29 February, 2012

On Men & Women: A Rant

Ah Facebook, the source and creator of so much angst on the internet.

A post caught my eye yesterday and prompted me to have a good think and post an update of my own. Which then sparked quite an interesting discussion and A LOT of comments. So thought I’d expand by making it into a blog post.

Basically, the general gist of what I was saying was that I have noticed girls complaining about the way they are treated by men. A general lack of respect and chivalry, however these are the same girls who get trashed, swear like a sailor and start fights in the street. I suggested that these girls can’t have their cake and eat it too and that if they wanted to be treated like a ‘lady’ then perhaps they should start acting like one.

This isn’t actually an attack on anyone in particular but I have noticed this phenomenon, particularly when I go out to places like the Valley. There is this increase in girls behaving badly. Out of control. I’m talking a scrap of material covering their lady bits and laying face down on the ground in a puddle of their own vomit. Or starting fights as I mentioned.

The general feeling I get from this is that these girls think it is ‘cool’ or liberating to behave this way. Like some form of extreme feminism. We can wear pants and vote, now look at us punching on and off our faces. That type of behavior is not attractive on anyone but particularly girls. Now before you get up in arms, don’t think that I am relegating women to the kitchen and suggesting they should be seen and not heard. Not the case at all.

But I do think there should be a little more class and decorum from these girls. Well, everyone really. I actually feel quite sorry for guys. I have seen men be abused for opening the door or offering up their seat for a lady. That’s not fair either. They are simply trying to be nice, they are not patronising you. Nice! Remember that people? That thing that makes everyone feel good?

I don’t condone women being treated poorly by men but it’s hard to respect someone that clearly doesn’t respect themselves. I’m also not saying women should never swear, or drink or dress provocatively.

God knows I’ve had my fair share of regrettable nights and even more regrettable hangovers the next morning. But those experiences taught me something. To grow up and start acting in a different way. And you know what? It worked! People’s attitudes towards me changed. Sure I’ve still got a reputation as a party animal, but I’m a RESPECTED party animal.

It can be done. So please try. For your own sakes.

28 February, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: The Sweetest Words

Sadly today is the last Tattoo Tuesday from me…for now! I’ve run out of ink to feature but I’ve got plenty more planned so it’s all just a matter of timing and money. Don’t forget to send through any questions or the stories behind your ink, I’d love to feature your work here!

This one is still quite fresh, done last Monday to be exact, thanks to a well-timed phone call to Mimsy and a cancellation I was about to swoop in on! Thanks to whoever’s spot that was supposed to be, glad you cancelled so I could get this awesome piece of artwork!

Like I had to tell you this was done by Mimsy. It’s got her trademark style stamped all over it. And I LOVE it! As you can probably guess, it’s an ode to my love of the written word with a bit of beauitiful vintage thrown it. But it’s colourful, like me. And has a real candy feel to it…cos I’m sweet don’tcha know! And the tag line? Well…I couldn’t not put it in there!

I absolutely ADORE this tattoo! And if there was any question as to whether I was going to end up with a full sleeve…I guess we know the answer now! Every morning when I wake up and see this tattoo on my arm it makes me so happy. I am in love with it. It looks amazing, the colours are so beautiful and it just sits so well on my arm. Mimsy did an amazing job (as always) and I can’t thank her enough!

It should only take a few more hours to finish this arm completely and we’ve pretty much already decided how we’re going to do it. It’s just a matter of booking in and getting it done! So I’m trying to steer clear of ebay at the moment and save my pennies!

The problem is, once my arm is done I already know what I want to get next! Not that that’s really a problem…cos it’s awesome…and Mimsy will do a fantastic job…it’s just that I need to win the lotto to pay for all the things I want! Afterall, my pretty clothes aren’t going to buy themselves!

Sigh, I lead such a hard life don’t I?

27 February, 2012

My Sunday With Marilyn

Yesterday afternoon I journeyed to the wonderfully vintage Hawthorne cinema at Balmoral to see My Week with Marilyn. It may surprise you to hear me say that I’m not a massive Marilyn fan. Of course I love her for what she contributed to the era and its style, but I’m not mad for her like some.

The movie tells the story of a young man desperate to break into the film industry. A whole lot of persistence and a stroke of luck land him a job on her film The Prince and The Showgirl. Charting his spiral of falling in love with Marilyn and her subsequent short-lived infatuation with him, the film focuses more on her erratic behaviour than the effects of the relationship on him.

Adapted from a book and journals kept by the young man during his week with her, the film ends quite abruptly with just a small by line about the fact that the man went on to become a successful producer however I would have liked more insight into his life and how his encounter with Marilyn went on to influence him.

I was interested to see the movie as I’d heard a lot of hype and good things about Michelle Williams’ performance. I have to say, the hype wasn’t wrong – she does a wonderful job! Unfortunately, that’s where most of the gushing ends for me as I was actually a bit disappointed in the film overall.

As you can imagine, I was very excited for the hair, make up and clothes aspect of the film but I found eye candy in that department extremely lacking. It was also a rather slow moving plot with no real major conflict or action, it just kind of meandered along.

Kenneth Branagh was also great as Laurence Olivier but his and Michelle’s performances were the only real stand outs for me. I was actually left wondering what the directors purpose for the film was, what he was trying to portray, make the audience feel.

It certainly captured that special spark she had on camera, despite having great difficulty with direction and remembering her lines. It might have taken 50 takes but when she got it right, she really knocked it out of the park. And THAT was what made her so magical, so alluring and so sought after despite her demands and unreliable reputation.

Whilst it was certainly an insight into the side of Marilyn that few saw, it painted her as quite an unlikeable person I feel. Whilst it certainly made you sympathise with her at times, it also made her seem like a hopeless actress and a very confused, disturbed and out of control girl.

Although it’s long been known that she wasn’t the easiest person to work with, I found myself disliking her for the way she treated people. For someone who didn’t want to be ‘Marilyn Monroe’, just Marilyn, she certainly behaved like the diva that ‘Marilyn Monroe’ had earned the reputation for.
Overall it was a bit disappointing and a bit of a non-event. It wasn’t particularly compelling and it was hard to feel toe emotional towards Marilyn because her behaviour was so unlikeable. I can't say I'd recommend it, particularly for the price of a movie ticket but if you're into Marilyn I'm sure it's worth a watch.

23 February, 2012

High Octane Rockabilly

A quick update to put the word out about a gig coming up this Saturday night. The Flattrakkers are playing at Morningside RSL with West Texas Crude, a great band but surprisingly not many people know they are actually playing.

These boys play a high octane, grunt and grit-fuelled brand of rockabilly with powerful tunes and killer licks. Inspired by the good ol’ dragstrip days, these boys race through set lists at a break neck pace and take the audience on a wild ride of speed, pistons, crank shafts and victory. With a trademark twang and unmistakable beat, the boys will be showcasing some new tunes off the back of their new album, Winner Takes All.

This will also be one of new drummer, Cameron Overend’s debut gigs after he replaced Bruce ‘Real Skins’. Citing family reasons, Skins has hung up the drum sticks after 8 great years with The Flattrakkers and although the rest of the band are sad to see him go, they’re pleased to welcome Cameron to keep up the pace.

So if you’re looking for something to do this Saturday night, all the info for the gig can be found here.

22 February, 2012

Ten Questions: Just Me

Melissa from SugerCoatIt tagged me in a game of sharing things about yourself. Well kinda, she said 'you' meaning anyone but I was reading so it meant me. If you know what I mean.

Some interesting questions, some you may not know or suspect the answers to. But it's me.

Describe yourself in 7 words
Goofy, creative, kind, funny, self-aware, open, animal-lover

What keeps you up at night?
Thinking. Always thinking. I can’t seem to turn my brain off. Anything from big life decisions to what I’ll wear on the weekend. My brain is constantly moving with all these ideas and questions. I think that’s part of why I like having this blog so much – a space to purge and hash it out. Helps to calm my mind a little.

Who would you like to be?
The best version of me. Blech. Sounds cheesy right? And it kinda is, but to be honest, all the people who’s beauty, skills, talents or lifestyles that I covet I can also see the down sides to. So I haven’t actually come across the person I would like to be just yet. And I’m hoping that means I still have the chance to make it me.

What are you wearing right now?
A little black dress with leopard fur belt and black and leopard bow platform wedges. I know right!

What scares you?
Pretty sure most of you already know this. Sharks and crocodiles. Eugh. Heebie jeebies. Although sometimes I also get scared of being hurt and being alone.

What's best and worst about blogging?

Best – The amazing stories I get to read and the awesome people I have come to know both online and in real life. Having only been in the blogging game for a little while, I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly the QLD blogging community is and how much it has grown, even in the short time I’ve been around. I love the personal vibe of blogging and the connections you form with people, feeling as if you have known them for years when really it’s only months and you’ve never met them in person. It’s pretty cool.

Worst – The pressure I put on myself. I expect so much from me because I appreciate the little audience I have built up and don’t want to disappoint them but I don’t always have the time or ability to create the kind of content I’d ideally like to put on the blog and sometimes that makes me feel frustrated and a little guilty. But I just keep plugging away…

What was the last website you visited?
The test blog for my new blog design ;) Pretty exciting really!! Can’t wait to show you guys! And not long now…but I will tell you one thing…it’s looking freakin AWESOME!

What’s one thing you'd change about yourself?
Learn to be more proactive, independent and not be afraid to stand up and promote myself.

Tell us about the person that tagged you
Melissa is an awesome blogger, a great friend, a wise soul, a super fun girl, a fashionista and a kind heart. She is also a chronic hair toucher, knee feeler and boob grabber. She is like my bloggy big sister. I wish we got to hang out more.

Ok, feel free to make it your turn now. I'd love to get to know you all better :)

21 February, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: The Bomb

Sadly today is the second last Tattoo Tuesday. It was actually going to be the last but a well-timed phone call to Mimsy saw me pay her a visit yesterday…but more on that next week.

This week’s tattoo is another small one, this time behind my left ear. It was meant as a symbol of the blog and when I got it, I didn’t know how close I was…

The Man actually first gave me the nickname Sheri Bomb. It was a play on words of The Runaways song Cherry Bomb. He just called me it once, an offhand remark. It made me giggle and I liked it. I casually mentioned it to a friend. It got published in a magazine and from then on it kinda stuck. So I was actually Sheri Bomb even before this blog. But I have to say, since starting this blog even more people now know me as Sheri Bomb.

I just wanted to get a cute little symbol to represent this blog. The love I have for it, the work I put into it and the happiness that it gives me. A little bomb seemed like the obvious choice, although little did I know just how representative it would become…

I got it done at the same time as the margarita, and quite a few people have asked me if it hurt behind there. They all assume that it would. But really? It didn’t at all. Sure it felt kinda weird, the buzz of the tattoo machine ricocheting and vibrating through my head. But it didn’t hurt.

So sadly, next week will be MY last Tattoo Tuesday…for now ;) So I’m opening it up to you guys! Got an awesome tattoo that you’d like to share? Got a burning question about tattoos, tattooing, after care, pain, designs…anything!?

Email me at contact@sheribomb.com.au and you can be the star of your very own Tattoo Tuesday!

17 February, 2012

The Big Reveal

The time is here people! My new business cards arrived yesterday and we’re putting the final touches on the new design. And you know me, any excuse for a party! So…


The first 20 people receive a gift bag & FREE drink on arrival and there’ll be prizes and giveaways all afternoon, not to mention two rockin sets from The Mayhem County Boys!

Sponsors include:

This will be a great chance to make some bloggy friends before the Hello Blogger Events Say Hello Workshop the following weekend as well as getting a REAL taste of the Rockabilly life outside the pages of this blog.

RSVP on the Facebook event page here.

Hope to see you there!

16 February, 2012

Great Balls of Fire

Looking for something to do this weekend? Then come on over to the dark side of Rockabilly and come and see the Fireballs live! The last time I saw these guys their sound blew me away – almost literally!

Described by Beat Magazine as technicolour rock in the age of beige, the Fireballs are one of Australia’s foremost Psychobilly bands. Coming off the back of their Australia-wide tour supporting German heavyweights Mad Sin, the boys are now ready to rock their signature sound of Rockabilly roots and heavy speed rock headlining their own bill of shows across South East Queensland.

The last time I saw these guys was about a year ago at The Hi Fi in Brisbane and I distinctly remember at the time thinking the $50 ticket price was well worth the rockin good time I had. But holy toledos! Make the pilgrimage to Ipswich this Saturday night and wreck yourself stupid to their hard and fast sound for just $10!! They'll also be supported by The Big Rigs, 1.1.1, Crooked Face and Brissie boys The Dirty F Holes - all that for just 10 bucks!!!

Rolling Stone Magazine testifies that “…they will provide you with a religious epiphany that will overshadow anything this side of another Cramps album.”

So how can you say no!?

15 February, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

When I got home yesterday something I had ordered off the internet had arrived. I was eagerly unwrapping it when suddenly this little guy fell out. Small, simple, inexpensive yet totally unexpected and a really sweet surprise.

It was lovely seeing all of the romantic messages and presents that went out yesterday for Valentine’s Day. We don’t ‘do’ Valentines, but I did get a very sweet phone call and subsequent affectionate text message around lunch time. Simple, but it put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

I saw a lot of posts denouncing Valentines and those who celebrate it. I didn’t like it. Sure we don’t celebrate it but why should we be down on those who do? Good for them, it brings happiness to their day. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to use the day to take a little time to appreciate people.

Yesterday I ran an errand on my lunch break and had to stop in at the bank. As I was leaving, the man waiting in line behind me handed me a little chocolate and wished me a happy Valentine’s Day. It was such a lovely and unexpected thing to do it made me feel really good.

And the more I thought about it, the happier I felt. I’m lucky, I’m plenty happy in my life but I know there are people who see Valentine’s Day as a painful reminder, that feel alone in this world for one reason or another. What if I was one of those people? Imagine how much more of an impact such a simple but sweet gesture would have had.

So while Valentine’s Day is a good reminder, practice random acts of kindness regularly to everyone around you, including strangers. You never know what is going on in their life and a smile and a friendly word could be all they need.

We all have those days, think about how much an improvement it would make for you and seek to do it for others. You’ll notice the amount of good things that find you increases.

14 February, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: Margaritaville

I dunno the reason I stayed all season, nothin to show but a brand new tattoo
But it's a real beauty, a mexican cutie, how it got here I haven't a clue
Wastin away again in Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffet

Today's Tattoo Tuesday is actually one of the tiniest tattoos I have but it's also one of my favourites! Again, done by the amazing and very talented Mimsy of Trailer Trash Tattoo - I don't know how she managed to get such cute detail into something so small!

Behind my right ear, it's a teeny tiny and super cute margarita! I must apologise for the slightly blurry picture but I was trying to get in nice and close so you could see all the little details like the beautifully shaped glass, the wedge of lime and even all the little salt grains around the rim.

This one doesn't have quite as much significance as a lot of my others but it's a tribute to the Mexican influences of Kustom Kulture. It's a symbol of good times and a metaphorical toast to all the good things in life. That and I love margaritas! haha

It's also good timing, being Valentine's Day and all, cos The Man and I have a secret little affinity with Mexico. I might tell you about it sometime. Or maybe you'll see it for yourself one day ;)

So cheers!

13 February, 2012

Two Years

This weekend has been restorative. Nothing special, yet all those little things that make you feel light.

Like cooking good food, eating good food, drinking good wine and enjoying good music. And all with the best of company.

I can't put my finger on exactly when the swtich flipped, but all the little things that were worrying me, that I was stressing about. All the negative energy, restlessness, feelings of discontent and unease. They are no longer. They're just gone. Dissipated.

The things that need taking care of are still there but I feel renewed, strengthened, with resolve, like I got this. The anxiety is gone and I am left with a feeling of calm and happiness.

And I am still trying, still working hard to achieve what I want. But I have this feeling. Of gaining momentum. Of letting go of comparisons. Of something on its way to me. Of being seen.

I look back on the last 2 years. They haven't been easy. But they have been right. Purposeful. I have learnt so much and feel like everything so far has been leading up to now and what is to come. And I have a lot of people to thank. They have helped, they have supported, they have given praise and put me in my place.

But there is one person most of all who, I firmly believe, without them I would not be who I am or where I'm at now if it wasn't for them. They know me, often better than I know myself, and their wisdom and patience and encouragement and support is more than I could ever have hoped for.

And they still give it, continuously and so readily. It amazes me. And I can only hope that myself as an indivudal and life in general can reward them in time. For they so deserve it. More than anyone I've ever known.

They say time flies when you're having fun. And this last 2 years has passed by at warp speed. And yet I feel like I've been able to enjoy each and every bitter and sweet moment.

So thank you.

09 February, 2012

It's My Blog Launch & I'll Cry If I Want To

Well the new blog design is starting to really come together and I’m SO excited! I can’t wait to show you guys and I can’t wait even more to have it live, my blog bursting with style and fun and colour! But alas, we will all have to be patient and wait just a little bit longer.

However, it’s been suggested to me that perhaps I need to have a ‘new blog’ launch party. Which sounds freakin awesome and like so much fun! But at the same time, I’m not really sure if I should. It would be a lot of running around and trying to organise things in the next couple of weeks.

Plus, there’s this small part of me that’s scared no one would come, like when you were in school and it was your birthday and you planned a party and got all dressed up for your special day and then sat around nervously for the hour before it was supposed to start terrified no one would show. THAT.

I’m pretty clueless on these type of things…what would I even do? Sit around going ‘yay I have a prettier blog now – thanks for coming’? No doubt I could probably rope one of my muso mates into playing some music for us…but what else?

It sounds like fun, but I’m not sure…what do you think?

Should I have a launch party and what would we do? Would you even come?

08 February, 2012

Blogger Buzz

The blog meet last Sunday was a whole lot of fun! It was great to catch up with a few familiar faces and also meet some new ones. The sushi, tapas and nibbles were quite yummy and I was on my best behaviour and refrained from indulging in a cocktail. We dived into the platters then the chatter really started and we swapped business card after business card. Anne from Domesbilissity had a GREAT business card that even came with your own little piece of coconut ice! Yum!

Lots of fun was had and plenty of blogging tips were shared. It was also nice to have the chance to whinge to people about blog-related stuff who actually get what you’re talking about and understand your frustrations. Ah, kindred spirits!

I also got to meet Gillian of Tessie Girl who has been a regular commenter and reader of this here blog for a while now and it was so awesome to be able to see and speak to her face to face. I get such a kick out of meeting the real person behind the computer screen! A definite highlight of the day!

It was also great to catch up with Ben and Liv from Wait Until the Sunset who have been gallivanting across Europe and Egypt for the last few months! They are so much fun and man the stories they have to tell! Mrs BC from Mrs BCs House of Chaos was there too which was awesome cos as much as I love hanging with her on the internet, she is even more hilarious and wonderful in real life!

Crazy Bloggers!! Thanks Suger

It was also amazing to see how much Ames (from Accidental Wonderland) little peanut has grown! She is due in just a few weeks and it was lovely to see her again. I love that she has such a funky style and doesn’t get bogged down in ‘mummy talk’ of which I cannot contribute. She is just good old fashioned fun!

Danielle of Five Little Reasons was also there and looking fabulous as usual! Unfortunately we didn’t get to have much of a chat but enough for me to know how much I still love her. Oh and Deb from Home Life Simplified and Amy from My Life As A Cake were there! There was just so much going on and so many awesome people to talk to!

I was also super excited to have been able to meet Trudie of My Vintage Vow, Jos from Sew Cook Laugh Live, Cate from Life Behind The Purple Door, Rachel from Redcliffe Style, Sarah from Stitching Lyrical and Caroline from Things I Do. Gosh it’s almost too much fun in one room!

This old chestnut again - thanks Suger!
Front: L-R Ames & Melissa
Middle: L-R Amy, Danielle, Sarah, Deb, Me, Caroline, Cate & Anne
Back: L-R Ben, Olivia, Rachel, Jos, Gillian, Trudie & Mrs BC

More photos to follow as they are shared...

The highlight of the day however was towards the end of the afternoon when I was standing chatting with a few of the bloggers, including our lovely hostess Melissa from Suger Coat It, when I remarked that I had managed to escape the tradition of touching me this blog meet. Big mistake. Suger promptly grabbed my boob and had us all laughing til we cried!

If you’ve not been to a blog meet before don’t worry, this kind of thing doesn’t usually happen…unless you want it to ;)

07 February, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: Flamingo A Go-Go

It's your favourite time of the week again - Tattoo Tuesday!

This tattoo is a fairly recent one and was yet again done by the lovely Mimsy of Trailer Trash Tattoo.

On the inside of my right wrist, this flamingo tattoo was a long time coming. Mimsy had some flash drawn up and displayed on the wall of her studio for a while and a version of this flamingo was up there. I had my eye on it everytime I went it, admiring it.

Finally I decided it needed to be done and it also needed to include leopard print. So Mimsy drew up something new for me and that was that. I had my very own flamingo tattoo - something I'd been coveting for a while.

Aside from the fact that I loved the imagery, flamingos have long been a kitsch symbol associated with the rockabilly culture. From their creation in the late 50s to the release of John Waters' movie Pink Flamingos in the 70s, they're now a pop culture icon. Famous as lawn ornaments, the rockabilly culture has adopted them into the tongue in cheek trailer trash aspect of kustom kulture. 

06 February, 2012

OOTD: Blog Meet

When going to a blog meet, particularly if it's your first, the question that is invariably asked is a rather dramatic or sheepish 'what shall I wear'? Think about where you are going and what will suit the venue. Here's what I wore to the blog meet yesterday.

Dress: Crossroads - bow dress RRP $49.95 ON SALE $14.95 (yay!)
Belt: Fashion Fair - Bow Belt $9.95 (got it ages ago)
Shoes: Rubi Shoes - Shelley Wedge $39.95 (available here)

Cool, comfortable and relaxed yet smart and stylish with a touch of that cutesy pin up vibe. Nothing too 'out there' that might make people feel I'm unapproachable.

Here are some dos & don'ts for choosing the perfect blog meet outfit:

DO dress in 'your' style, whatever that may be. If you're a fashion blogger you might wanna break out some super stylish pieces, if you're a subculture blogger like me you might want to dress indicative of what your blog is about.

DO dress for comfort. Both physical and psychological. There might be stairs or posing for photos or moving around the room to chat to everyone. So don't try and wear those heels that you struggle to walk in.

DON'T try and squeeze into your goal jeans just to make a good impression, you'll only be feeling self concious and it will make it harder to talk to people.You're going to be meeting new people and telling them about your blog, so wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in, something that feels like you!

DON'T take the comfort thing too far. Trackie dacks are not acceptable, even if your a fitness fanatic blogger. You're meeting people, being given the opportunity to network. You want to make a good impression, don't waste that on a fashion faux pa.

As you can see, everyone got it right yesterday! Thanks Suger

Well that would have been helpful BEFORE the meet, I hear you say. And yes, you're right. But I wanted to give you an example. Besides, these tips will be super helpful for the Hello Blogger Events Say Hello Workshop in March. That's a WHOLE DAY of bloggy goodness!

But my best tip of all? Just relax! Don't stress about what to wear. Everyone is probably already thinking the same thing so choose something you feel great in and you'll be ready to work the room!

Stay tuned for all the fun and shenanigans that actually went on!

03 February, 2012

A Freelancers Lament

I recently saw a similar article regarding photographers. It hit home so hard I felt the need to explain it for my circumstances.

I am regularly contacted by companies and publications who either want to use my work or have me as a regular contributor. For free. I mean after all, what’s a little of my time sat typing in front of my computer right? WRONG.

There’s my computer for a start. Which cost me about $1200. Then there’s the internet I’m using to research for your article. That costs me about $500 a year. Given that I generally cover a lot of events there’s the petrol to get me there. $10. Then there’s the entry fee. Anywhere from $10 to $40. Up into the hundreds if it’s a festival.

I also know that while I’m out there in the field I am in part representing your brand or publication so it’s important to me that I look the part. So clothing and personal grooming are important to me and cost about $150 per outfit.

But it’s already published on your blog, so we want to use it but because it’s not exclusive content we don’t want to pay for it. WRONG.

To run my blog there’s my domain registration, DNS hosting and email hosting totalling into the hundreds. Not to mention the money I pay to have a graphic designer make my site look credible so that your affiliation looks credible. Also totalling into the hundreds. Oh yeah, and it's copyrighted.

And don’t forget, this isn’t just a hobby. I studied for three long years to be qualified to do what I do. That’s easily in the tens of thousands.

1,200 + $500 + $10 + $50 + $150 + $150 + $200 + $10,000 = $12,110

$12,110 it has cost me to get where I am right now. And that's being conservative. Do you know how much I have earned from all the blogs, guests posts, contributions and magazine articles I have written? Not even a hundredth of that.

The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) recommends freelancers charge $219 per hour or $892 for articles 1000 words or less. I am not asking for even close to that.

So if you’re a magazine, website, brand or advertiser who wants to use my work or even worse, write something completely original for you, PLEASE don’t come and ask to have it for free or in exchange for credit or “exposure”. You contacted me, you have seen my writing and deem me good enough to represent you so obviously I have enough “exposure”.

You have a marketing budget. This is what it’s for.

You obviously don’t expect your sales department or secretary to work for free. So please don’t expect me to.

Just because it is available online doesn’t mean it was free to create.

Still not convinced? How bout next time you go out to dinner you tell your waiter that in exchange for giving you dinner on the house you’ll tell everyone you know how good the meal and service was. See how far that gets you. At best laughed at, at worst thrown out. Now I’m still answering your emails politely…you see where I’m going with this?

Now I am all about helping out independent and community organisations and publications. We all have to start somewhere and there are definitely plenty of people and causes out there who I have no problem donating my time to. And I do.

But I also run this blog, work my full time day job and have a number of other regular online and magazine contributions. Aside from the fact that my time is in such demand, there is a lot more to creating an article than just an hour in front of my computer.

I'm not being snarky and I'm not aiming this at anyone in particular. I'm simply trying to explain the reality of it for me. It's very disheartening when people don't want to pay you what you're worth or at all.

02 February, 2012

Like A Washing Machine

So you've heard me talk about this rockabilly dancing that I get into. But you probably wonder what it actually is. What it looks like. Something akin to the macarena in a poodle skirt perhaps? Some sort of weird line dancing remeniscent of a desert cult.

Not quite.

But it's a twistin, turnin good time! And it's great exercise! It works your arms and your legs and is a really good cardio work out too.

We're always up for a dance at a gig and to keep ourselves in shape and have a bit of a catch up too, we meet at the Holland Park Bowls Club the first and third Wednesday of every month to get our dance on.

But what's it look like? Well, this! That's Mimsy (Trailer Trash Tattoo) & Pony (The Ten Fours) as well as Mitchy Mayhem and some of the other dancers at the beginning and then you finish off with us.


Phew! It's fast and hard but SO much fun!

01 February, 2012

And You Thought I Couldn't Get Anymore Redneck

Had I not had a stroke of genius sooner, this post would have been perfect for ‘Straya Day but I’ve always been a little slow on the uptake :P

It was actually thanks to some inspiration in the form of Sizzler toast food fantasy from Dani that I stumbled across this gem.

Prepare to have your tastebuds made love to and your penchant for laziness completely enabled. I give you the…

 Vegemite & Cheese French Toast Sandwich

You will need:

  • 2 slices of grainy bread (cos I’m being healthy and that)
  • 1 egg
  • Vegemite
  • Cheese spread (or you could use real cheese if you wanted to get fancy)
  • Some butter to grease the pan

Then get your Domestic Goddess pants on and:

1. Lightly toast both slices of bread to prevent them getting soggy.
2. Spread one slice of bread with Vegemite & the other with cheese spread.
3. Beat the egg & pour it onto a plate.
4. Put your bread spread sides together & dip in egg mixture.
5. Place in fry pan & cook flipping regularly to avoid sogginess or burning.
6. Cook until golden brown.
7. Serve cut into fancy looking triangles & maybe with some sort of garnish.

**The tomatoes I used as a garnish turned out to be a bit frozen from the fridge being too cold. Frozen tomatoes are not nice, just for future reference. And if you have a sensitive gag reflex, don’t even bother**

This is actually even better than it looks and sounds and is the PERFECT hangover breakfast. Easy to make, usually stuff you already have laying around the house and satisfies that deep fried hot food kinda craving you get when hungover. But is surprisingly not that bad for you.

Yay we all win!

This will be a sure fire hit with the men. And the kids. And, well, me.

You’re welcome.