31 October, 2011

Bad Blogger

A few people requested that I put the word out about events that are on BEFORE they actually happen instead of just blogging about them after. Fair call and actually a good idea (derrr)so Thursday I posted a link on the blog’s facebook page to a gig I was going to on Friday night. Except I didn’t up going. Naughty naughty.

A version of this post has slowly been percolating in the back of my mind and I had gone back and forth with myself as to whether to post about it at all or not. I was leaning more towards not until I realised that people would probably be expecting a Monday post about the gig. The gig that I didn’t go to. So here it is.

I have been running myself into the ground. I have been doing too much. I have been putting too much of myself into things and not seeing much in return. Certainly not enough to justify letting my health and my happiness slide. I need to take a step back. Don’t freak out. I’m not breaking up with the blog. The exact opposite in fact.

I need to be the best version of me in order to make this blog be the best it can be. And lately I have been failing at being the best version of me. I’ve been sick, busy and just generally a bit unhappy. I’d just gotten over 3 weeks of kidney infection which saw a trip to the hospital in the back of an ambulance only to end up sick again for another whole week with a feral cold.

I am wishing my life away. I’m not looking forward to the future, I’m waiting for this time to be over. And that is NOT who I am. I am a happy-go-lucky girl with a wicked sense of humour, an inquisitive mind and the ability to find positives everywhere. But lately I’ve lost my mojo, I don’t feel like me and I don’t like it.

So. I’m having a little rest. Taking a step back. Remembering to breathe. Spending quality time with people. Letting myself relax instead of working full time, going out all the time, blogging, trying to stay active in the blogging community and being a social media addict. It’s not a drastic step back. I’ll still being doing all of those things, just on a slightly smaller scale.

Spending the weekend being a homebody, snuggled up on the couch watching movies and doing very little at all was so…renewing. Just what I needed and I’m sure after a little bit more time to recharge my batteries I will be back at it full throttle, only I will be a little wiser in my time management including remembering my ‘off’ switch.

It doesn’t mean I’m going underground. It just means I might not post EVERYDAY. Don’t worry, if I have something to say I WILL tell you about it…but if not, or I don’t feel like it, I will take the day off so to speak. I’ll still reply to your comments, emails, twitters etc. I just need to ease off the pace for a bit. That being said, a few opportunities have presented themselves in the last few days that will add to my list of things I do. Am I crazy, you ask? Probably, BUT they’re not starting right away, they won’t take up that much time and I already know I need to handle things better.

I want to be the best I can be for this blog and its readers because I love it and you guys too much to let it be crap or burn myself out to the point where I abandon ship. I hope you understand.

28 October, 2011

Country Love

Sunday was the day of my second wedding for the weekend, the big one. We primped and preened at home and despite a failed hair attempt which saw me abandon my original idea and opt for my ‘old faithful’ we set off in The Man’s beautiful Mercury Monterey and drove up the winding mountain roads to the gorgeous Sunshine Coast Hinterland and charming little village of Maleny.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more perfect couple than Scotty and Aleisha. Seriously, whether or not you believe in fate, destiny, soul mates or whatever you want to call it – these two were made for each other. They are perfect for each other in every way, the two of them being together was just inevitable. Even if they’d lived in different countries I reckon they still would have found each other. That’s how perfect they are. In saying that, the ceremony was nothing short of a fairytale in one of the most beautiful little country churches I have ever seen. The non-denominational church was not scary like I find most churches, it was just beautiful and charmingly intimate. I couldn’t help myself, I had a few tears during the ceremony – I’m a big sook, I always cry at weddings.

The groomsmen looked super sharp in their matching Rockmount western shirts and bolo ties and Scotty made a rather dashing Groom in a gorgeous western suit. Aleisha made an absolutely stunning Bride and the ceremony was filled with touching and humorous personal stories like their baby (Golden Retriever) Maverick. My favourite line was in Scotty’s vows when he said he loved everything about Aleisha and listed his favourite things including her ‘Wallace and  Gromit smile’ – too cute!

After we moved outside for all the congratulations, a rose petal shower, some photos and a few drinks we headed to the reception venue to get the celebrations started. At a beautiful winery called Flaxton Gardens the reception was amazing! Definitely one of the best (if not THE best) wedding I’ve ever been to, the setting was very elegant but with plenty of rustic country charm – which suits Scotty and Aleisha to a T! Just look at that view!

After some rather impressive canapes and beverages outside, and of course some lovely photo opportunites with the gorgeous backdrop, the guests prepared to welcome the Birdal Party and the guests of honor, Mr and Mrs Simpson!! We then moved into the ‘Barrel Room’ where fancy table settings were scattered around the room with corrugated iron ceiling and a really cosy candle lit vibe. It was so, so beautiful – everything you imagine a perfect wedding to be. The food was amazing, the bar tab was flowing, the speeches were touching and then it was that time to cut the cake. I don’t think anyone could have asked for a more perfect wedding and I would have been so happy if it was mine, that’s how impressive it was.

Then the dancing started, first Mr and Mrs Simpson took to the floor for their first dance followed by the Bridal Party. I thought I had done remarkably well throughout the day to not cry very much. Then Aleisha danced with her dad. I don’t know why but I couldn’t help myself and I totally lost it. Like big cry, like sobbing, like had to turn away so as not to embarrass myself. The more I tried to stop crying the more I couldn’t. I guess it was kinda funny, I know The Man thought it was. I dunno, it just made me think of my dad. And me. If maybe one day. That could be us. And I wept like a baby.

The rest of the night was spent partying it up to the music and we were lucky enough to get a few sets from The Ten Fours who also played. Another fun thing about the reception was the photobooth. Such a fun idea! I definitely want to have one at my party or wedding or whatever – I just want to have one! Lots of shenanigans and silly pictures came from the night I can tell you. Of course The Man and I had to give it a go. I went for a more ‘classic’ look while he went for…playboy bunny? I’m not really sure. Haha.

BEST. WEDDING. EVER. Congratulations Aleisha & Scotty!

27 October, 2011

Love & Cocktails in New Orleans

Saturday night just gone was my first of two weddings over the weekend and after an early morning and busy day shooting with horsies I was thankful that it was going to be an intimate and fairly low key affair.

Mimi and Jon have been together for a while and I can safely say we were all so happy to hear the news that they were getting married! They are both such lovely people and they make the cutest couple and I have to say I was secretly so pleased for Mimi who finally got her man. Though Jon loves her dearly, he was the kind of man who was never particularly keen on the idea of getting married, and I can understand. After all, it’s just a piece of paper and it doesn’t change your love for each other. But still…every girl dreams of her big day and I’m so glad Mimi got to have hers!

The beautiful Bride & Groom

Much of Mimi’s family live overseas so they decided to have an intimate and low key wedding over here and will have another ceremony over in the States early next year. The ceremony was reserved for just a few very close friends and family while the rest of us got to celebrate with them at a New Orleans themed cocktail reception at their beautiful little house in Ascot.

That cake was delicious!

Complete with genuine New Orleans Mardi Gras beads, jambalaya, crab dip and a delicious selection of fancy and exotic cheeses we sipped and nibbled our way through the night. It was such a cosy atmosphere and the smaller size of the rooms kept everyone together which was really nice, as it’s often so easy to get spread out and distracted. We all snuggled up in the dim lighting and there was just so much love in the room, I just wanted to squeeze the heck outta those gorgeous little love birds!

The beautiful Bride, Mumma Karen & the always gorgeous Mz Vicki

Dressed in cocktail party finery we all schmoozed the night away with the cocktails flowing and the old blues tunes the perfect backdrop. It was so lovely to be surrounded by such well-dressed people and the relaxed and intimate style of the celebration was just so right for Mimi and Jon. I’m so happy for them and I couldn’t help but have a big smile on my face the whole night! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Flynn!! 

Blogger Babes: Mz Vicki of Hi-Fallutin & Me

Also a big thank you to Mz Vicki - all images stolen from her

26 October, 2011

WoW - I Thought I Saw...

This week's exercise is another stream of conciousness...I really enjoy these, I think they take my writing to really interesting places that even I'm not anticipating! The challenge is to start with the words 'I thought I saw...' and go from there.

Write On Wednesdays

I thought I saw that look flicker behind your eyes. I tried to make you look at me but you turned away, hiding your face as if doing the dishes was suddenly the most important thing in the world. I know that look. I’ve given it before, even though it broke my heart. There’s no hiding that look, even when you think you’re poker faced. I try to tell myself that I didn’t see what I thought I saw, sitting at the kitchen table and absently fiddling with the salt shaker. I never ever thought I would see that look from you, in your eyes. I’m glad you turned away, I can’t bear to see that poison hiding behind your eyes. I have no words, you are my world. I don’t know where this came from, I don’t know what I’ve done. Or maybe didn’t do. But I tried so very hard, to be perfect for you. I’m sorry it wasn’t enough, that I’m not enough. My veins feel like they’re on fire as the shock of it burns through me. It hurts, I don’t know what I’ll do. I never imagined being without you, and even now I can’t, but I love you too much to let you be trapped forever with that look in your eyes. That look…that I thought I saw.

I love that when I start these types of exercises I have no idea where they're going - it's so exciting to see a story unfolding!

25 October, 2011

Back By Popular Demand

What a full on weekend I had! Hence not posting yesterday, I had the day off work to recover so thought I'd give myself the day off blogging too.

I have so much to share with you guys and I can't wait, so there will be plenty coming through this week but for a bit of fun today, I'm posting the second installment in my Q&A vlog features which I recorded over the weekend - hope you like it!

Please don't forget to keep sending in your questions, I didn't realise how much fun I would have recording these for you guys! If I haven't answered your question yet, never fear - it's coming I promise! Some questions will be better answered with a dedicated post so I'll have a few of those coming up too.

21 October, 2011

A Childhood Dream Come True

You may remember a little while ago I mentioned I had some really cool news surrounding a good cause I was invited to be a part of? Well I’m about to set the wheels in motion this weekend and I’m so excited because not only am I helping out a very worthy charity but I pretty much get to make a childhood dream come true!

A month or so ago I was contacted, inviting me to be a part of a charity pin up calendar for Save a Horse Australia (SAHA). The calendar, which will be titled Pin Ups for Ponies, is to raise much needed funds for a horse rescue and sanctuary based in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Established by Amanda Vella, SAHA fosters unwanted, neglected, abused and slaughter-bound horses while they undergo intense and loving rehabilitation before they are adopted out to perfect forever homes.

I am a HUGE animal lover and some of the pictures of the state of these horses when they first turn up to SAHA is absolutely heartbreaking, there is just no other word for it. But the work the volunteers and carers do is nothing short of amazing and to see these beautiful creatures turn into healthy, happy horses getting the love and care that they deserve is the best thing ever.

Like most little girls, when I was younger I was obsessed with horses and wanted one very badly. Unfortunately my family had neither the means nor the space for me to have a pet horse or pony and my only experience with them was a couple of short rides at fairs and on the tail end of a friend’s lesson. So to be given the opportunity to get dressed up, play with horses and ponies for a day and at the same time help raise money for their care and rehabilitation is more than I could ask for.

Saturday I will be up early to get photo ready and drive the hour or so to the property where I’ll spend the morning having fun and being photographed on and with the horses. I can’t wait, it’s going to be so much fun! I really can’t say how happy I am to be involved in such a great cause that is so close to my heart.

The printing costs are still being finalised so I don’t have a definite price on the calendars just yet but rest assured they will be affordable, plus because they’re for charity they’ll also be tax deductible! So if you’re one of those people who like to get in early and get yourself organised with a calendar for next year (like my Mum) then hold off just a little longer!

The calendars should be available for purchase by late November and will be family-friendly so not too raunchy, work-safe, wife-safe and kid-safe. Look out for me in the month of July, which may also happen to be my birthday month, and support this excellent cause. Without the support of local businesses, volunteers and donations SAHA can’t rescue as many horses as they do. If you’re in a position to also make a one-off or an ongoing weekly donation, please visit the SAHA website.

19 October, 2011

WoW - Sunshine in a Cup

It's time for Write on Wednesday and this weeks exercise is to take inspiration from the words of Emily Dickinson by writing 'Bring me sunshine in a cup' at the top of your page and write the first thing that comes into your head.

Write On Wednesdays

I'm not too sure what my results of this exercise say about me, but the line immediately brought the idea of alcohol to mind. Hope you enjoy.

“Bring me sunshine in a cup” she said, turning her face up towards me and offering a slack smile. Putting a hand on each side of her face, I held her head in my hands and stroked her cheeks lightly with my thumbs. “I think you’ve had enough sunshine in a cup for today, don’t you?” I asked, knowing she could never quench her thirst for the drink. “Nooooooo” she said musically, shaking her head weakly from side to side.

“Yeeeeeees” I said, mimicking her singsong voice, trying to inject some humour into the situation. “C’mon” I said, “I’m tired, let’s lie down and have a nap”. “But it’s only 10 in the morning” she slurred. “I know but I didn’t sleep very well last night, aren’t you tired” I asked, shepherding her from where she’d fallen on the couch.

“No!” she shouted, pushing me away and knocking over the remnants of the whiskey as her legs lost control and put her on the floor with a thud. Her temple had grazed the coffee table and was slowly leaking blood. She touched her hand to her head, saw it come away red and started giggling before sadly proclaiming “I got a owie”. I sighed and gathered her up, “I know, come on and let me make it better”. Right now, that sunshine in a cup didn’t seem so sunny anymore.

18 October, 2011

Goodbye Mr Kicks

Australian Kustom Kulture is today mourning the loss of a legend. Roscoe Waddington, also known as Ross, Mr Kicks, The Silver Fox, The Electric Mudcat and Big Daddy was many things to many people but in the hearts of Australian Kustom Kulture he will always be a legend – the King of Kool.

Co-founder of Route 66, Ross had spent the last 20 some years as an incredible influence on the country’s style and was the first to import vintage denim and cowboy boots from the USA up until the late 80s. Ross forever changed the Australian Kustom Kulture landscape, making Mooneyes, Claysmith, Ratfink, Coop and many more finally accessible to the hungry Australian market. He saw trends come and go and come again – many of which were started by him at Route 66.

Established in Melbourne in 1983, Route 66 offers a jaw-dropping range of US vintage clothing, western boots, 501s, Raybans and all the primo goods. As the first dedicated retail outlet of its kind in Australia, it quickly became more than just a success – it started a revolution in style and a cult was born.

In 1989 Route 66 opened its doors in Sydney and was followed by a second Melbourne store in 2002. 28 years later, hep cats and kittens old and new continue to flock to Route 66’s ‘Garage’ in Prahran or the ‘location location’ City store to get their fix.

On my recent trip to Melbourne I was privileged enough to spend some time with Ross. DJ’ing at The Yak Bar, he spun a genuine selection of old school and soulful tunes that had the bar flies up and moving and passersby streaming inside. I’ll never forget the sticker he displayed on his kit ‘NO REQUESTS. Do I look like a fucking juke box?’ Such was his class and integrity.

Late at night when things were just starting to hot up in the Cherry Bar, he used is klout to get us in with the VIP treatment avoiding the lineup. It was an awesome night and he was an instantly likeable guy. I didn’t get to spend that long with him but I am supremely grateful for the time that I did. 

Tributes have been flowing in and will continue to for some time. I’ll leave you with some words of those who have said it better than I.

‘Deepest sympathy are with Ross' family, friends & the Route 66 crew. Such a sad day. Always a legend’ – Jad and Kate

‘Sympathy to all those privileged enough to meet and spend time with the 'Silver Fox' a true stylish gentleman’ – Donna

‘His music taste was authentic, soulful and always impeccable – just like Ross’ – Midwest Trader

‘Today the world lost a true dude! This man WAS Kustom Kulture. He was walkin’ talkin kool. He knew his shit and lived by it. RIP Mr Kicks’ – Wally

17 October, 2011

Mud, Revs & Rods

Saturday was the Asphalt Demons first Invitational at an old airfield at Archer Falls out near Woodford.

Despite looking like it would be quite a wet and stormy day early on, the clouds parted to reveal a spectacular day with plenty of sunshine. The earlier rain also made the track perfect for skids, doughnuts and plenty of other shenanigans in the mud.

There was a lot of automobilia and horse power going on and these beautiful old planes were buzzing over all day creating some great atmosphere.

Twas cars and bikes galore and whilst there was plenty of eyecandy, it was a great opportunity for people to really drive their rides and give them a thrashing in the mud on the airfield.

The Man, Me and the lovely Katrina right before we went out and had some fun around the track. Turn your volume up and listen to that engine!!

I promise you this was even more fun that it looks! I couldn't stop giggling and not in the cutesy school girl way, I was hopped up on the speed, the noise and the bumpy muddy track so it was giggling heading into guffaw territory but I had an absolute blast! We did A LOT of 360 spins and doughnuts but unfortunately I didn't get any on video.

The Man's '59 Tank Fairlane 500 ran 11 seconds in the time trials and also won the Beatnik's Pick! Seriously, how cool is this trophy!?!?!

A great day was had by all and the fun continued into the night with live bands. We slept on the bench seats in the car and stayed overnight and I have to say the mountains surrounding us were a beautiful sight to wake up to at sunrise.

14 October, 2011

Posters, Art & Pin Ups

Well I thought after yesterday's slightly heavy post I would move on to better and brighter things today. I must say, as much as I was hesitant to put all that negativity on my blog, forcing myself to write out how I was feeling in an intelligent and slightly less emotional way helped me to clear things better in my own mind and that big release now has me feeling much better and more motivated.

In saying that, the weather around here has been atrocious and I wanted to brighten both our days with some brilliant eye candy. Just released are the festival posters for Garterbelts & Gasoline Nostalgia Festival 2012! I have to say, I think these are the best posters yet (and I'm not just saying that). They look great and it's really exciting to watch the festival continue to grow and strengthen. Enjoy!

Festival Poster

Pin Up Contest Poster

Art Show Poster

Soap Box Derby Poster

13 October, 2011

Swimming through quicksand

I know I don’t normally like to make this place one of negativity and I certainly don’t want people coming here and feeling flat after they’ve read but I have a feeling I can’t seem to shake at the moment, one that is unwelcome and is bringing me down and making me less productive. I thought writing about it might be a good way to get rid of it.

The best way I could describe this feeling is exactly that, like trying to swim through quicksand. I feel no enthusiasm at the moment, in fact I feel rather discouraged. I feel like I am thrashing about, trying as hard as I can to make some ground only to leave me feeling exhausted after barely gaining an inch.

I first started this blog as a way of getting my writing out there in the hopes that I would be able to contribute to Kustom Kulture magazines. And whilst I have already achieved this multiple times in the short 6 month life span of this blog, it’s not really gaining momentum in the way that I had hoped. I am feeling used and taken advantage of and the person I am most disappointed in is myself for not having the strength to stand up for myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for the all the opportunities I have been given and the resulting exposure my blog has received from these. That being said, I am still not being compensated for my time or skills. I say compensated because I don’t necessarily expect money, but something in return for the hard work I put in is a fair expectation I believe.

After all, if you had a friend who was a plumber you wouldn’t expect them to come to your house and change your taps or install a toilet for free. If they were a good friend, they might not expect you to pay or pay full price but you would at least offer and probably shout them a slab of beer or a bottle of their favourite drop.

I see other people around me being successful in their own ways and making money or gaining recognition and I am by no means jealous. Not only am I happy for them but I am grateful for their experience as I know I will be able to learn from them. But it is also quite hard to watch, knowing how hard I am trying and feeling totally clueless. Like something isn’t working. Like I must be missing something. And it’s just so frustrating that I can’t work out what.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful and I am absolutely not looking for pity or compliments or validation. I simply needed to get this off my chest. I have come to a point where I am starting to question my own integrity and I am finding it hard to decide whether I need to keep all my options open and never turn down an opportunity, or start to value myself more and demand respect through authority even if it means I don’t say yes to everything.

I guess I am afraid of burning bridges if I turn down an opportunity that doesn’t offer me anything other than a little exposure. While exposure is great and was very important in the formative stages of this blog, I feel like I have quite a bit under my belt now and it’s quite disheartening that no one else seems to value me enough to offer much, if anything in return.

I’m not good at standing up for myself, I just want to be nice to and help everyone. I can’t help it.

12 October, 2011

WoW - Make it Better

This week's Write on Wednesday is actually quite a timely and effective one for me. The challenge this week is to look back on a previous WoW and examine your writing carefully, thinking about ways you could improve it. It's designed to make us more aware of our writing and to learn to accept constructive criticism and take it in our stride to improve ourselves as writers.

Write On Wednesdays

As soon as I read this week's exercise I knew straight away which piece I would re-examine. My 'In Your Neighbourhood' exercise, while receiving lots of positive feedback also attracted some valid and constructive criticism - the first I have received from being a part of WoW. This can only be a good thing as the points were quite fair and helped me to see where I may have been taking the easy way out as a writer (thanks Hadge)!

So without further ado, my original and edited versions of the 'In Your Neighbourhood' exercise.

ORIGINAL: For the second time that day he watched her cinnamon spice curls bounce along with the rhythm of the bus. He didn’t know why their bus schedules matched, she wasn’t in any of his classes, but over the course of the last semester he had been keeping his eye out for her on campus too. He took in her profile, her fine features and porcelain skin, in the reflection of the window, afraid if he looked any closer she might catch him staring.

He wished he had the courage to speak to her. She seemed friendly, giving him a little smile if their eyes ever met. Did she recognise him, realise they caught the same bus at the same time together every day? He knew he’d missed his chance the other day when they just so happened to catch the elevator together. He should have said something, even just a ‘hello’ or ‘how’s the weather’. Anything that could possibly have put him on her radar.

But he didn’t. He just stood there looking at the ground, stealing glances from the corner of his eye, trying to tell if she seemed at all interested. He’d been kicking himself ever since. One day…one day he’ll pluck up the courage to talk to her, maybe sit next to her, maybe carry her books. He sighed, watching her get out at her stop, those enchanting cinnamon spice curls bouncing into the distance down the footpath.

EDITED: The rhythm of the bus gently rocked him as he watched her cinnamon spice curls cascading down her back for the second time that day. Their synchronised bus schedules teased and puzzled him, allowing him the pleasure of watching her from afar but denying him the opportunity of getting any closer as she was never in any of his classes nor did he ever see her on campus. His eyes traced the outline of her features, at once hoping she wouldn’t catch him staring while secretly yearning to be discovered.

His heart raced at the prospect of speaking to her all the while knowing he wouldn’t have the courage. Although she seemed friendly, smiling if their eyes ever did meet, he wondered if she even realised they caught the same bus together every day. Perhaps he’d missed his one and only chance that day in the elevator. His breath had caught as she rushed towards the closing doors, making it just in time. Despite offering a faltering smile, all he could do was stare at his shoes. His shame and shyness still stung.

A small, optimistic part of him promised that one day he would work up the nerve to talk to her. He would introduce himself and explain that after catching the bus together throughout the semester he just had to say hello. She would be impressed by his confidence and kind heart. All these things and more he told himself as he watched her step off the bus, those enchanting cinnamon spice curls bouncing into the distance down the footpath.

Be honest but please try to be kind or at least constructive!

11 October, 2011

I Got Mail + Behind the Scenes of JCT

Today’s post is a double whammy with a bit of fun in both parts!

First off I just HAD to blog about an awesome little gift I got in the mail yesterday. Now I am by no means blowing my own horn, in fact I am constantly amazed and humbled by the awesome people who follow and support this blog. But yesterday afternoon I checked my mail box to find a curious looking package sent from one of the biggest and earliest supporters of this blog. I just cannot believe that someone I have never actually met in person would send such an awesome gift to little ‘ol me for no real reason other than to put a smile on my dial.

My girl Nat is one of very few people who know about my somewhat secret love of the dopey and hilarious yet totally loveable Patrick the starfish from the Spongebob cartoons. Accompanied by a lovely little note from Nat, this guy turned up on my doorstep and made me squeal with delight. Seriously, what could be more perfect than a western cowboy Patrick? Nothing, that’s what! Such a cool little present and I feel so lucky to have such amazing people following my blog. Thank you Nat, so SO much for being so lovely and thoughtful you are such a sweet girl!

Now the second part to this post is a great bit of fun!

You saw the official wrap up of the Johnny Cash Tribute yesterday, complete with pictures of the night. What you didn’t see are all the other hilarious pictures that were taken towards the end of the night after everyone had had a few drinks.

I decided I wanted to share them with you all, after all these pictures are very indicative of the kinds of shenanigans I get up to when I go out and I want to be completely open and honest with you guys. Not just show you the shiny, ‘official’ pictures but all the fun and silliness that goes on when I go out and have a great time surrounded by all the amazing, friendly and super fun like-minded folk of the rockabilly scene who know how to have a good time.

Fish lips meets duck face - I have no idea, I'm sorry

The gang's all here

Being eaten alive

They're pretty 'special'

Hope you enjoyed this little insight and that the pics gave you a little giggle for the day, I know they do for me every time I look at them!

10 October, 2011

Johnny Cash Tribute VIII

Well it’s no surprise that the Johnny Cash Tribute was a huge success but before I get into the details of the night, there’s something I need to get off my chest. A confession. I am a rockabilly gal through and through and I love all the vintage fashion and hairstyles. You’ve seen my beehive tutorial. And yet…I can’t go victory rolls! Shock horror I know, any rockabilly girl worth her salt should be able to do this. It’s not for lack of trying! I’ve tried and tried many many times but have consistently failed miserably. I either run out of time or get so frustrated that I have to give up and do something else. But I’m VERY proud to say that for the first time EVER I successfully did victory rolls for Saturday night. And not just any victory rolls but GREAT victory rolls! They were perfect! I couldn’t believe it and everyone was complimenting me on them not knowing this was the first time I had ever done them. I’m not sure what changed, I think something just clicked in my head and I finally mastered it.

The Mean Eyed Cats were the house band for the night, an all-star line-up or dream team if you will featuring Dan Dualtones (Guitar), Jon Flynn (Upright Bass) and Mark Stephens (Drums). Making the music for the night, the Cats backed up a revolving bill of talented musicians paying homage to The Man In Black with a little of June Carter Cash thrown in for good measure. Junior (The Jim Rockfords) kicked things off with a bang! This guy plays a mean harmonica but it was such a treat to hear his vocals, particularly in the JC style as he has such an amazing voice. Miss Teresa (Miss Teresa & Her Rythmaires) was up next and she sounded fantastic as always, despite apparently being quite sick although if someone hadn’t told me I’d never have known.

Paulie (Paulie & His Crazy Rhythm Boys, The Ten Fours) played a great set and covered some of JC’s less ‘famous’ tunes including one of his gospel songs which although I’m not religious by any means, I loved. Its such happy music and Mimsy and I were standing up front being backup singers haha. Another that I really enjoyed was Michael, who performs under the name Errol Ray (his father’s name) and this guy really dropped my jaw. A super nice guy, I’d met him only once before and had not yet had the pleasure of seeing him play but I was extremely impressed with his set and absolutely LOVED hearing him play! I also got to meet his wife this time and they are just the loveliest people. I really hope I see them around much more often.

Next up was Mitchy Mayhem (The Mayhem County Boys, The Ten Fours) who as usual, totally owned the stage! I always love watching Mitchy play but I love the passion with which he plays on nights like these. Playing all the favourites, he finished up his set with a cover of Jackson featuring Emma (The Sugarshakers) which he made a beautiful dedication to my man’s sister who we lost to cancer a few weeks ago. It was such a sweet and meaningful dedication and a fantastic performance which brought tears to my eyes. I also know how much it meant to my man and I can’t thank Mitchy enough. As a huge fan of Johnny Cash, his sister was hoping to make it to the show but unfortunately she passed away before she could. Jackson was a meaningful song for her and my man and it was such a beautiful moment as we were celebrating the night in her honor.

Pony (The Ten Fours) also unleashed a blazing set featuring one of my favourites, Cocaine Blues and I couldn’t help but squeal myself silly. I have a real soft spot for Pony and The Ten Fours because apart from being some of the nicest and most talented guys I’ve ever had the pleasure to know, they were also the very first rockabilly band I ever saw live when I first started getting into the scene. Doug (Doug Wilshire & The Tailspinners) finished up the night on a high before a roof-raising cover of Folsom Prison Blues which saw all the performers back up on stage for one last song together. It was also great to see event organiser Lori Lee up there for the finale getting just a small slice of the appreciation she deserves.

There was so much love and respect in the room on the night, everyone was in high spirits and you could really feel how grateful everyone was for Johnny Cash and the amazing music he made. This event is always special for the muso’s as well as JC is definitely one of their biggest influences and you can see how much they love honouring him and his music. But I have to say, I was feeling A LOT of love and respect for Lori Lee that night too and I made a point of telling her so. She works so hard to organise most of Brisbane’s rockabilly gigs and all of the major events and the rockabilly scene here would be nowhere near what it is if it wasn’t for her so a big BIG thank you goes out to her.

I had nominated myself as the designated driver that night but once I got there I started having way too much fun and decided to leave my car there and get a lift home with another friend so I could keep enjoying a few more drinks. I’m so glad I did because I had such a fantastic night! If you’re in Brisbane and you missed out that’s a real shame because you’ll have to wait a whole ‘nother year for the next one but I recommend keeping your eyes open for next year, this really is an event not to be missed. Even if you’re not into rockabilly, Johnny Cash has and will continue to inspire so many musicians over the years and this is a great way to honour him.

07 October, 2011

When The Man Comes Around

After weeks and weeks of being unwell I think I’ve finally kicked this infection and I’m looking forward to being able to really enjoy the weekend. After a little bit of retail therapy last night I’ve got a pretty new dress on today to kick off the weekend and I’m looking forward to a quiet night in with the man tonight, complete with home cooked lamb roast – gee is he lucky!

But the big thing I’m looking forward to this weekend is the 8th Annual Johnny Cash Tribute. Another of Lori Lee’s well-loved and long standing events, the JCT is always a great night. We all know how much I LOVE Johnny Cash and the line-up this year is shaping up for a great night as always. No doubt there will be many a sing-a-long and I can’t wait! Due to my illness it’s been a little while since I've blogged about a gig and I realised how much I’ve missed writing about them so you can be sure that come Monday I’ll have a post up my sleeve packed with all the highlights of the night.

If you’re looking for something to do in Brisbane this weekend I suggest coming along. The Morningside RSL is a great venue with a huge dance floor, cheap drinks and delicious counter meals plus it’s also kid friendly! Celebrating the music of the Man in Black, some of Brisbane’s best rockabilly performers will cover all the old favourites of this iconic music legend.

For just a taste of what you can expect, watch this video of Mitchy Mayhem of the Mayhem County Boys covering ’25 Minutes To Go’ at last year’s JCT. This video really doesn’t do the performance justice because Mitchy brought the house down! It was an amazing performance, one of the best I’ve ever seen – of Mitchy or the cover of the song and people are STILL talking about this performance! You can’t hear it at the end of the video but I was there and the room went WILD! I just can’t wait for tomorrow night!