I’m equal parts goofball and wannabe old world glam. Former pin up wannabe and writer by trade – studied it for 3 years and now do it as my ‘real job’ as well. You think I’d get sick of it but I guess I’m just a geek like that.

The Rockabilly/Kustom Kulture lifestyle is a HUGE part of my life…in fact I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be happy in life if I wasn’t involved in it. The amount of joy I get from the music, the fashion, the cars and the people I can’t even describe. And yep, I blog about it all because I thought it might be something different for people to read about.

But it’s not all I’m about. I’m just a 20-something Brisbane girl trying to find her way in life and so a lot of that is here too. It’s a personal blog, a lifestyle blog, a fashion blog, an entertainment blog, an automotive blog…there isn’t really a label for it, sorry! Sometimes I get really deep and meaningful and sometimes I will post silly photos of my drunken shenanigans.

Otherwise I hope you stick around and comment occasionally, I guess I could settle for that.

In the meantime you can check out a full list of my achievements and publications on my Brag page.

* If you want to win my heart, buy me a pug dog *