09 August, 2012

Head Cold Killed The Daytime TV Star

I must apologise for the silence on the airwaves around here this week. You probably thought that off the back of Greazefest the blog would be buzzing with all manner of interesting and exciting posts. So did I. But alas I have been struck down with the dreaded lurgy and have barely moved from my bed since Monday.

So in an attempt to keep things alive on here, I thought I'd post the snippets of my big TV debut on Friday that got me my 15 seconds of fame. A few of you were a bit bummed you missed it and far be it for me to not give the people what they want.

So from the Channel 10 Breakfast Show in the morning and The Project at night, I basically spent the day dancing.

You can see them:

HERE from 1:35


and HERE from 1:00

Enjoy! Hopefully I'll be back and in ship shape next week for all the fun of Greazefest!

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