31 August, 2012

Ruff n Ready - Never Die Art

While I’m on the subject of sharing things I love, I thought I might give you a little peek into my bedroom. I suppose because I’m a creative person I like to surround myself with things that stimulate me, that inspire me and that generally make me happy. My bedroom is my special little place of my own so I’ve turned the walls into a bit of a memory/inspiration board.

Looking around the walls of my room you’ll find bits and pieces of my life and loves, collected from all kinds of places. Things to keep me organised, photos, memories of a night with friends, gig posters, postcards, invitations, cute pug pictures cut out from the newspaper, a square of toilet paper with a happy face cut into it that was left under the covers of my bed. Things that make me smile.

But I’m lucky enough to have a rather spacious bedroom and there’s still plenty of wall to be filled. The space above my bed was looking especially bare so I was on the hunt for something cool to decorate it with. Not just anything though, whatever it was going to be it had to be interesting, inspiring, a representation of me in some way.

One day when I was browsing the clothes on Ruff n Ready I noticed that they actually also had a section called art. Curious, I clicked on the link and was brought face to face with fantastic art from famous artists and little-known names to international artists to familiar local faces. There’s a huge range on offer, but the dark yet playful imagery of Never Say Die Art’s zombie girls really caught my eye.

There were so many single prints to choose from and then I came across a set of three. I have a thing for sets and symmetry, especially when it comes to interior decorating, so I knew my mind was made up. Before I knew it, the prints arrived safely in a protected package. I set about trying them this way and that on my walls – like I said, I have a thing and proper order was important to me.

For now I’ve just stuck them up with some blu-tak just to give me time to let them settle in and make sure they fit with their new home. I think in a little while I might grab some nice black frames to hang them in and make them a kind of feature-come-bedhead. The prints are 8 x 10 “ and at just $20 I think I might even get some more!

Please allow me to apologise for this terrible picture!
A camera malfunction meant I had to use this cruddy ipad back up picture :(
They certainly add something a little more interesting to the room and now draw your eye straight to bed as soon as you walk through the door.

Yeah, like as if I needed any encouragement!

30 August, 2012

Beauty Latest & Greatest

I wasn’t exactly planning on any beauty posts lately but I’ve come across two new products that I simply HAVE to share with you! In my opinion, as long as you have these two products you’ll always look amazing and the best part is, they’re affordable and easy to use!

Whether you were born with the dreaded ‘no-lashes’ or are just a dramatic lash-o-holic like me, these Silk Fibre Lash Extensions will have you praising the lashes lord. A two step system, it works by fixing tiny silk lash fibres to your natural lashes to create darkened, lengthened and thickened lashes that look natural. You can build up the product for a more dramatic look but even with just one application the results are pretty astounding.

You begin by applying the ‘transplanting gel’ which is basically a mascara and then use the fibre wand to lightly brush the fibres onto your lashes. You then finish with another coat of transplanting gel to seal the deal and you’ve got amazing, natural looking lashes. They’re waterproof but also remove easily with make up wipes/remover or by soaking them in warm water for a short period of time. Better yet, they won’t irritate your eyes or leave greasy panda eyes behind.

I got mine off my hairdresser for $25. The official website has them for $50 but shop around online as there are plenty of resellers offering great deals or wholesale rates. It still seems like some kind of modern miracle, I can’t quite wrap my head around how it works so well and so easily but it does and it’s magnificent.

Next up we have the Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in Shade #10. It was quite by accident that I stumbled across this fantastic lipstick and in this perfect shade for me. A beauty trial team I belong to only gave me a choice of two shades and I picked this one, online, hoping when it arrived it would be a goodie. Well it certainly has delivered in spades!

It goes on smoothly and is really moisture-rich meaning my lips don’t feel dry, sticky or clogged up – just soft and conditioned. The pigment is extremely rich so it gives an amazing burst of colour. Like I said, this shade is positively perfect for me and really makes my eyes pop. This lippie is great timing as we head into spring as the colours are just divine and I can see the brightness being quite popular.

It also has a lovely cherry-like scent to it which won me over instantly! Apparently is it infused with ‘Black Diamond’ which helps it to reflect the light and add depth to your pout. Not really sure what that means to be honest but I can say this lipstick packs a punch. As soon as you put it on you look instantly alive and very sexy. The only downside to the intense pigment is that it can stain around your mouth if you’re not precise in your application.

Also, be careful when re-applying when you’re out as after a night of eating and drinking I found it did start to bleed a little. However, I was just re-applying over the old colour. I think if you removed the remnants and re-applied on a clean lip you probably wouldn’t have any problems.  That being said, I wore this to work on the first day I had it and even after my morning coffee, porridge for breakfast and constant drinking from my waterbottle it stayed on remarkably well. The perfect red lip, I am in LOVE with this lippie and this shade. And at only $12, this will be a regular in my make up bag for sure!

Ta da! Lahes and lips is all you need!

This isn’t a sponsored post either, I was just floored by how brilliant these two products are and thought they would be the perfect addition to any pin up, vintage-lovin or rockabilly gal’s make up repertoire.

So tell me, what beauty gems have you discovered lately?

28 August, 2012

Kickin' It Ol' Skool

You may have noticed on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago that I posted a picture of the cover of the upcoming issue of American kustom kulture magazine Ol Skool Rodz. I'm VERY excited to announce that my feature on the Garterbelts & Gasoline Festival is being published with a 4-page spread in Issue #54.

I first started this blog as a way of getting my writing out there in the hopes that maybe one day I could have something published in one of our local kustom kulture magazines. I used to flick through the American magazines thinking how amazing they were, dreaming that maybe one day I'd make it into one of those. Pffft...yeah right I thought.

Car Kulture Deluxe was my absolute favourite. Touted as 'not your old man's car magazine' I loved the layout, the killer cars they always featured and all the dragstrip girls who looked amazing and who helped me to define part of my own personal style when I first discovered kustom kulture. There was just something about this magazine, I thought if I could somehow ever end up published in there then I'd know I'd made it.

Well guess what? Ol Skool Rodz is the sister magazine of Car Kulture Deluxe! At just a bit over a year on from beginning to put my writing and my heart on my sleeve, open to the judgement of the public, I have come so close to achieving my ultimate. Not only do I have a long list of national and international publications to my name (including another major UK kustom kulture magazine, Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics) but now this. I couldn't be happier, more excited or proud. 

I'm still not giving up on Car Kulture Deluxe, if anything this has only served to spur me on! But I guess now it's time to look around and see what else I can set my sights on. I guess the ulitmate ULTIMATE would be to end up in Rodders Journal. But THAT's going to take some time.

Still, never say never...

24 August, 2012

Giant Cheeseburger Cake of Destiny

The giant cheeseburger cake I made a few weeks ago for The Man's birthday proved to be very popular both with him and those watching on Instagram. I was actually quite proud of myself and thought it would make a fun way to celebrate Father's Day next weekend. It's actually not as hard as it looks but is extremely impressive but be warned, you definitely need to share this one!

Cheeseburger Cake

Green's Smooth Caramel Cake
Green's Classic Chocolate Cake
2 x Can Duncan Hines Classic Vanilla Frosting
Cocoa Powder *
Red Food Dye
Green Food Dye
500g Yellow Fondant
Sesame Seeds

Peanut Butter Frosting

1/2 cup Smooth Peanut Butter
5 Tablespoons Margarine
1 Cup Icing Sugar
1-2 Tablespoons Milk


Do You Want Fries With That?

First prepare caramel and chocolate cakes according to packet directions and bake in oven.

While cakes are baking, mix food dyes with one can of frosting each. These will make the basis for your 'lettuce' and 'tomato sauce'.

*As the frosting is creamy and white, I needed to use a lot of red dye to make it less pink looking. This made the frosting runny as you can see it took over half the cake. I have added the cocoa powder to help create a darker, richer colour without losing consistency. Add gradually as necessary.

Roll fondant into 2 equal sized squares using your cake tin as a guide for size. These will become the 'cheese'.

Mix all PB frosting ingredients together until you have a smooth, even consistency. You may not need the milk or you may need extra. Add gradually until you have the right consistency.

Remove cakes from oven and allow to cool before slicing each into equal halves. This creates the 'bun' and 'meat patties'.

Order Up!

Now it's as simple as putting it all together. Start with the base half of the caramel cake for your bottom bun.

Next pipe the green frosting using a flat head piping attachment to create overlapping ribbons to look like lettuce. You only need to do this around the edges then spread the rest of the frosting over the middle with a spoon.

Next place the first half of your chocolate cake on top and top with one sheet of 'cheese' fondant. Repeat for second layer.

Now use a round head piping attachment to carefully distribute the red fondant 'sauce' again, only around the edges before spreading the rest on with a spoon.

Top the stack with the top half of the caramel cake and spread with PB frosting.

Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

That's it! Simple really, and the flavours actually work surprisingly well together.

23 August, 2012

Falling Off The Wagon & Onto The Mule

I can be so uptight sometimes. So focused on doing, finishing, achieving. Maybe it's because I was always considered the 'smart one'. There were expectations. But were they coming from others or myself? A little of both I suspect.

Lately, I feel like I have been perfecting the art of letting go. Not to the point of becoming a jobless, homeless slob obviously. I know certain things matter. But I also realise the things that don't and it's like I've released a pressure valve. Let out a deep sigh from within my very core.

And I feel lighter. I feel fantastic for it actually.

Sometimes I put a lot of pressure on myself and bite off more than I can chew. Or, sure, with a lot of mastication I might be able to force it down but it rips my throat with it as I try to swallow. And it's certainly not a pleasant experience, even if it was my favourite meal.

So now I'm taking things slower, cutting things down to bite sized little pieces. Letting things go.

It seems silly in retrospect, the way I let such inconsequential things build up to some kind of issue in my mind. Like the photo a day challenge for instance, it's just a bit of fun but once I started I felt like I HAD to keep going. Catch up. Post something for the day. And between juggling my full time job, the blog, magazine contributions, family and social commitments among everything else, it just felt like another thing to the add to the endless list that was stretching before me.

How lame does that seem!? Haha Isn't it funny the way we internalise things and build them up into stressors and expectations on ourselves when in reality no one has even noticed that you stopped the photo a day challenge half way through the month!

It's good. I'm reminding myself of what my priorities are. My wellbeing is always first and foremost. Which is why I've made peace with letting things go, not posting as often and not feeling guilty for skipping a day here and there.

I'm done with that wagon with the rickety wheel, threatening to topple over at the slightest bump in the road. I'm on my trusty mule with a Mexican blanket and a steady gait and we're climbing the canyon at our own pace but at least I know we'll make it to the top.

As a side note, how many different metaphors can a girl use!?

21 August, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: Trailer Trash Open Day

Sunday was the official opening for Mimsy's Trailer Trash Tattoo's new studio at Archerfield!

It was a fantastic day and Mimsy and Pony have done an amazing job in making this dream into a reality!

There were tat zaps upstairs, a trailer park complete with astro turf and tiki bar downstairs.

The parking lot was transformed into vintage, kitsch and hot rod heaven.

Not to mention delicious tacos and to die for cupcakes!

Of course The Ten Fours provided the soundtrack to what was a wonderful day celebrating in the sun!

It was lots of fun just hanging out with our friends and being proud of what this adorable family and amazing mumma has acomplished!


20 August, 2012

I Am Becoming A Woman

A girl calls in sick when she doesn't feel like going to work because it seems easier.

I am becoming a woman, I suck it up and do what's right even if I don't feel like it.

A girl will splurge on shoes and clothes, even though she knows she needs to save.

I am becoming a woman, I refuse to even look at things to tempt me because I know my bank balance is important.

A girl tries to justify herself and refuses to believe that she could be wrong.

I am becoming a woman, I can not only accept when I am wrong but am ready and willing to apologise.

A girl lets people to be vauge, allowing them to not follow through on promises.

I am becoming a woman, I demand clarity and commitment and don't feel rude for doing it.

A girl acts coyly or says nothing when a man does or says something that makes her uncomfortable.

I am becoming a woman, I now tell them it is inappropriate without feeling the need to justify myself.

A girl will generally take the easy way out.

I am becoming a woman, I am standing up for myself, being more open and honest, doing the things I'd rather not but still need to be done and not feeling guilty for being who I am and saying what I do and do not want.

It feels really good. Especially the no guilt thing, for a while I've been in this limbo where I knew what I wanted, knew what I wanted to do in certain situations but either wasn't brave enough to do it or did it and felt bad about it.

Especially the guy thing. I was always worried they would think I was a stuck up bitch. It's just a compliment I'd tell myself. Don't be rude. WRONG.

If something makes you feel a little off, there's usually always a reason. You don't have to just put up with it. Tell it like it is. Ask politely that they not conduct themselves in that way because it makes you feel weird. If they're a nice guy they'll completely understand. If not, well who cares?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with standing up and saying 'hey, I'm not ok with that'. You can be polite about it. That's all you need to do. You don't have to explin yourself and you don't have to feel guity about it.

A girl thinks certain behaviour is expected of her.

I am becoming a woman, I expect proper behaviour of other people.

I'm becoming a woman who is in control of my life. And I really like it.

17 August, 2012

GREAZEFEST 2012: Sunday Hot Rod Show

© Real Neato
The only thing worth getting up early for after such a big Friday and Saturday is the Greazefest Sunday Hot Rod Show and as usual, it didn’t disappoint. For the first time in a very long time I had no duties for the Sunday except to kick back and enjoy! That meant that I had plenty of time to take in the hot rods (I swear there are more and more every year) and all the wonderful stalls (there are DEFINITELY more and more every year).

© Real Neato

With Viva Las Vegas and my trip to the US next year firmly in mind, I didn’t actually buy anything! Well, almost anything. I spent a small amount on these two cute pug soaps from Sailor Mouth Soaps but as if I was going to walk past without picking some up. Seriously. But other than that I was a very good girl!

We got through the stalls on the oval first up to try and minimise our time out in the sun then made a dash for some spare seats on the bleachers to watch the fashion parade. Then it was time to visit the art village and take in all the talented people who contribute to the scene. It was also fun watching Von Hot Rod in pinstriping action.

© Real Neato

After hours on our feet we decided we needed some food, some drinks and a rest so we headed into the indoor area just in time to catch some of The Flattrakkers. For the uninitiated, the indoor area is practically the Bermuda Triangle of the hot rod show as once you go in…you hardly ever come back out! The lure of the bar, the shade, some seats and the fantastic bands is just too much to fight.

We caught up with friends while The Whiteliners played and enjoyed watching the more energetic folk having great fun out on the dancefloor. Such a talented bunch of musicians, we thoroughly enjoyed their set even on the sidelines. However as soon as they had made their way off stage, we started staking out some of the best spots down near the front for the next act – a big one!

Eddie Angel took to the stage to deliver a scorching Link Wray tribute that had me constantly shaking my head in disbelief. What this man can’t do with a guitar probably isn’t possible. Performing in his signature Mexican wrestling mask he had the crowd bopping and cheering for more. Coogee Timms, Dan Dualton and Jon Flynn provided the rest of the band for Eddie and it was great to see the fun they were all having with each other. Eddie performed with a charming modesty and flashes of showmanship that endeared him to the crowd and resulted in a fantastic encore.
While the trophies were handed out, we relaxed in the Hula Lounge and caught up with some of the familiar and slightly famous faces of the festival swapping stories of international festivals and comparing notes. It was extremely heartening and quite a proud moment to hear so many of the big international names praising Greazefest as one of the best.

We eventually pulled ourselves away to catch The Sin & Tonics who I was pretty excited to see, all the way from Tassie. I’d heard a lot of good things about these guys and from what I heard they lived up to every word of it. Unfortunately by this stage, the festival was drawing to a close and I somehow got distracted by everyone getting hectic. The lack of sleep and impending sickness was catching up with me and I had one of those moments where you kind of zone out and realise there’s this whole chunk of time missing and you wonder what happened to it. That.
© Pix by Pete

Sadly before we knew it, it was time for The Ten Fours to close the festival but what a fantastic choice they were as the last band! Extremely entertaining, it was great to see the guys up there just having fun doing their thing and not taking things to seriously. It was like one big fast celebration with all your fellow festival goers singing and dancing along in a ‘yay we made it through the weekend’ party. Such good fun all round, plus I love The Ten Fours. Their set was supposed to end, but they kept going for a while anyway. It was great. No one wanted to leave. No one wanted it to be over. I know I didn’t.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Until next year at least! I know I say this every time but it has never rung truer than this year – Lori Lee did an amazing job at organising the festival which just continues to be the front runner in Australian rockabilly and kustom kulture festivals. She continues to innovate, continues to change and improve and add and bring out even bigger names. How she does it I’ll never know. I’d love to spend some time in that mind of hers just seeing how it ticks over.

Thanks Lori Lee, for keeping our community alive and giving us a place where for one whole weekend we can forget that the real world exists and immerse ourselves in our closest friends, our favourite music, our best clothes and our most loved rides.

Thanks for giving us a place where we can just be ourselves. There’s not much more powerful in life than that.

16 August, 2012

GREAZEFEST 2012: The Saturday

Well, after a huge day on Friday, Saturday morning there was no rest for the wicked! We were up reasonably early (which felt very early after a rather late night of drinking and dancing!) to head to the newest tradition on the Greazefest calendar...Saturday morning BBQ breakfast at Turtle's place before the car cruise!

Naughty me used left over curls from the day before and a bandana to try and look presentable in my somewhat hungover and rather sleep deprived state. The greazey breakfast soon had me feeling a little more chipper however I was still glad for my large catseye sunglasses, the warm day, plenty of sunshine and cruising down the highway in the tank with the window down. Nothing like some fresh air and horsepower to blow out the cobwebs!

We waited for all the classics, kustoms and cruisers to roll up and depart for the Goodna Royal Mail hotel on the Rock n Roll George Memorial Cruise. Once we rolled up it was straight into the pub for some hair of the dog beers, some rockin tunes from The Diamond Jacks and a few dances to get the blood pumping.

As fantastic as the band was and as nice as it was to go for a cruise in that perfect weather, the highlight of the day for me had to be coming across this gorgeous six month old pug puppy!! The owner even let me hold him and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face...or stop looking at the picture haha Cannot believe it happened!!

We left a little before the band finished hoping to get home and sneak in a quick nap before it was time to get ready again. Why do we continue to kid ourselves? Never gonna happen! By the time we got home there was barely time to sit down and have a drink before we had to get ready again! This time I went with a simple look with my hair, a comfy yet figure hugging Bettie Page peasant top and remember this beauty? The atomic print high waisted circle skirt!

Unbelieveably, I didn't get an actual outfit photo! Inexcusable I know, but it was about this time that the weekend began to catch up with me and I started coming down with the flu. So we arrived and caught up with the missing familiar faces from the Friday night to the sounds of Miss Teresa before I sought refuge in the Hula Lounge once again, trying to get a handle on the sneezing and stuffy snottyness. A pretty picture I know.

Unfortunately due to a family illness, Rusty Pinto had to cancel his trip to QLD and his performance at the festival however we were very lucky to have Scotty Baker fill his place. I enjoyed Scotty from afar in the comfort of a big cushy chair and the warmth of an enclosed room.

But soon enough, USA headlining act The Planet Rockers made me completely forget about any potential sickness with their amazing set that just did not let up! Early in their set they had the whole crowd going with their big wheelin favourite Truck Drivers Rock. We were treated to a very extended set and I was right down the front, dancing up a storm. These guys played with such an infectious energy - Eddie Angel working his guitar over with seemingly such careless ease, Sonny channeling some kind of ultra cool, hard rockin Rockabilly transient, Billy Thunder pounding his drums like I've never seen drums pounded before and session double bassist Mark who was clearly so damn excited to be there brought such passion to his playing. It was truly a joy to watch, extremely awesome to be there and they had the crowd loving every single second of it!

After a long and resounding encore, we had just enough time to catch our breath before The ReChords took to the stage and played one of the tightest, most energetic sets I've seen them play. I love these boys so much and was back down the front to soak it all up. They played amazingly well and I could have watched them for hours. Unfortunately due to the extended set The Planet Rockers played, The ReChords had to cut their set rather short. Considering they weren't playing again on the Sunday I was a bit disappointed.

Obviously the major international headliners have precedence on stage and I'm certainly grateful they gave us so much of their time but it's a shame closing times have to be so strinctly adhered to. I realised there are a whole lot of mitigating factors that contribute to this including licensing, insurance, security, noise control, etc. But man, I didn't get enough of my ReChords!! Hope they're back real soon.

With our heads buzzing with excitement and everyone taking about the amazing set by The Planet Rockers, we headed home and fell into bed to try and soak up some precious hours of sleep before getting up to face the biggest day of the entire festival.

Stay tuned for the Sunday Hot Rod Show!

15 August, 2012

Today I'm in Canada!

Well, figuratively...The delightful Danger De Lux has me posting as her Guest Kitten today!

She's a creative, entreprenuerial and rather fashionable lass from Canada who not only blogs about Rockabilly but also has her own Etsy shop selling all kinds of gorgeous fashionable delights including jewellery, show clips, cluth purses, hair flowers and fascinators...of which you'll hear more about from me soon.

But for now, go and read me trying not to sound like a total toss! It's kinda funny trying to explain to someone in another country what your local community is like. I tried and I hope I did it justice!

Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2 of the Greazefest weekend!

14 August, 2012

GREAZEFEST 2012: The Friday

Oh my stars! I must apologise for the silence around these parts of late. I've been dieing to post about the big weekend last weekend but I've also be dieing from a nasty cold which turned into a chest infection so forgive me the delay. I think this might be the quietest it's ever been around here since the beginning of this blog. Well, not for much longer I can tell you!


L-R: Ali Darling, Me, The Man, Kylie Lovejoy, Von Hot Rod, Vanessa, Anthony, Lori Lee, Laura, Mitchy Mayhem!

We got up at the crack of way too early to make an appearance on the Channel 10 Breakfast Show to promote Greazefest and the fantastic weekend stretching before us. It also just so happened to be the coldest morning in 12 years!! So we were freezing our bits off on the oval in between live crosses. While I'm all for glamour, I'm also all for comfort and practicality so in between takes I exchanged my heels and short sleeved dress for a warm fur coat and my cosy uggs. Don't judge me.

After the shoot we headed home hoping for a bit of a nap but before we knew it, I had to head off to the hair dressers to get my colour corrected and my hair set. It was lunch on the road and home for another attempted nap in a rather odd and uncomfortable position while trying to preserve my hair. It wasn't gonna happen so we decided the next best option was to have a few drinks!

Then it was time to get ready and head in a little early for our third TV appearance of the day, more dancing for a live cross from The Project for their metro whiparound. After all the fun of that and a surreptitious business card slid to the reporter...you know, just in case...it was time to head on in for the kick off of Greazefest!

We warmed up to the sounds of Dan & The Dualtones while we tried to find a spot near one of the outdoor heaters and stocked up on drink tickets. It was wonderful to catch up with all our friends and so many familiar faces. Before we knew it, The Convertibles had taken to the stage and we hadn't even made it to the new Hula Lounge yet!

We explored the area and enjoyed a drink for a while and I could tell that the Hula Lounge was going to become our favourite new haunt over the weekend. It was warmer than outside, had lots of comfy chairs, a far less busy bar, lots of interesting things to look at, a big merch table to browse and special USA guest Von Hot Rod was even doing live pinstriping!

Then it was time for Sonyta & The Incinerators to take to the stage and I was very keen to see this VIC act as there aren't that many rockabilly bands with a female frontwoman and I'm always excited to see something new and refreshing. I suppose because of this, I was expecting a lot. Impress, me I thought. Wow me, I thought. I ducked out of the Hula Lounge all by my lonesome and found a little spot by the edge of the dancefloor. This better be good, I thought.

And then BAM! This cute little mama in a gorgeous vintage dress opened her mouth and my heart. Kicking off their set with an Imelda May cover and a set of pipes to match, I was instantly won over and tapping along. When the song was over, I raced back inside to the Hula Lounge to get everyone outside and into the band. They had a great sound and Sonyta's voice was undeniably big.

Definitely the hightlight of the night for me. We even managed to get in two cracking dances! I was also amazed to only recently have learnt that Sonyta is ONLY 17!!! WHAAAAT!?!?! She sings with the power and emotion of someone well beyond her years and I am completely in awe! I saw her later after their set and told her how impressed I was and how much I enjoyed it. She was very lovely and thanked me but I still had no idea she was that young. Wow!! I can't wait to see these guys again, I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

© Pix by Pete
The night ended with a bang thanks to Dave Rumbler & The Matadors and although by this stage I was huddled under a heater up the back enjoying last drinks before the bar closed and resting my tired feet, the pulsing energy of their set coule be felt all the way back there. It's a shame I wasn't down the front as it was definitely the kind of music to rock out to but I still enjoyed their set. Then it was home to fall into bed, sleep off the drinks and get ready for the next big day of Kustom Kulture and Rockabilly!



09 August, 2012

Head Cold Killed The Daytime TV Star

I must apologise for the silence on the airwaves around here this week. You probably thought that off the back of Greazefest the blog would be buzzing with all manner of interesting and exciting posts. So did I. But alas I have been struck down with the dreaded lurgy and have barely moved from my bed since Monday.

So in an attempt to keep things alive on here, I thought I'd post the snippets of my big TV debut on Friday that got me my 15 seconds of fame. A few of you were a bit bummed you missed it and far be it for me to not give the people what they want.

So from the Channel 10 Breakfast Show in the morning and The Project at night, I basically spent the day dancing.

You can see them:

HERE from 1:35


and HERE from 1:00

Enjoy! Hopefully I'll be back and in ship shape next week for all the fun of Greazefest!

01 August, 2012

Beauty Blitz

I was pretty excited yesterday when I posted that there was only 3 more sleeps until Greazefest and then it hit me...THERE'S ONLY 3 MORE SLEEPS UNTIL GREAZEFEST! And I realised I'd done that thing that most of us gals do...you get busy with life or you haven't been out in a little while so you haven't thought about it and all of a sudden you realise you've kinda left yourself go a bit.

There's stubble on my legs, dark circles under my eyes and a few stray pimples on my face. So for the remainder of this week I'm on a strict Beauty Blitz Boot Camp to get myself looking the part for the weekend. And just in case you're in the same predicament, I thought I'd give you a step in the right direction with a run down on what I'm doing.

Yeah, I hate it too but any last minute shrinking, flattening and tightening that I can pull off all counts when you feel like a million bucks! I'm currently doing stairs and 3 second hold ab crunches. It's actually working! Staying away from naughty food helps too ;)

This is the time to make sure your regrowth is covered, your fringe is trimmed and its looking nice and healthy and ready for any heat or styling you'll be putting it through. Try a treatment if it's bad or just use a good conditioner and show it some TLC. I'm also off to the hair dresser on Friday to get my colour perfected.

Save time on make up and give yourself the best chance of looking good by making sure your skin is well taken care of. My current regime includes daily face wash, pimple cream to clear up a couple of blemishes, night cream to protect from winter dryness and give my face a soft and supple base for make up and a weekly mask that does wonders for my skin! Also, you can't use a chap stick enough in this weather! Your red lippie needs to look its best on soft, plump, smooth lips!

Not something we all have to think about but for me, I want them to look their best and stay healthy and long lasting. Especially in winter, the cold weather can dry them out so it's good to moisturise them regularly. This will keep them looking bright and don't forget to protect them if you're going out in the sun!

I know, it's winter. I like to grow a, ahem, winter coat as well. But when you're dressing up for an event, possibly going to be on display for photos and definitely dancing up a storm you want to be silky smooth. Moisturise in the days leading up and shave the day before, this way there's no chance for regrowth but time for any bumps, cuts or rashes to subside.

If they're in good shape, not only will it save you time when getting ready but they help to frame your whole face and bring your features alive. A good shape and tint does wonders! Just make sure you see someone you trust, you don't want any nasty surprises just days out!

File and shape first. I like to give my nails a bit of a rest after that because unfortunately they're not particularly strong. A few days out I apply a couple of coats of Orly Nailtrition which help gives strength and prevents staining from bright colours. Paint your nails either the day before or the day of if you can to minimise the chance of chipping. Use a colour that will go with all your outfits if possible.

Make sure you're well-stocked with all your usual bits and pieces and any product you intend to use. There's nothing like having half your face done, only to realise you've run out of a crucial product! Also, if you're going to try something new practice beforehand...you don't want a paniced bathroom meltdown because you can't get it right and you're running out of time.

Those are pretty much the basics, and most likely things you already know but sometimes its the most obvious things that can sometimes slip by.

But my most favourite tip? Put on some tunes and sip a drink as you're getting ready to amp yourself up for a wonderful night out!