23 January, 2012


That is the word to describe my weekend. Or more simply, bliss.

Friday night was a cosy night of sangria, delicious Mexican food, no dessert (being good), red wine, movies and snuggles. Perfection, really.

Saturday was a lovely morning of a long sleep in, casual breakfast (err, brunch) and sitting around drinking coffee in our PJs til early afternoon with a bit of UFC and Man v Food thrown in for good measure.

We decided instead of sitting around the house for the next few hours before we went to see The Muppets we’d head into West End for a couple of early arvo beers and some dinner. We rocked up to the cinemas about 15 minutes before the movie was supposed to start but it was sold out. FAIL.

Still, all was not lost. We headed back to West End and floated around the Twilight Markets browsing the wears and listening to the band and taking in all the sights and smells. And then I found this baby. A gorgeous, (locally) handmade faux fur wrap that is oh so soft and best of all – only cost me $36!! I can see this getting a lot of wear!

Home again for more snuggles and red wine before a slightly earlier start to Sunday morning. I primped myself for a girls day at the theatre and met up with my mum, my nan, my auntie, cousin and a few others to see Mary Poppins. OH. MY. LORD!

I am a self-confessed theatre tragic. I love it all! It really is magic to me. And every time, I almost cry. Usually during the finale or as they all take their bows to thunderous applause. Every time it simply floors me at how much time, effort, skill, talent, sacrifice and thought goes into such productions. And that these incredibly talented people do this 2 or 3 times a day. Every day for weeks on end.

And Mary Poppins? AH-MAZING! The sets were incredible, the performances flawless, the production and direction and orchestra and just everything – PERFECT! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who may be going to see it but you won’t be disappointed! Mind blowing production values. My mouth hung open for 3 hours straight.

Oh how it fills my heart!

Oh yeah. And then when that was over we finally got to see The Muppets! It was lovely, a total heart-warming flashback and although it was probably a little more ‘kiddie’ than I would have liked it still had a lot of the signature Muppet humour and of course the hilarious celebrity cameos!

Such a great weekend that even on this rainy Monday, I’m still floating with loveliness.

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