16 August, 2012

GREAZEFEST 2012: The Saturday

Well, after a huge day on Friday, Saturday morning there was no rest for the wicked! We were up reasonably early (which felt very early after a rather late night of drinking and dancing!) to head to the newest tradition on the Greazefest calendar...Saturday morning BBQ breakfast at Turtle's place before the car cruise!

Naughty me used left over curls from the day before and a bandana to try and look presentable in my somewhat hungover and rather sleep deprived state. The greazey breakfast soon had me feeling a little more chipper however I was still glad for my large catseye sunglasses, the warm day, plenty of sunshine and cruising down the highway in the tank with the window down. Nothing like some fresh air and horsepower to blow out the cobwebs!

We waited for all the classics, kustoms and cruisers to roll up and depart for the Goodna Royal Mail hotel on the Rock n Roll George Memorial Cruise. Once we rolled up it was straight into the pub for some hair of the dog beers, some rockin tunes from The Diamond Jacks and a few dances to get the blood pumping.

As fantastic as the band was and as nice as it was to go for a cruise in that perfect weather, the highlight of the day for me had to be coming across this gorgeous six month old pug puppy!! The owner even let me hold him and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face...or stop looking at the picture haha Cannot believe it happened!!

We left a little before the band finished hoping to get home and sneak in a quick nap before it was time to get ready again. Why do we continue to kid ourselves? Never gonna happen! By the time we got home there was barely time to sit down and have a drink before we had to get ready again! This time I went with a simple look with my hair, a comfy yet figure hugging Bettie Page peasant top and remember this beauty? The atomic print high waisted circle skirt!

Unbelieveably, I didn't get an actual outfit photo! Inexcusable I know, but it was about this time that the weekend began to catch up with me and I started coming down with the flu. So we arrived and caught up with the missing familiar faces from the Friday night to the sounds of Miss Teresa before I sought refuge in the Hula Lounge once again, trying to get a handle on the sneezing and stuffy snottyness. A pretty picture I know.

Unfortunately due to a family illness, Rusty Pinto had to cancel his trip to QLD and his performance at the festival however we were very lucky to have Scotty Baker fill his place. I enjoyed Scotty from afar in the comfort of a big cushy chair and the warmth of an enclosed room.

But soon enough, USA headlining act The Planet Rockers made me completely forget about any potential sickness with their amazing set that just did not let up! Early in their set they had the whole crowd going with their big wheelin favourite Truck Drivers Rock. We were treated to a very extended set and I was right down the front, dancing up a storm. These guys played with such an infectious energy - Eddie Angel working his guitar over with seemingly such careless ease, Sonny channeling some kind of ultra cool, hard rockin Rockabilly transient, Billy Thunder pounding his drums like I've never seen drums pounded before and session double bassist Mark who was clearly so damn excited to be there brought such passion to his playing. It was truly a joy to watch, extremely awesome to be there and they had the crowd loving every single second of it!

After a long and resounding encore, we had just enough time to catch our breath before The ReChords took to the stage and played one of the tightest, most energetic sets I've seen them play. I love these boys so much and was back down the front to soak it all up. They played amazingly well and I could have watched them for hours. Unfortunately due to the extended set The Planet Rockers played, The ReChords had to cut their set rather short. Considering they weren't playing again on the Sunday I was a bit disappointed.

Obviously the major international headliners have precedence on stage and I'm certainly grateful they gave us so much of their time but it's a shame closing times have to be so strinctly adhered to. I realised there are a whole lot of mitigating factors that contribute to this including licensing, insurance, security, noise control, etc. But man, I didn't get enough of my ReChords!! Hope they're back real soon.

With our heads buzzing with excitement and everyone taking about the amazing set by The Planet Rockers, we headed home and fell into bed to try and soak up some precious hours of sleep before getting up to face the biggest day of the entire festival.

Stay tuned for the Sunday Hot Rod Show!

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