12 January, 2012

They Say Never Trust A Bearded Man...

...but I can vouch for this one! While we’re on the subject of manly things, I’d like to take this opportunity to bring something to your attention. A rather hair raising matter in fact.

Mz Vicki of Hi-Fallutin fame (among others) is a very good woman. For what she is about to put up with is probably more than this girl could bear. Although I suppose for her it’s not so bad. She’s into beards apparently.

Take him from this...

Her Big Fella is taking on a very worthy cause. It’s like Movember on steroids. A hirsute pursuit no less. To support research into Multiple Sclerosis, Big Mick is taking donations of $5 a day not to shave. He’s willing to take it all the way and not shave for the entire year or longer if he gets enough donations.

...to this! Ok, maybe not but you get the idea

MAN. He’s too well-dressed to look like a hobo but I think even that’s pushing it! It’s a pretty simple idea really. Each $5 someone donates is another day he doesn’t shave and the longer the hairs on his chinny chin chin get. In return for your $5 he will dedicate one of his daily progress photos to you personally. Donate $10, you’ll get 2 days dedicated to you. And so on.

You can keep track of his progress and donate via his facebook page or by emailing him at michael.martin@sbservices.com.au.

So forgo your coffee just one day this week and help raise vital funds for Multiple Sclerosis research. Oh yeah, and you get to watch this dapper dan turn into cletus the slack-jawed yokel. That in itself is a treat!

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<----- MZ VICKI said...

hahahhaha THANK YOU SO MUCH. By the end of the year people are going to think I'm married to the Kilcoy YOWIE!!!
It's for a good cause though.

Sheri Bomb said...

Hee hee! No problem lil lady ;) It's going to be hilarious to see just how hairy he gets!

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