14 October, 2011

Posters, Art & Pin Ups

Well I thought after yesterday's slightly heavy post I would move on to better and brighter things today. I must say, as much as I was hesitant to put all that negativity on my blog, forcing myself to write out how I was feeling in an intelligent and slightly less emotional way helped me to clear things better in my own mind and that big release now has me feeling much better and more motivated.

In saying that, the weather around here has been atrocious and I wanted to brighten both our days with some brilliant eye candy. Just released are the festival posters for Garterbelts & Gasoline Nostalgia Festival 2012! I have to say, I think these are the best posters yet (and I'm not just saying that). They look great and it's really exciting to watch the festival continue to grow and strengthen. Enjoy!

Festival Poster

Pin Up Contest Poster

Art Show Poster

Soap Box Derby Poster

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