30 October, 2014

Jungle Rum Tease

Last Thursday night Jungle played host to it's first ever Rum Tease - a burlesque night with a tropical tiki twist. I was lucky enough to be invited along and I couldn't wait to get back into some of Jungle's tasty cocktails. Being a Thursday night the bar wasn't as packed as a weekend, which was good because it offered the perfect, intimate atmosphere for a night of hip-shakin wahines.

With performances by Miss BB Le Buff and Frankie Mae Felon, the cocktail menu featured a refreshing summer-inspired cocktail in honour of both ladies. The 'BB Le Buff' was a delicious tiki take on a summer slushy that featured fresh blue berries and was as creamy as the skin of the lovely lady herself. The 'Frankie Mae' proved that good things come in small packages or in this case, glasses, with a sweet yet punchy passion fruit flavour.

As usual, the bar was spinning great tunes in between acts, playing everything from traditional Hawaiian sounds to psychedelic surf, rockabilly and even some classic 50s hits thrown in to the mix. The crowd was welcoming, with strangers quickly becoming friends and I managed to enjoy the company of some friends both new and old. It was the perfect prelude to the weekend, and that was even before the burlesque started!

But onto that, the performances began with Miss BB Le Buff where things got a little weird, in the best possible way. Bumping and grinding her way from restless native to flower bedecked honey, Ms Buff got the night off to a cheeky start. Getting her tiki torch on, Miss Frankie Mae Felon wrapped things up with an enchanting act that incorporated fire breathing! Draped in thin cloth and with a midriff that set the room on fire, Ms Felon gave us what we wanted, but left us wanting more.

That's where I stand on the new Rum Tease nights at Jungle. Wanting more. It's the perfect way to get your weekend started a little early and is lots of fun, whether you're drinking or driving. I managed to enjoy a couple of excellent cocktails despite the fact I had to drive but I urge you to find a Designated Dave if you can, the cocktails at Jungle are simply too good to deny.

Great for a girls night out, a fun date night alternative or just to get the gang together, Jungle's new Rum Tease events are a tantalising way to spend your Thursday night and I for one can't wait until the next one! I'll be sure to keep you updated on any future Rum Tease events. Better yet, why not like them on Facebook and keep track for yourself? Aside from Rum Tease, they host a number of other regular events like Tiki Halloween this Friday! Unfortunately I can't make it so you'll just have to tell me how much fun it was!

 I'll see you next time at the bar! 

05 October, 2014

Danger DeLux - What's In My Make Up Bag

Today I'm being featured over at Danger DeLux talking about what's in my make up bag. Natasha is the brains and beauty behind this Canadian Rockabilly and Pin Up Lifestyle blog. I've been following her blog since it's very early days and it's been such a pleasure to see her grow and evolve into the classy little space on the interwebs that she's carved out for herself. She's a total go getter and I find her drive and motivation really inspiring. She also owns a gorgeous little French Bulldog called Cherry and I love seeing all the beautiful pictures of the two of them together.

Photo by Hello June Photography
The make up bag feature is such a great idea! I'd been mulling over doing something similar on my blog here when Natasha got in contact with me to ask if she could feature me - talk about WIN WIN! I put a lot of thought into it though, so I think I might have gone on a bit. Oh well, I wanted to give plenty of info on the products I use, I always find that type of thing handy when I'm looking at buying new cosmetics.

Anyway, go check it out! Don't forget to follow Danger DeLux

02 October, 2014

Head V Heart

I try to live in my heart, but I must admit I am also a bit of an over-thinker, so I often spend a lot of time in my head, mulling things over and thinking about the what-ifs and the what does it means. Most of the time this isn’t a bad thing as I have a fairly naturally positive attitude and tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. But occasionally something will get to me and I become a bit of a Negative Nancy, at least in my own head anyway. I’m not one to lay it all out on social media or post cryptic status updates hoping someone will see it in a passive aggressive attempt at gaining sympathy.

But that’s not to say that sometimes in my head I don’t rail against everything and stand on a mental clifftop, shouting out into the ether. In fact, I was doing this just the other day as I was working out, using the anger and hurt I was feeling to push myself harder physically and get rid of all that pent up emotion. You see, I was feeling angry and hurt by someone who purports themselves as my friend but lately hasn’t been a very good one. Ignoring me, leaving me hanging when it comes to plans and just generally being crappy and selfish. I had been left hanging that very day without so much as a word from this person and I was PISSED. So I took myself off to blow off some steam powering up the hill next to my street.

Although the physical release had made me feel a little better, the time spent in silence on my own also had me disappearing into my own head and thinking thinking thinking. I had gone from anger to hurt (which is where anger usually comes from) and from there, rather than thinking of this persons actions as a reflection of themselves (which it is) I had internalised it and in my mind, made it a reflection of me. I was not worth their time. Not worthy. Ouch. It stung. And as I trudged home up my street, I was feeling pretty low. Lost in my thoughts, I almost didn’t notice two little girls playing on their drive way until I was upon them. They were two Muslim little girls, a younger one and a slightly older one. They were speaking in a language I didn’t understand and as I crossed their driveway they stopped playing and fell silent. I thought to myself I must have looked a sight with my pink and purple hair and tattoos, red-faced and puffing my way along.

As soon as I was off their drive way, the younger one turned to the older one and said ‘she’s beautiful’.  My heart almost burst! I almost burst into tears. It was such a lovely little moment, and it completely brought me out of my head and out of my mood and back into my heart, where I knew that things would sort themselves out, that it was in no way a reflection of me and that some people are just like that you have to either learn to live with it and adjust your expectations accordingly or cut them out of your life. This person is just one of those people. Always has been and I dare say always will be. So for now, I don’t expect much from them and I won’t be disappointed. However, I’m so greatful for the kind and innocent words from that little girl for completely turning my day around. It was such a great reminder of how easily we can twist things in our heads and lose ourselves in negativity.

How do you remind yourself when lost in negative thoughts manufactured by your own brain?