31 January, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: Zombie Beauty Queen

Today’s Tattoo Tuesday is one close to my heart for many reasons. It’s big, bright, colourful and was done by Mimsy’s Trailer Trash Tattoo and I love it!

It’s a pretty big piece and I got it done in one 3 hour sitting. Mimsy wasn’t sure I’d make it and by the end it certainly was feeling pretty tender but I just wanted it finished so I could look at how beautiful I knew it would be.

There’s actually a pretty simple meaning behind this one. She’s a pretty foxy lookin zombie girl and she’s my statement piece to remind myself and everyone else that beauty comes in many forms.

That ‘traditional’ beauty isn’t the only form of beauty.

That looking ‘different’ doesn’t make you any less beautiful.

And her hair. It freakin rocks!

See, I told you it was simple. Simple but pretty powerful in my opinion.

She is definitely one of my favourite tattoos!

30 January, 2012

You Are Amazing

You are amazing.

And you know it.

Or at least, somewhere deep down inside, you suspect you are. Like we all do.

Consider this confirmation.

Someone is smiling right now just thinking about you.

You light up someone's day when they see your email in their inbox or your name on their caller ID.

You are a good person with a good heart.

You are not perfect but you're not that far off, and no one expects you to be anyway.

You are kind. You are loving. You are funny.

People want to be around you.

You are a good friend. You give great advice and are an even better listener.

Without you, the world would not be a special place.

You are brave. You are inspiring. You are intelligent and you are interesting.

You are attractive. In every sense of the word.

You work hard. You are appreciated.

You are selfless and you are thoughtful.

You are sweet. Your eyes speak of a caring soul.

In short, you are amazing. ALL of you.

So don't forget it, ok?

27 January, 2012

The Big Wet

Well, today I was going to post about the annual Twilight Hot Rod Show and Rockabilly Festival that was to be on this Saturday. Having to be re-launched at Morningside RSL last year due to severe flooding last year, this year was to be its triumphant return. You wouldn’t expect ‘lightening to strike twice’ but unfortunately, mother nature has once again decided to turn on the waterworks.

The good news is that, as always in show business, the show must go on! So we’ll still be treated to all the great bands that were scheduled, but the hot rod show and markets have been postponed until March.

It’s a bit of the old switcheroo really, as March 18 was to be the first in a series of Rockin’ USA gigs which would see event organiser Lori Lee bring some big names from the States over. This has now been transformed into Twilight Take Two and will be held at Rocklea Showgrounds on the 18th March and will feature the hot rod show, market stalls and a stellar line up including Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys (USA), The ReChords (Melb), Miss Teresa (Bris), DJ Swingabilly Ray (Gold Coast) and more to be announced.

It’s a little bit of a bummer, especially for Lori Lee as she puts so much time and effort into organising these events. It’s a shame that once again she’s had to go into salvage mode but I have absolutely no doubt that both shows will ROCK!

When the rain started bucketing down on Monday I thought to myself hmmm, I don’t know that the outfit I had planned to wear is really wet-weather appropriate. So as tough a decision I’m sure it was to make, I think Lori Lee has made the right one. No one wants to be tramping round a soggy oval or getting their hot rods bogged.

Besides, it was a great excuse for me to buy a new dress ;)

25 January, 2012

Well, I AM Aren't I?

The rain is still not letting up around these parts and it really put a dampner on my mood yesterday. But this morning I woke up to some news that has me pretty darn chuffed and will keep me happy all day I dare say.

Gaynor Alder, Style Expert for Cointreau's Art of the Cocktail Hour and Creator of the online beauty and fashion empire The Modern Women's Survival Guide wanted to interview lil ole me for her Women of Style & Substance section.

Well, don't mind if I do!

It's a great honour to be interviewed by someone as high calibre AND vintage glamour loving as G (yeah, I call her that now, we're practically besties :P) As a loyal follower of the church of Modern Women's Style Guide I was EXTREMELY excited to receive the email from G requesting the interview.

Be still my beating heart! I may have gasped and squealed a little. Maybe not. You don't know. You can't prove anything.

Anyway, I'll quit banging on about it and give you the link so you can actually read about it!

Oh, and did I mention? YAY!

24 January, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: Beat It

This week's Tattoo Tuesday is the perfect cure to warm your heart and add some colour to your day on this cool and gloomy rainy day.

This week's tattoo starts not with a picture of the tattoo, but my favourite picture of my big sister and I. Ain't it just adorable if I do say so myself?

She is a great big sister. Always has been. Look at her, feeding me the beater to lick so that I don't miss out. My big sis has always looked after me, given me advice, helped me out, lent me lots of stuff, shouted me when I had no money, kept me company, given me endless hours of entertainment and paved the way. I know that no matter what, she is and will always be there for me and that I can go to her for anything. ANYTHING. And she will be there.

So I wanted to get a tattoo to show how much I love her and appreciate her and know that she is always there for me and that I don't take it for granted. I get that it might not always be easy, or fun and I wanted her to know that I knew. And this picture. It's my favourite picture of the two of us ever. Even if it was the only picture of us ever taken I think I would be ok with that. That's how much I love it.

So I used it for inspiration when coming up with my tattoo design and after a few genius refinements by Mimsy, the finished product is something that makes me doubly happy. It's feminine, and cute, and colourful and kitshy cool. But most of all, everytime I look at it it reminds me of this picture. And that makes me smile.

It's on the inside of my right bicep and I won't lie. This one REALLY hurt. But it was totally worth it. It's an old school mixer, with my sister's initials in the love heart and the banner reads 'you let me lick the beaters'.

This is definately one of my most favourite tattoos.

23 January, 2012


That is the word to describe my weekend. Or more simply, bliss.

Friday night was a cosy night of sangria, delicious Mexican food, no dessert (being good), red wine, movies and snuggles. Perfection, really.

Saturday was a lovely morning of a long sleep in, casual breakfast (err, brunch) and sitting around drinking coffee in our PJs til early afternoon with a bit of UFC and Man v Food thrown in for good measure.

We decided instead of sitting around the house for the next few hours before we went to see The Muppets we’d head into West End for a couple of early arvo beers and some dinner. We rocked up to the cinemas about 15 minutes before the movie was supposed to start but it was sold out. FAIL.

Still, all was not lost. We headed back to West End and floated around the Twilight Markets browsing the wears and listening to the band and taking in all the sights and smells. And then I found this baby. A gorgeous, (locally) handmade faux fur wrap that is oh so soft and best of all – only cost me $36!! I can see this getting a lot of wear!

Home again for more snuggles and red wine before a slightly earlier start to Sunday morning. I primped myself for a girls day at the theatre and met up with my mum, my nan, my auntie, cousin and a few others to see Mary Poppins. OH. MY. LORD!

I am a self-confessed theatre tragic. I love it all! It really is magic to me. And every time, I almost cry. Usually during the finale or as they all take their bows to thunderous applause. Every time it simply floors me at how much time, effort, skill, talent, sacrifice and thought goes into such productions. And that these incredibly talented people do this 2 or 3 times a day. Every day for weeks on end.

And Mary Poppins? AH-MAZING! The sets were incredible, the performances flawless, the production and direction and orchestra and just everything – PERFECT! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who may be going to see it but you won’t be disappointed! Mind blowing production values. My mouth hung open for 3 hours straight.

Oh how it fills my heart!

Oh yeah. And then when that was over we finally got to see The Muppets! It was lovely, a total heart-warming flashback and although it was probably a little more ‘kiddie’ than I would have liked it still had a lot of the signature Muppet humour and of course the hilarious celebrity cameos!

Such a great weekend that even on this rainy Monday, I’m still floating with loveliness.

20 January, 2012


I live for the weekends. I think we’ve pretty much established that. Not that I don’t love my job. But you know, weekends = cool stuff, fun times.

This weekend is going to be the perfect mix of fun and relaxation. That’s the ideal kinda weekend in my book.

Tonight The Man and I are going out to dinner for Mexican. Mexican is one of my top 2 most favourite foods. Because of my healthy eating plan, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had some good Mexican. But I’m allowed one “cheat” day a week. Tonight will be it. Bring on the cheese!! We plan to have a long, leisurely dinner then head home and snuggle up in bed and watch some movies. Ahh, bliss.

Saturday I’m sure we’ll have a nice sleep in and take our time getting up, having breakfast and getting dressed. I love those mornings when you sit around in your pjs for ages just drinking coffee. Then in the evening we’re going to the movies to see The Muppets Movie! I am so excited!! I LOVE the Muppets. Correction, WE love the Muppets! We’ve spent many a night watching them on youtube and giggling ourselves silly. It’s going to be great.

Then Sunday I’m off to the theatre to see Mary Poppins with my mum, my nan, my auntie and a couple of cousins. I am a total theatre tragic and it’s been ages since I’ve been so I can’t wait! I just love the thrill I get from seeing a live performance and it’ll be a nice girly day out so I’m going to wear a pretty dress and cute shoes.  Then it’ll be home to The Man for a nice casual dinner and a relaxing night of TV.

Yep, this weekend is gonna be pretty fun! And here’s some more fun – I Mad Men’d myself! Do you think this looks like me? Mmm mmm don't mind those men in the suits ;)

Go here to make your own

19 January, 2012

UPDATE: My NOT New Years Resolution

So in my earlier post I mentioned that my NOT New Years resolution was to be a bit healthier and fitter. So far it’s going fairly well.

My diet (and I mean that in the REAL sense of the word, as in the food I consume) is as it has generally always been, healthy but with a little more focus and purpose. I had been recommended a high protein low carb meal plan which advised eggs or another high protein breakfast, a small high protein snack (nuts, tuna etc) mid morning, a high protein lunch (again more eggs, chicken etc with salad or vegies), another high protein snack in the afternoon, a high protein dinner (meat or fish with salad or vegies) and another high protein snack right before bed.

The theory was with limited to no carbs for fuel, your body begins to breakdown its own fat stores. Plus you’re eating fresh, healthy food with lots of vitamins. And the constant eating of snacks and smaller meals is designed to keep your metabolism activated. This kind of eating is not particularly different to what I would normally eat except for being more vigilant on the carbs I do or don’t consume and eating more regularly.

I have to say, I saw results quite quickly with this eating plan but after about two weeks I noticed I began to feel fuzzy and sleepy (from the lack of carbs) and eating so regularly was making me feel very full, almost to the point of being uncomfortable. I also noticed that I seemed to have hit a plateau and the results weren’t as quickly or as easily visible. So I have now decided to alter the plan a little by allowing myself carbs for breakfast (cereal, toast, etc) and by cutting out that last snack before bed.

They are only small changes but I feel much better for it, and I’m still quite happy with the results I am seeing even though they have slowed. Which is where the exercise comes in. I haven’t been so well-behaved on that front. I have gone for a 45 minute to 1 hour walk probably only once or twice a week. Which really, isn’t good enough.

I’ve never been good with exercise. In fact, I downright despise it. So when I do it, I have to distract myself from the fact that I’m exercising. This works well when I have someone to walk with but when I’m on my own I can’t find the motivation. The Rockabilly dancing I do on Wednesday night’s (and of course at gigs!) is GREAT cardio but it doesn’t start back up til February.

I’ve also looked into go-go dancing as a form of fun distraction exercise (plus it would just be cool to be able to move like that!) but the only lady I know who teaches it in Brisbane has not started her classes yet. So while I wait for those to begin, I’m considering doing Zumba (don’t laugh). It seems like great exercise and a fun distraction.

So we will see how I go. But I MUST increase my exercise. Or I will never get fit. But exercise just sucks so much!!

How do you sneak in exercise?

18 January, 2012

Liebster O'Mine

Well it was a very lovely surprise this time last week to log on and find out I had been given the Liebster blog award by the very lovely and incredibly arty Tessie Girl!

She nominated me because apparently "Sheri is a Gil Elvgren poster come to life. Her blog is an awesome glimpse into the Rockabilly culture. She is a great writer too." Now THAT is a BIG statement. It made me blush but I appreciate it so very much!

But what is a Liebster Blog Award I hear you ask?

"Liebster is a German word, meaning dearest or beloved, but it can also mean favourite.  The idea behind the Liebster Blog Award is that it is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers in order to create new connections and bring attention to these wonderful blogs."

So here's what you gotta do:

1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Post the award on your blog. (Right click on the award image and save it to your hard-drive and then upload it to your blog).
4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the Internet – other bloggers.
5. And best of all – have fun and spread the karma!

Well, man! They don't make this thing easy...only five!?!?

It was a tough pick and many of my favourites were left out because they have more than 200 followers (or I couldn't see how many they had) but I narrowed it down to:

- Baby, I'm Bored: A blog on all things beauty run by an even more beautiful UK lass
- Go Pug Yourself: An adorable blog about pugs. Need I say more?
- Lady Daa Doo: I actually found her blog through this award process. That in itself is a blessing! She blogs about all things 'lady' and with such a great sense of humour.
- Living with Bob (Dysautonomia): A revealing, often heart wrenching but ultimately inspiring look at one ladies life living with a life changing disease. Her fabulous sense of humour and sheer determination warm my heart. She will do great things.
- Mrs BC's House of Chaos: A look at domestic life in a less than ordinary way by a far from ordinary woman. Always great, relatable content told with spunk and a sense of humour.

Phew! So, go check out these blogs - you won't be sorry that you did.

And a BIG thank you to Gillian once again for the nomination. Totally made my day!

17 January, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: Rockabilly Necromance

Apologies for the absence of a post yesterday but I had the day off work and decided to take the day off the blog too. But I knew you guys wouldn't mind when I came back today with Tattoo Tuesday ;)

Today's tattoo doesn't have as much meaning as some of the others although it does still mean something to me. It's also the biggest tattoo I currently have and took about 3, 3hr sessions to complete.

This colourful half back job was also done by Mark 'Suicide' Beatnik of Voodoo Tattoo at Loganhome and depicts my love of the Rockabilly and Kustom Kulture with a fusion of the two.

Surrounded by flowers and a love-heart shaped spiderweb, these Day of the Dead sugar skulls are a representation of the pin ups and greasers of the culture.

Complete with straight fringe and hair bow, the girl skull is the perfect partner for the quiffed rock 'n' roll boy skull. 

Nothing particularly in depth, just an homage to the Rockabilly and Kustom Kultures. It may seem a bit extreme to some I suppose, but the Rockabilly and Kustom Kulture is such a big part of my life and gives me SO much happiness. I honestly couldn't imagine my life any other way, so it almost seems natural to me. To get this tattoo.

The only problem is that being on my back, it's difficult to enjoy it the way that I enjoy my other tattoos as it's harder to see. But I get complimented on it enough to know that it still looks good :)

Oh yeah, and it won me first place in the Best Female Back category at the 2009 Vietnam Veterans Tattoo Show, so it goes alright.

12 January, 2012

They Say Never Trust A Bearded Man...

...but I can vouch for this one! While we’re on the subject of manly things, I’d like to take this opportunity to bring something to your attention. A rather hair raising matter in fact.

Mz Vicki of Hi-Fallutin fame (among others) is a very good woman. For what she is about to put up with is probably more than this girl could bear. Although I suppose for her it’s not so bad. She’s into beards apparently.

Take him from this...

Her Big Fella is taking on a very worthy cause. It’s like Movember on steroids. A hirsute pursuit no less. To support research into Multiple Sclerosis, Big Mick is taking donations of $5 a day not to shave. He’s willing to take it all the way and not shave for the entire year or longer if he gets enough donations.

...to this! Ok, maybe not but you get the idea

MAN. He’s too well-dressed to look like a hobo but I think even that’s pushing it! It’s a pretty simple idea really. Each $5 someone donates is another day he doesn’t shave and the longer the hairs on his chinny chin chin get. In return for your $5 he will dedicate one of his daily progress photos to you personally. Donate $10, you’ll get 2 days dedicated to you. And so on.

You can keep track of his progress and donate via his facebook page or by emailing him at michael.martin@sbservices.com.au.

So forgo your coffee just one day this week and help raise vital funds for Multiple Sclerosis research. Oh yeah, and you get to watch this dapper dan turn into cletus the slack-jawed yokel. That in itself is a treat!

11 January, 2012

Racetrack Redneck

Well it’s been a bit touchy feely around here lately so lets change up the pace a bit!

Last Saturday we went to the Archerfield Speedway for the Supercheap Auto World Series Australian Sprintcar Open. It’s been longer than I can remember since I’ve been to the speedway and I’d never seen the sprintcars before so I was thrilled!

Here they come!

We got there nice and early to get a good spot in the shade in the main grandstand. After a while we were joined by Scottie, Aleisha, Josh and Beanie and that’s when the action really hotted up! Approaching the main races we put 90 cents up for the kitty and started betting on the races. I won the first race but after that it was all downhill!


There were plenty of thrills and heaps of spills! Most were minor, although there was one rather big stack which saw a lengthy and rather delicate extrication of the driver from his car. The crowd was on edge for quite a while there and, like they gasped when he crashed, the crowd let out a collective sigh of relief when the driver gave the thumbs up as he was loaded onto the gurney and taken to hospital in the ambulance.

After a quick clean up it was straight back into the action! USA driver Donny Shatz won the final race which also scored him a nice $20,000 and as this was Aleisha’s favourite (and some were betting against) we got quite rowdy in the excitement and suspense. But these pictures don’t do it justice, so I just HAD to film some video albeit short. Just listen to that SOUND!!

We had an absolute ball and apart from the highway robbery that was the drink and snack prices, it was a relatively cheap and super fun day out! We can’t wait to go back and we’ve decided next time we’ll do it like real red neck hillbillies and take our own BBQ chicken, rolls, snacks and ‘grown up’ drinks.

We’ll also probably need goggles (they sell them at the speedway) as next time we plan on sitting closer to the track and as any speedway fan knows, those cars flick dirt big time!

The smell, the sound, the excitement – I can’t wait to go back!!

10 January, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: Mum's The Word

I have a feeling you’re going to like this week’s Tattoo Tuesday…it’s a big bright colourful one that took 2 sittings.

Like most of my tattoos, this one has a meaning but it’s one of the more special and meaningful tattoos that I have and it’s sort of a bit of a follow on from my Daddy’s Girl one.

This tattoo is for my mum. I got it started on Mother’s Day and had it finished a couple of weeks later. The script at the bottom reads Margaret Jean which is my mum’s name.

The woman depicted in the tattoo is Rosie the Riveter, made famous by WWII posters encouraging women to go to work. A symbol of independence and strength, Rosie was the poster girl that urged women to go to work and keep their country running while the men were away at war. A show of resilience and determination, these posters of Rosie also featured the slogan ‘We Can Do It!’

Fast forward a few centuries and you have my mother. A single mother of two, she worked 2 jobs and went to TAFE at the same time to try and better herself in order to get a better, higher paying job so that my sister and I were not left wanting for anything. She taught us to be strong and independent girls who knew the meaning of hard work and the value of a dollar.

She sacrificed so much and worked so hard so that my sister and I could have a good life. She is a strong and selfless woman who has been through a lot but holds her head high and is always thinking of others or lending a hand.

I am so grateful to her and I could never really find the words to show her just how much I appreciate all she has done for my sister and I. So as part of her Mother’s Day present, I hoped that indelibly etching her name and this symbol of female strength and independence into my arm, she would know that I am forever grateful and think of her and everything she did every time I look at it.

Today’s tattoo is also very apt timing as I happen to be catching up with my mum for lunch today!

09 January, 2012

My Favourite

I often blog about all the fun I have at the gigs I attend and boy do I! But I’ve never blogged about my favourite part of the night before.

But my favourite part?

Getting home at the end of the night, still on a high from the fun I’ve had hanging out with my friends and rocking out to some awesome music, kicking off my shoes and sinking into bed with The Man.

Sometimes we’ll pour another drink, snuggle up under the covers and talk about the night. Who we saw, the goss we caught up on, the funny things people said, the crazy things people did, how great the band was, how much one of the musicians has improved since the last time we saw them, how proud we are of our muso friends.

The cuddles, the touches, the words. My favourite. Sometimes we’ll end up staying up all night watching rage and letting our souls drink in more music. Always in the best of company. THAT’S my favourite.

06 January, 2012

Black Widow

I was going through some old files on my computer yesterday and came across some shots from a photoshoot I did a while ago. Quite a while ago in fact. Way back when I had blonde hair. Well ok, it was only about 2 years ago but still. Also, redheads have more fun than blondes I can tell you.

Anyway, getting back on topic. I came across these photos and it gave me a good laugh. In fact, the events of this photoshoot were probably some of the funniest I've ever experienced on a photoshoot. Here's a little taste, and then I'll set the scene for you.

Pretty tame, right?

So a while ago when I was still trying out different styles of pin up, I decided to dip my toe into the world of fetish/horror albeit very mildly. The concept was the 'Black Widow' a glamourous vixen who lured wealthy men into her clutches only to murder them and gain their fortunes. Sounded like fun.

So I mixed up some food dye and condensed milk (yummy!), dressed myself in my best sexy/inappropriate funeral attire, roped in The Man for some kinky role play and headed to a darkened back street to play little miss murder.

Can you see where this is going?

Towards the end of the shoot when I was covered in yummy, sticky 'blood' and posed venemously above The Man, meat cleaver in hand I was suddenly blinded by some very bright lights that were not photographer-related. I stood confused for a moment before a deep voice boomed over a loud speaker 'PUT DOWN THE CLEAVER AND SLOWLY APPROACH THE VEHICLE!'

Whoopsie! It was the po-po! And apparently, my fake blood making abilities were too realistic for their liking. So realistic in fact that they refused to get out of the car. Once the photographer emerged from the bushes and The Man got up safely from his resting place in the middle of the road the police seemed a little more at ease.

Does it really look THAT bad?

Despite us explaining to them that it was a photoshoot they were still very reluctant to get out of the car. In fact they flat out refused. They politely asked us to finish up and then move along. To this day I'm not sure if they just happened to be cruising past or if someone called it in.

After we got over the initial shock of being raided by the cops we found it entirely hilarious. Although I must say, it didn't fill me with confidence for our boys in blue...what would they have done if it WAS real? They certainly seemed scared out of their wits!

Although, I suppose it's not everyday you stumble across a woman covered in blood meat cleaving her man to death now, is it?

05 January, 2012

GB&G: High Tea & Vintage Shopping Tour

Well it’s a new year so I figured it’s time for a new Garterbelts & Gasoline update.

Last year, this event was pretty much the only aspect of the festival that I didn’t get along to because I was too busy sleeping in but from all the accounts I heard about last year, this is really one not to be missed!

The Garterbelts & Gasoline High Tea & Vintage Shopping Tour is THE ULTIMATE girly day. Hosted by the lovely Mistress Chrissy of Lindy Charm School For Girls fame, the tour departs St Bernards Hotel on the Saturday morning for a day of vintage shopping delights.

You’ll be pampered from beginning to end with the Mount Tambourine replica trolley chauffeuring you around for the day and no day of girly shopping would be complete without the provisions to fortify yourselves for the adventure ahead. So beginning with a rather proper high tea in rooms filled with retro treasures you can indulge in a scone and a spot of tea (or coffee!) before setting off to explore the beautiful sights of Mount Tambourine.

Misstress Chrissy at last year's tour

Touring the mountain and its gorgeous scenery, you’ll be taken to all the finest vintage shops where you’ll have the chance to discover a range of retro treasures which you can make your very own. Mistress Chrissy will be on hand to assist with any vintage style and care questions you may have, and of course to provide her very valuable opinion.

I am told the day finishes up with a cheeky glass of champagne and who knows, you might even find that perfect outfit for the remaining days of the festival!

As you can imagine, attendance to such a fabulous day is in high demand so pre-bookings are a must! Tickets are $30 and include transport, the tour and high tea. Contact Mistress Chrissy on 0409 727 888 to secure your spot for style advice from some of the best and a day of vintage girly fun!

04 January, 2012

Strengthening My Resolve

First off let me start this by saying this is NOT a resolution.

I have a funny thing about New Year's resolutions. I feel like they are a token nod to 'what I really should be doing in my life'. No offence to anyone who makes them. It's more how you tackle them and your reasons behind making them. But I am a firm believer that you don't have to wait for the excuse of a new year to try and better yourself.

So, not long before Melbourne/Christmas I decided I wanted to start being healthier and getting fitter. I tried to be on my best behaviour over Christmas and be as good as one can be when that much food and drink is going around. However I am looking forward to a motivated and fresh start along with the new year.

This time 2 years ago I was in rather good shape, aesthetic and fitness wise. I am still quite happy with myself in general terms, although I know I am not as fit as a should be and could afford to shift a couple of kilos. But lets be clear about something.

This is not a weightloss journey. This is not a new diet. I am not going sugar free. I am not giving up carbs. I am simply going to eat smarter and exercise. I am still happy with me. I just want to improve my fitness and overall wellbeing.

I know how good I feel when I eat well. Good, natural, healthy, nutrient rich food. My body thrives on it. My skin glows. My clothes sit just that little bit nicer. If I am going to tackle this year and the amazing, awesome, challenging, big things it's going to bring my way - I want to be ready.

So I am putting it out there. Making myself accountable.

I would like to get back to how I was 2 years ago.

It's not good to do as little exercise as I do. My body and my system isn't strong. It's a big girly girl that runs away screaming or is put to the ground at the first sign of trouble.

Well no longer, I want to be strong, capable and fighting fit.

I'll be eating healthier food more often, shaving down my portion sizes a little and most importantly making myself exercise!

Here's hoping I have some results to share with you soon. I feel so determined and motivated already. This year is MY year! I hope you're ready world!

03 January, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: Not Always As It Seams

Tattoo Tuesday continues to be quite popular on the blog but due to the holiday period, the feature kind of stalled. However not to worry, because I thought we'd kick off the new year getting back on track!

Despite being little more than a line, these tattoos took about 3 hours of rather careful line work from the artist, not to mention A LOT of time spent lining up the transfer and making sure they were EXACTLY straight.

Seamed stockings date back to early forms with the ancient Greeks and Romans however their rise to popularity in women's fashion began during the late '30s to early '40s and lasted all the way into the late '60s.

They were knitted flat and 'fully fashioned' meaning they were shaped to fit the leg by decreasing the number of stitches as the stocking was knit towards the ankle, creating a 'knit to fit' and at the same time enhancing the shapliness of women's legs.

Nylon replaced silk stockings around the time of World War II however even then, due to the war such luxuries were scarce. To maintain their ladylike outward appearance during these tough times, women began to draw their 'stocking seams' on.

As a modern woman, I don't have to worry about such trying times however I DO have to worry about straight seams and whether you were a wearer back then or are embracing the style these days, trying to keep your seams straight can be a pain in the bum! Not to mention, the Queensland climate isn't exactly stocking-friendly for most parts of the year.

So I did what I always do and turned to those ladies past to draw inspiration from...and took it one step further. Draw on my stocking seams - PERMANENTLY.

These tats were also done at Voodoo Tattoo and are anchored at the bottom by two love hearts on top of each other and finished off at the top with a little bow under my bum cheeks.

Voila! No more crooked seams and I can stay cool, while looking cool! Sexy lingerie all the time, so a girl can never get caught short ;) The best part? Watching people trying to figure out if they are real or not :P