17 October, 2011

Mud, Revs & Rods

Saturday was the Asphalt Demons first Invitational at an old airfield at Archer Falls out near Woodford.

Despite looking like it would be quite a wet and stormy day early on, the clouds parted to reveal a spectacular day with plenty of sunshine. The earlier rain also made the track perfect for skids, doughnuts and plenty of other shenanigans in the mud.

There was a lot of automobilia and horse power going on and these beautiful old planes were buzzing over all day creating some great atmosphere.

Twas cars and bikes galore and whilst there was plenty of eyecandy, it was a great opportunity for people to really drive their rides and give them a thrashing in the mud on the airfield.

The Man, Me and the lovely Katrina right before we went out and had some fun around the track. Turn your volume up and listen to that engine!!

I promise you this was even more fun that it looks! I couldn't stop giggling and not in the cutesy school girl way, I was hopped up on the speed, the noise and the bumpy muddy track so it was giggling heading into guffaw territory but I had an absolute blast! We did A LOT of 360 spins and doughnuts but unfortunately I didn't get any on video.

The Man's '59 Tank Fairlane 500 ran 11 seconds in the time trials and also won the Beatnik's Pick! Seriously, how cool is this trophy!?!?!

A great day was had by all and the fun continued into the night with live bands. We slept on the bench seats in the car and stayed overnight and I have to say the mountains surrounding us were a beautiful sight to wake up to at sunrise.

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Tony said...

Hey what a great day, looks like a heap of fun, how was your back after sleeping on the bench seats, that brings back memories, haha
You obviously never got the storm we got in the afternoon, luckily!. #mykindablog :)

Sheri Bomb said...

Hey Tony it was so much fun!! Luckily I'm kinda short so sleeping on the bench seat wasn't so bad :) We got a little bit of heavy rain for about 10-ish minutes but other than that the weather was great we were lucky! :D

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