03 October, 2011

Life's an adventure

Well I’m pleased that I left my blog with an exciting and upbeat post on Thursday but I must say, it was such a struggle to finish that post and publish it. I was SO so sick and I was shaking so hard I was literally having trouble controlling my mouse and making it do what I wanted.

I knew (to a degree) what was happening and knew it meant I’d be really sick again for a little while and not be able to blog. Sad face. So I was determined to get that post up! That being said, as soon as I published it I drove myself to the doctors, bawling my eyes out the whole way. Sooky I know but I felt so terrible.

I called them as I was leaving work, begging them to see me straight away even though my appointment wasn’t for another 4 hours because, well frankly I felt like I was dying. Not the case, but I knew I needed help right away. One look at me and they took me into a treatment room so I could lie down, gave me some water and took my temperature. My temperature was extremely high, dangerously high. Point 4 degrees away from the scary high range, like where you can go into comas and stuff apparently.

So my doctor informed me that my results from the previous infection had come back and the particular type of infection I have is actually resistant to the antibiotics that I had been put on. So while they made me feel better and took care of my symptoms, they didn’t actually get rid of the infection meaning that come Thursday when I stopped taking them, the symptoms and sickness of the infection came back – with a vengeance!

My doctor decided that I needed to go to hospital and due to parents being away on holidays and sisters working too far away and boyfriends living too far away she decided that I needed to get there by ambulance. I couldn’t believe it, didn’t want to do it and tried to talk her out of it. She refused to let me drive myself there and said it would take too long for someone else to come and get me and that I needed treatment straight away. I knew it was probably for the best although it was a little embarrassing.

It was my first ever ride in an ambulance and the paramedics were SO nice! I didn’t tell them about the blog (I MUST have been sick!) so I doubt they’ll ever read this but Paul and Ryan you were so so nice to me and if I ever need to be in an ambulance for more serious reasons, I’d feel so much better knowing it was you or guys like you looking after me.

I got to the hospital about 2:30 and didn’t get out until 7 pm and in between then all kinds of things happened. I first got a big bag of saline because the extreme fever had me very dehydrated. Medical people always think because of all my tattoos I’m totally cool with needles. The embarrassing truth is that when it comes to needles for medical purposes, I am an absolute sook. I guess I’m not as bad as some stories I’ve hear…like I don’t freak out or anything. I just don’t like them. The thought of them makes me feel kinda sick. And once the cannula was in my arm, I couldn’t bare to look at it. Shut up.

So saline, than an intravenous injection of some super antibiotics to start fighting the infection immediately. Then an ultra sound to make sure my kidneys weren’t hiding anything more serious than the infection. LOTS of questions. Some very interesting and personal questions. Had to pee in a cup 3 times. Got wheeled around in a wheelchair feeling like a total loser. Monitoring my heart rate because it was constantly up. Decided the elevated heart rate was a side effect of the infection and was not to be too concerned over. Released me with a prescription for a 7 day course of oral antibiotics which will hopefully deal with the infection and make me all better again.

It was certainly a VERY unexpected turn of events and none to pleasant but at least it gave me an interesting story to blog about. I’m feeling better now, though still not 100% and still feel quite tired despite resting all weekend. Looking forward to being myself again with no more interruptions to my crusade to blog daily.

I won’t lie…I will be a little scared of getting sick again once I finish this course of antibiotics. But fingers crossed these meds will finally kick it.

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Tony said...

Lets hope you don't have too many more of that kind of adventure, which hospital did they take you to? Here's keeping fingers crossed for these antibiotics :)
I reckon ambo's are amazing, its just part of their job to help you, but they make you feel like you are special and are in the best of care.
Things certainly have been a bit dull, with you being quiet. Glad your OK :)

Melissa {Suger} said...

Glad to hear you are ok. Gosh. I wish I was closer in moments like these, I would've done the trip in a second. Feel better and hopefully they've got you some drugs that will kick its butt this time. xo

Sheri Bomb said...

Nawww ♥ thank you! It was crazy town for a little while there but I'm pretty sure the butt kicking is underway ;) xo

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