04 October, 2011

What I Wore: Work Edition

So after the success of my first vlog (don't forget to keep sending your questions!) I was really surprised by how many of you were interested in what I wear to work. As I mentioned, I still like to dress with my own style but am aware of the fact that my workplace is not only a casual workplace but also that I work in a department of all men.

I took a picture of my work outfit the day after you all asked to see but due to getting sick and trying to catch up on other posts I hadn't had a chance to show you yet, but here it is!

This isn't the worlds greatest outfit post. Firstly, I'll apologise for the poor quality picture it was taken inside my closet (yes, INSIDE. I am standing inside my closet because that's how big it is, it's like a whole room! I know, I'm lucky). Something you should know about me is that despite all my pretty outfits, I don't like spending too much on clothes unless they are something really special. I get bored by things too easily so don't like to spend lots of money on things I know I'll only wear a few times/occasionally.

This 50s housewife dress I picked up about 4 years ago for $10 at some random clothes shop at Chermside that sold cheap Korean-made clothes. It's lasted surprisingly well and whenever I wear it I always get lots of compliments which is very satisfying considering it's so old and was so cheap. As you can see it doesn't quite fit my boobs so I just wear a plain black singlet top underneath. Unfortunately I have this problem with quite a few dresses because of my odd shape so if I really like the dress, a singlet top is always a quick fix.

The belt is off another dress that has sadly since been retired because it zipped up all the way down the front and the zip broke so no go anymore but the belt is great, so versatile I wear it with so many different things all the time! The shoes were like $30 from Spendless or somewhere like that - they're actually my dancing shoes which I chased down after my sister bought a pair and I saw what great dancing shoes they would make.

So there you go...a regular 'ole work outfit. Quite comfortable but still stylish. I guess it's kinda hard to see in this pic but the dress has a red leaf pattern and buttons all the way down the front with black piping and black silk ties at the bottom of the sleeves. It also has a collar and I just love collared dresses!

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Hayley said...

I am glad to see you still look like the Sheri I know ;) so glad to hear you are finally feeling better xx

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks Hayley :) I'll be honest though, I still have my lazy days where I can't be bothered and will just wear jeans and a top :P

Danielle said...

I LOVE that outfit. In fact, I dream of being able to wear those types of dresses. But, when I do... I am sick of being asked when the baby is due. Need to budge this baby belly. ::sigh::

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks Danielle :) You just have to find the right cut of dress - that's my favourite thing about the 50s/rockabilly fashion! Most of the shapes are tailored at the waist and flare from there which is perfect for hiding any bumps or bulges. Keep looking, there are plenty of beautiful dresses out there.

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