07 July, 2015

I Got The Bull By The Horns On The Downhill Drag Things Are Better Than They Ever Have Been

Wow, it’s been AGES since I did a proper post. What can I say? Things have been busy but not particularly exciting, so my motivation to write has been low. However there is something that I knew I just had to write about – the new album from The Rechords 'Live Rechording'. Unfortunately it’s not available to everyone right now but if you happened to contribute to their crowd funding campaign to make the album, you should have your copy by now. My love of The Rechords is well-documented and I have to say, this album is incredible!! I haven’t stopped listening to it since it arrived. It is hands down my favourite release of theirs since their debut album On The Wagon.
The whole album (featuring a whopping 20 tracks!) is packed to the brim with fantastic tracks including originals, covers and previously unreleased original tracks and I just can’t say enough about how much I love love love this album! As the name suggests, it was recorded live across 2 shows at the Yarra Hotel late last year and it really conveys the energy this trio unleash when they play live. While their studio albums offer a polished result that really showcases their harmonies, this live recorded album gives me the same heart-bursting happy buzz that I get every time I see these guys live, which is perhaps why I’m currently addicted to listening to it. The whole thing ROCKS but my fave tracks are #2 Could’ve Been Worse (of course haha), #8 Before I Met You and #10 Bull By The Horns.
I hope for your sakes The Rechords release this album to more than just their campaign backers, because it’s just too good not to share! Sadly the boys aren’t playing GreazeFest this year but I really wish they were – I miss them!! I haven’t seen them live for a while, so I hope they take a trip up to QLD real soon.
Speaking of GreazeFest, I bought my goal dress to wear on Saturday night!!! I’ve been making progress at the gym and I cannot wait to wear it! I’ve wanted it for so long but didn’t think I could pull it off…until now! In fact, I’ve already got all my outfits for GreazeFest bought and planned, even down to the accessories! I’m organised this year. I can’t wait!! I can’t go into my outfit details just yet, but rest assured I will once GreazeFest is over.
The year GreazeFest once again goes interstate. You can get your tickets for Brisbane & Melbourne here.

GreazeFest Brisbane

Friday July 31: 7pm to 12am
Saturday August 1: 10am to 10pm
Sunday August 2: 9am to 8pm
Rocklea Showground
1430 Ipswich Road (Service Road), corner of Goburra Street Rocklea

GreazeFest Melbourne

Friday August 7: 7pm to 12am
Saturday August 8: 10am to 10pm
Sunday August 9: 11am to 7pm
Sandown Racecourse
 591 - 659 Princes Highway, Springvale

Hope to see you there!