23 February, 2012

High Octane Rockabilly

A quick update to put the word out about a gig coming up this Saturday night. The Flattrakkers are playing at Morningside RSL with West Texas Crude, a great band but surprisingly not many people know they are actually playing.

These boys play a high octane, grunt and grit-fuelled brand of rockabilly with powerful tunes and killer licks. Inspired by the good ol’ dragstrip days, these boys race through set lists at a break neck pace and take the audience on a wild ride of speed, pistons, crank shafts and victory. With a trademark twang and unmistakable beat, the boys will be showcasing some new tunes off the back of their new album, Winner Takes All.

This will also be one of new drummer, Cameron Overend’s debut gigs after he replaced Bruce ‘Real Skins’. Citing family reasons, Skins has hung up the drum sticks after 8 great years with The Flattrakkers and although the rest of the band are sad to see him go, they’re pleased to welcome Cameron to keep up the pace.

So if you’re looking for something to do this Saturday night, all the info for the gig can be found here.

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Lisa said...

Live music needs to be supported - and HIGH OCTANE music is alsways good!!!! And you get the bonus of West Texas Crude - huge night!!!!

Sheri Bomb said...

AGREED!! Can't wait to see you there lovely :) xx

Natasha said...

i wish more rad bands played where i live!! i think i need to move! haha


Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks for stopping by Natasha :) We are pretty lucky around here, we do get lots of bands but it hasn't always been that way. I've noticed the more we support our local music scene and get along to the gigs, the more that pop up! I've also found contacting local venues and telling them about the things you'd like to see pretty effective. It's even more effective if you can get something going on facebook and have LOTS of people show support :)

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