14 August, 2012

GREAZEFEST 2012: The Friday

Oh my stars! I must apologise for the silence around these parts of late. I've been dieing to post about the big weekend last weekend but I've also be dieing from a nasty cold which turned into a chest infection so forgive me the delay. I think this might be the quietest it's ever been around here since the beginning of this blog. Well, not for much longer I can tell you!


L-R: Ali Darling, Me, The Man, Kylie Lovejoy, Von Hot Rod, Vanessa, Anthony, Lori Lee, Laura, Mitchy Mayhem!

We got up at the crack of way too early to make an appearance on the Channel 10 Breakfast Show to promote Greazefest and the fantastic weekend stretching before us. It also just so happened to be the coldest morning in 12 years!! So we were freezing our bits off on the oval in between live crosses. While I'm all for glamour, I'm also all for comfort and practicality so in between takes I exchanged my heels and short sleeved dress for a warm fur coat and my cosy uggs. Don't judge me.

After the shoot we headed home hoping for a bit of a nap but before we knew it, I had to head off to the hair dressers to get my colour corrected and my hair set. It was lunch on the road and home for another attempted nap in a rather odd and uncomfortable position while trying to preserve my hair. It wasn't gonna happen so we decided the next best option was to have a few drinks!

Then it was time to get ready and head in a little early for our third TV appearance of the day, more dancing for a live cross from The Project for their metro whiparound. After all the fun of that and a surreptitious business card slid to the reporter...you know, just in case...it was time to head on in for the kick off of Greazefest!

We warmed up to the sounds of Dan & The Dualtones while we tried to find a spot near one of the outdoor heaters and stocked up on drink tickets. It was wonderful to catch up with all our friends and so many familiar faces. Before we knew it, The Convertibles had taken to the stage and we hadn't even made it to the new Hula Lounge yet!

We explored the area and enjoyed a drink for a while and I could tell that the Hula Lounge was going to become our favourite new haunt over the weekend. It was warmer than outside, had lots of comfy chairs, a far less busy bar, lots of interesting things to look at, a big merch table to browse and special USA guest Von Hot Rod was even doing live pinstriping!

Then it was time for Sonyta & The Incinerators to take to the stage and I was very keen to see this VIC act as there aren't that many rockabilly bands with a female frontwoman and I'm always excited to see something new and refreshing. I suppose because of this, I was expecting a lot. Impress, me I thought. Wow me, I thought. I ducked out of the Hula Lounge all by my lonesome and found a little spot by the edge of the dancefloor. This better be good, I thought.

And then BAM! This cute little mama in a gorgeous vintage dress opened her mouth and my heart. Kicking off their set with an Imelda May cover and a set of pipes to match, I was instantly won over and tapping along. When the song was over, I raced back inside to the Hula Lounge to get everyone outside and into the band. They had a great sound and Sonyta's voice was undeniably big.

Definitely the hightlight of the night for me. We even managed to get in two cracking dances! I was also amazed to only recently have learnt that Sonyta is ONLY 17!!! WHAAAAT!?!?! She sings with the power and emotion of someone well beyond her years and I am completely in awe! I saw her later after their set and told her how impressed I was and how much I enjoyed it. She was very lovely and thanked me but I still had no idea she was that young. Wow!! I can't wait to see these guys again, I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

© Pix by Pete
The night ended with a bang thanks to Dave Rumbler & The Matadors and although by this stage I was huddled under a heater up the back enjoying last drinks before the bar closed and resting my tired feet, the pulsing energy of their set coule be felt all the way back there. It's a shame I wasn't down the front as it was definitely the kind of music to rock out to but I still enjoyed their set. Then it was home to fall into bed, sleep off the drinks and get ready for the next big day of Kustom Kulture and Rockabilly!



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