20 August, 2012

I Am Becoming A Woman

A girl calls in sick when she doesn't feel like going to work because it seems easier.

I am becoming a woman, I suck it up and do what's right even if I don't feel like it.

A girl will splurge on shoes and clothes, even though she knows she needs to save.

I am becoming a woman, I refuse to even look at things to tempt me because I know my bank balance is important.

A girl tries to justify herself and refuses to believe that she could be wrong.

I am becoming a woman, I can not only accept when I am wrong but am ready and willing to apologise.

A girl lets people to be vauge, allowing them to not follow through on promises.

I am becoming a woman, I demand clarity and commitment and don't feel rude for doing it.

A girl acts coyly or says nothing when a man does or says something that makes her uncomfortable.

I am becoming a woman, I now tell them it is inappropriate without feeling the need to justify myself.

A girl will generally take the easy way out.

I am becoming a woman, I am standing up for myself, being more open and honest, doing the things I'd rather not but still need to be done and not feeling guilty for being who I am and saying what I do and do not want.

It feels really good. Especially the no guilt thing, for a while I've been in this limbo where I knew what I wanted, knew what I wanted to do in certain situations but either wasn't brave enough to do it or did it and felt bad about it.

Especially the guy thing. I was always worried they would think I was a stuck up bitch. It's just a compliment I'd tell myself. Don't be rude. WRONG.

If something makes you feel a little off, there's usually always a reason. You don't have to just put up with it. Tell it like it is. Ask politely that they not conduct themselves in that way because it makes you feel weird. If they're a nice guy they'll completely understand. If not, well who cares?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with standing up and saying 'hey, I'm not ok with that'. You can be polite about it. That's all you need to do. You don't have to explin yourself and you don't have to feel guity about it.

A girl thinks certain behaviour is expected of her.

I am becoming a woman, I expect proper behaviour of other people.

I'm becoming a woman who is in control of my life. And I really like it.

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