of an idea about me and who I am and make you feel a bit more at home when you come to visit me here.

26 May, 2011

My Words Are My Weapons

Just a quick update for some of you who may have noticed that my blog has had a facelift!

Apart from being a far better looking design/layout than my previous pink monstrosity this new design is part of some exciting things that are happening behind the scenes here!

I can't reveal too much just yet but it's exciting times ahead and I promise you'll be the first to know any big announcements.

Hope you all like the new look and I look forward to sharing the excitement with you as it comes!

A rather timely makeover as well because this Sunday I'll be heading to the Woolloongabba Antique Centre (affectionately known as the WAC by us locals) for The Great Western - a Celebration of the Western Shirt for some live entertainment from The SugarShakers and my favourite local rockabilly band The Ten Fours as well as some extremely drool-worthy famous American Western Ranchwear outfitters Rockmount.

Given I've been looking for a nice western shirt for a while I'm hoping to find a treasure!

Til next time - it's Ten Four little buddies!

24 May, 2011

Who Likes to Win Stuff?

Ok so a real quick update to let you know about a really cool competition one of the blogs I follow is running.

Chronically Vintage is giving away some gorgeous pendants for a fantastic UK designer Know Your Onions.

Check it out...but not too many of you cos I wanna win! haha

18 May, 2011

Friday 13th

** Please note I am awaiting a picture of me from this post but I didn't want to make you guys wait so I shall edit it in once I get it**

So last Friday was Friday 13th and the Step Inn in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley was holding a Friday 13th extravaganza! 13 bands over 3 stages set the mood for a ghoulishly good time. I feel I should mention that I was so busy having a good time I forgot to take pictuets so I have compiled some as best I can from everyone else's but now that I intend to blog about my adventures I'll have to be more vigilant with my camera!
Anyway, back to Friday 13th! My friend Dee came with me and my boyfriend and we kicked off the weekend with some Sailor Jerry Rum as we were getting ready for the gig. Now my boyfriend and I love any excuse to get dressed up so we spent some time perfecting our outfits. He made a rather dashing if not somewhat rotten zombie and I went as someone I've been wanting to dress up as for a long time - the one and only Elvira!
A rather strapping zombie I'd say ;)
Not one to do anything by halves, I even went so far as to spray my ahir black and used a 'makeup map' from the internet to make sure I had the makeup exactly right. I thought I made a pretty good Elvira if I do say so myself and if the amount of positive comments I got when we were out is anything to go by, so did everyone else. A lot of my good friends didn't even recognise me at first so I'll take that as a good sign!
I was a good girl and nominated myself as the designated driver so it was only a couple of beers early on then soft drink and red bull for the rest of the night for me! It was great fun catching up with all our friends and seeing the varying degrees of creativity and commitment that went into people's costumes. I do find it somewhat disappointing when people don't dress up for these kinds of things but each to their own and as you'll see below there were still plenty of great outfits!
Ahoy there Captain Jack!
Zombah Kittehs
The bands were spread out over 3 separate rooms and we started out in the Main Room to catch the Jim Rockfords, a great local band who I just happen to know personally. Also in the Main Room was Tom Fiend, Slug Guts, DJ Hexus, The Hits, DJ Ghoulish Jake, The Scientists Duo, DJ Wolf and Spitfireliar.
However after catching the Jim Rockfords we moved on to the Rock n Roll Dungeon to rock out with The Vampers whose double bass player made an excellent vampire that night. Also in the Rock n Roll Dungeon was DJ Wolf, Main Street Brats, DJ Shumac and The Flangipanis. We didn't stat for the rest though as we were busy socialising and making our way to the Voodoo Lounge.
The Voodoo Lounge is where we spent most of our time and started out with Teenage Wolves and The Chokes who we sadly missed. DJ J'son from the Rock n Roll Show was spinning tunes in between sets and we stuck around to support The Dirty F Holes and Graveyard Runble, also great bands who I know personally.
The strapping young lads from Graveyard Rumble
As designated driver I was pretty keen to get home once the bands were over so I could take my shoes off (my feet were killing me!) and get stuck into more of the Sailor Jerry Rum which I have to say is easily, hands down the absolute best rum I have ever tasted and even those who aren't rum drinkers agreed! Although pretty strong at 80 proof it's a smooth drop with a blend of spices that makes it smell wonderful and leaves a slighty vanilla-y taste in your mouth. Yum!

10 May, 2011

A Model Life

If you’ve been following me on Facebook you may have noticed my post the other day of the cover art for the Tijuana Taxi model I helped my boyfriend build.

This was the first time I’d ever had anything to do with models, to be honest I could never really understand the attraction of them. Sure some of them can look pretty cool when they’re done but I kind of always just dismissed them as a ‘boy thing’. But on a rainy Saturday afternoon my boyfriend was keen on doing some work on the model he had just started to build.

He asked me if I wanted to help (more for a bit of a laugh than anything I think) and with little else to do I thought why not? After painting a few pieces and watching him put some fiddly engine bits together I was really starting to get into it and the more detailed the pieces the more determined I was to do a good job! Fast forward to the end product (which looks great if I do say so myself!) and even though I only helped the sense of satisfaction was still very rewarding.

As my first foray into model building I then had my heart set on doing one of my own all by myself so on Saturday we headed to Mr Toys at Springwood, reputed for their extensive model collection. As I first timer I needed to stock up on all the essentials for putting a model together including paints, brushes and glues on top of the model itself. A bit of an outlay in one go so after finding an awesome model to build I put it all on layby. Not much left to pay off and I’m sooo excited to start working on it that I don’t think it will be waiting long. My model of choice?

This model is SO cool! I’m so excited to build it! I’m already so determined to be careful, precise and not rush the fiddly bits because I want to do this model justice!! Given at this point in my life I don’t have the funds or necessary skills to build a real life hot rod I think models will be a great outlet for my automotive enthusiasm. I’m really looking forward to picking up my kit and keeping you updated on its progress – not to mention showing off the finished product!

05 May, 2011

Garterbelts & Gasoline Nostalgia Festival 2011

Wowee - what a long weekend! Sorry it has taken me til nearly the end of the week to report back on my adventures of the Garterbelts & Gasoline Nostalgia Festival but it has taken me this long to fully recover (not to mention going back to work!) There was so much on over the weekend I think it will be easier if I take you through day by day but first, for those of you sadly not familiar with GB&G allow me to give you a brief rundown.

The brainchild of Paul and Amanda Biagini of Moonshine Traders, the Garterbelts & Gasoline Nostalgia Festival began in 2008 as a way to celebrate cars, music, fashion, art and all things Kustom Kulture and to make the most of the May Day long weekend. Originally held at The Bearded Dragon Hotel on Mount Tambourine, the event this year moved further up the mountain to take advantage of the fantastic views and better use of space as this annual event continues to grow.

Friday Night – Rockabilly Ball

Well after skipping out of work at lunchtime on Friday we packed the Tank Fairlane and headed up the mountain eagerly anticipating the weekend ahead. After about an hour of winding our way up some rickety (and slightly hairy!) roads and corners we pulled in to what would be our accommodation for the weekend – the cosy home of our lovely hosts Colin ‘Krash’ & Vicki Mitchell. The charming wooden cabin-style house complete with fireplace was the perfect setting for a weekend getaway to the mountains and Krash and Vicki were more than hospitable. After a couple of drinks on the deck and some tricky timeshare of the bathroom we were all looking our finest for a night on the town. St Bernard’s Hotel was our destination and what would affectionately become known as Rockabilly HQ throughout the weekend. Brisbane’s own The Sugar Shakers and WA act Rocket to Memphis kept the crowd entertained and dancing up a storm to kick off a wonderful weekend. Sadly I wasn’t feeling particularly well this night so I sat on one of the comfy couches and enjoyed the night from afar. Unfortunately this was also when my camera decided to give up the ghost so all the images you see in this post have been sourced from the GB&G page.

Saturday – Vintage Soap Box Derby

Despite not feeling well the night before I am nothing if not a stayer, so it was well past 1 am before we actually got home. However, the much anticipated soap box derby was not to be missed so a little the worse for wear, we rolled ourselves out of bed and headed to the top of the hill on Curtis and Long Road to watch a fantastic array of homemade contraptions race for the winning title. After plenty of thrills and spills and a whole lot of admiration of the extremely creative and skilled craftsmanship on display it was off to the Mount Tambourine Brewery for the announcement of the winners and to hand out the trophies. This was one of the highlights of the weekend as the weather was perfect – warm and sunny – ideal for kicking back with a local brew and enjoying the highly entertaining and talented Canberra trio The Fuelers. If you could manage to tear yourself away from the fantastic atmosphere of the brewery, the beautifully restored Zamia Theatre was showing a double feature of Pin Up Girl (1944) starring Betty Grable and Road Racers (1994) starring Selma Hayek. While unfortunately I didn’t make it to the theatre I’m told it was a great afternoon spent sipping a cold one and spreading out on comfy canvas chairs – what a way to end the day!

Go Turtle!

Saturday Night – Rockabilly Show

By far my favourite part of the whole weekend, this was a night I will remember for years to come! With so much talent in one room it’s a wonder St Bernard’s Hotel could handle it! Warming up the crowd was Harry Deluxe and the Cap Gun Johnnies (WA), Pete Martini and The Freight Jumpers (QLD/VIC) and Warren Earl and The Atomic Rockers (VIC/QLD) but the one everyone was waiting for was the Rusty Pinto Combo (WA). Formerly of Rusty and the Dragstrip Trio, I had never had the pleasure of seeing Rusty perform live and had previously only had CD’s and YouTube to enjoy his amazing talent but his reputation as an energetic live performer preceded him and the crowd were ready to give it to him from the get go. Easily the standout performance of the weekend, Rusty fed off the enthusiasm and energy of the crowd burning up the floor and stealing the hearts of us all with his amazing talent, unique style and voice of an angel. I later learned that poor Rusty had been under the weather and yet he had whipped the crowd into such a frenzy that they would not stop screaming for more until he played an extended set that ran overtime by half an hour, bringing our quality ‘Rusty time’ to a total of an hour and fifteen minutes – what a legend!

Rusty Pinto...swoon

Sunday – Hot Rod Carnival

After partying so hard the night before, the relaxed pace of the shine and show was a welcome change of pace. Held at the Mount Tambourine Showgrounds, we couldn’t have asked for a better day with warm clear weather and stunning mountain views the perfect backdrop for the shiny chrome and low rumble of the kustom rides and the rockin’ tunes lined up throughout the day. While it was definitely the cars that stole the show, the lovely ladies, market stalls and food vendors turned a simple car show into a fantastic day for the whole family. Us rockabilly’s know how to party so it was no surprise (yet still a delight) to see so many up and dancing in the grass on the oval (shoes were optional) to The Fuelers (ACT), Z28 (QLD), The Blackhill Ramblers (VIC), The Drey Rollan Band (NSW), Johnny Law and the Pistol Packin’ Daddies (WA) and Harry Deluxe and the Cap Gun Johnnies (WA). This was also the perfect chance to check out the Art Show and Pin Up Booth which were on display throughout the weekend. Displaying works from local artists both near and far the show included a variety of mediums that really was a feast for the eyes. Renowned pin up photographer Helen McLean also had a pin up booth to turn your average Jane into a Betty Bombshell in no time flat.

Look at this beauty...or should I say beast?

*I am in no way biased*

Sunday Night – Wind Down

Just when we thought we couldn’t party anymore we headed back to St Bernard’s – far be it for us to let the weekend finish without a bang! The Mayhem County Boys (QLD) kicked things off before the night slowly eased into The South Valley Syncopaters (VIC/QLD) and Pete Martini and The Freight Jumpers (QLD/VIC) but it was The Mayhem County Boys who had the crowd up on their feet movin’ and hollerin’ for more of front man Mitchy Mayhem’s famous energy and cheekiness. Playing a mix of original songs and some fantastic covers such as Johnny Cash’s 25 Minutes to Go they finished up with a roof raising all-in rendition of Ghost Riders in the Sky.

Sadly come Monday it was time to head home and while it was a hectic schedule with all the dancing, drinking and partying it was demanding on the body too but it was well worth the lack of sleep! I’d do it all again in a heartbeat and as I got half way down the mountain I was ready to turn around and keep partying. I can definitely say I am very much looking forward to next year which promises to be even bigger and better (is that possible?) Thanks again to Paul and Amanda for all the hard work that goes into making an event like this happen and to Cruizin the major sponsor and of course Mount Tambourine for letting us take over the top of your mountain for 3 whole days of non-stop rockabilly and big, noisy (sexy) cars!