11 January, 2012

Racetrack Redneck

Well it’s been a bit touchy feely around here lately so lets change up the pace a bit!

Last Saturday we went to the Archerfield Speedway for the Supercheap Auto World Series Australian Sprintcar Open. It’s been longer than I can remember since I’ve been to the speedway and I’d never seen the sprintcars before so I was thrilled!

Here they come!

We got there nice and early to get a good spot in the shade in the main grandstand. After a while we were joined by Scottie, Aleisha, Josh and Beanie and that’s when the action really hotted up! Approaching the main races we put 90 cents up for the kitty and started betting on the races. I won the first race but after that it was all downhill!


There were plenty of thrills and heaps of spills! Most were minor, although there was one rather big stack which saw a lengthy and rather delicate extrication of the driver from his car. The crowd was on edge for quite a while there and, like they gasped when he crashed, the crowd let out a collective sigh of relief when the driver gave the thumbs up as he was loaded onto the gurney and taken to hospital in the ambulance.

After a quick clean up it was straight back into the action! USA driver Donny Shatz won the final race which also scored him a nice $20,000 and as this was Aleisha’s favourite (and some were betting against) we got quite rowdy in the excitement and suspense. But these pictures don’t do it justice, so I just HAD to film some video albeit short. Just listen to that SOUND!!

We had an absolute ball and apart from the highway robbery that was the drink and snack prices, it was a relatively cheap and super fun day out! We can’t wait to go back and we’ve decided next time we’ll do it like real red neck hillbillies and take our own BBQ chicken, rolls, snacks and ‘grown up’ drinks.

We’ll also probably need goggles (they sell them at the speedway) as next time we plan on sitting closer to the track and as any speedway fan knows, those cars flick dirt big time!

The smell, the sound, the excitement – I can’t wait to go back!!

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Tony said...

HaHa yeah, its a pretty mind blowing place when the first bunch of cars scream around in anger!

Funny the first time I went I made the classic speedway newbie mistake, " Oh look theres plenty of spots over there, nice and close too" hehe, yeah right on the bend where all the dirt gets thrown up :O We moved pretty quick!.

Sheri Bomb said...

Haha yeah it's always kinda fun to watch the newbies get pelted with dirt and them desperately trying to gather up their things and move but ya know, it's all part of the fun and experience ;)

Aleisha said...

Ohhhhh yeah!! That vid is awesome, portrays the sound perfectly, although nothing beats actually being there, great write-up, as you would have seen I am very passionate about the sprintcars and I think now you can understand why. Awesome you guys came and thanks for saving us seats!!!! Xo

Sheri Bomb said...

Hehe yes indeed Aleisha you are VERY passionate but it made it even more fun! No problem, it was great having everyone there :)xo

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