30 August, 2012

Beauty Latest & Greatest

I wasn’t exactly planning on any beauty posts lately but I’ve come across two new products that I simply HAVE to share with you! In my opinion, as long as you have these two products you’ll always look amazing and the best part is, they’re affordable and easy to use!

Whether you were born with the dreaded ‘no-lashes’ or are just a dramatic lash-o-holic like me, these Silk Fibre Lash Extensions will have you praising the lashes lord. A two step system, it works by fixing tiny silk lash fibres to your natural lashes to create darkened, lengthened and thickened lashes that look natural. You can build up the product for a more dramatic look but even with just one application the results are pretty astounding.

You begin by applying the ‘transplanting gel’ which is basically a mascara and then use the fibre wand to lightly brush the fibres onto your lashes. You then finish with another coat of transplanting gel to seal the deal and you’ve got amazing, natural looking lashes. They’re waterproof but also remove easily with make up wipes/remover or by soaking them in warm water for a short period of time. Better yet, they won’t irritate your eyes or leave greasy panda eyes behind.

I got mine off my hairdresser for $25. The official website has them for $50 but shop around online as there are plenty of resellers offering great deals or wholesale rates. It still seems like some kind of modern miracle, I can’t quite wrap my head around how it works so well and so easily but it does and it’s magnificent.

Next up we have the Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in Shade #10. It was quite by accident that I stumbled across this fantastic lipstick and in this perfect shade for me. A beauty trial team I belong to only gave me a choice of two shades and I picked this one, online, hoping when it arrived it would be a goodie. Well it certainly has delivered in spades!

It goes on smoothly and is really moisture-rich meaning my lips don’t feel dry, sticky or clogged up – just soft and conditioned. The pigment is extremely rich so it gives an amazing burst of colour. Like I said, this shade is positively perfect for me and really makes my eyes pop. This lippie is great timing as we head into spring as the colours are just divine and I can see the brightness being quite popular.

It also has a lovely cherry-like scent to it which won me over instantly! Apparently is it infused with ‘Black Diamond’ which helps it to reflect the light and add depth to your pout. Not really sure what that means to be honest but I can say this lipstick packs a punch. As soon as you put it on you look instantly alive and very sexy. The only downside to the intense pigment is that it can stain around your mouth if you’re not precise in your application.

Also, be careful when re-applying when you’re out as after a night of eating and drinking I found it did start to bleed a little. However, I was just re-applying over the old colour. I think if you removed the remnants and re-applied on a clean lip you probably wouldn’t have any problems.  That being said, I wore this to work on the first day I had it and even after my morning coffee, porridge for breakfast and constant drinking from my waterbottle it stayed on remarkably well. The perfect red lip, I am in LOVE with this lippie and this shade. And at only $12, this will be a regular in my make up bag for sure!

Ta da! Lahes and lips is all you need!

This isn’t a sponsored post either, I was just floored by how brilliant these two products are and thought they would be the perfect addition to any pin up, vintage-lovin or rockabilly gal’s make up repertoire.

So tell me, what beauty gems have you discovered lately?

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