14 February, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: Margaritaville

I dunno the reason I stayed all season, nothin to show but a brand new tattoo
But it's a real beauty, a mexican cutie, how it got here I haven't a clue
Wastin away again in Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffet

Today's Tattoo Tuesday is actually one of the tiniest tattoos I have but it's also one of my favourites! Again, done by the amazing and very talented Mimsy of Trailer Trash Tattoo - I don't know how she managed to get such cute detail into something so small!

Behind my right ear, it's a teeny tiny and super cute margarita! I must apologise for the slightly blurry picture but I was trying to get in nice and close so you could see all the little details like the beautifully shaped glass, the wedge of lime and even all the little salt grains around the rim.

This one doesn't have quite as much significance as a lot of my others but it's a tribute to the Mexican influences of Kustom Kulture. It's a symbol of good times and a metaphorical toast to all the good things in life. That and I love margaritas! haha

It's also good timing, being Valentine's Day and all, cos The Man and I have a secret little affinity with Mexico. I might tell you about it sometime. Or maybe you'll see it for yourself one day ;)

So cheers!

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Tony said...

My mum told me pumbkins would grow behind my ears if I didn't clean there, if she told me a tattoo would grow I would of never cleaned them!!

Miss 18 walked in the other night and announced she is getting a tattoo, I said that's fine, but tattoos have a 3 month cooling off period, and I get to pick where she gets it done! hehe

I don't mind her getting one, I just don't want it to be off a fad that she is into this week, and gone the next.
Luck we still have control over her, cause she owes us for her car! ;)

Sheri Bomb said...

Ohhhh Tony! I can't help but cringe a little at this :P I understand how you must feel but...goes against everything I believe in sorry haha

Tony said...

Yeah but you have a theme, and a style and belief. She just comes home with a random thing that she wants, I just know she is a bit of a "into something one week, something else the next" child

By pick where she gets it done, I mean who does the tattoo not where on her body, I have seen her friends get a dodgy job where they went. Only looking out for her best interests :)

Sheri Bomb said...

Ahhh I see, I thought you meant where on her body, that's a different story then. Not so cringe-worthy afterall! haha

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