09 February, 2012

It's My Blog Launch & I'll Cry If I Want To

Well the new blog design is starting to really come together and I’m SO excited! I can’t wait to show you guys and I can’t wait even more to have it live, my blog bursting with style and fun and colour! But alas, we will all have to be patient and wait just a little bit longer.

However, it’s been suggested to me that perhaps I need to have a ‘new blog’ launch party. Which sounds freakin awesome and like so much fun! But at the same time, I’m not really sure if I should. It would be a lot of running around and trying to organise things in the next couple of weeks.

Plus, there’s this small part of me that’s scared no one would come, like when you were in school and it was your birthday and you planned a party and got all dressed up for your special day and then sat around nervously for the hour before it was supposed to start terrified no one would show. THAT.

I’m pretty clueless on these type of things…what would I even do? Sit around going ‘yay I have a prettier blog now – thanks for coming’? No doubt I could probably rope one of my muso mates into playing some music for us…but what else?

It sounds like fun, but I’m not sure…what do you think?

Should I have a launch party and what would we do? Would you even come?

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Bernie said...

Yes, a party is a great idea Sheri Bomb! I would be there 4 sure.

Sheri Bomb said...

Aww thanks Bernie! Now I just have to figure out how to make it fun and interesting!! Maybe I can get some sponsors on board to donate some prizes people could win?

Tony said...

Hey Sheri,I understand what you are saying, and agree with everything you have said, except the part where- would anyone show up, I don't think you have any worries there!.
What to do and how to lay it out is a tuff one, like would you have give aways for competitions etc, to fill time.
The only common interest a lot of the people will have is your Blog, so they might not instantly mingle with each other.

For all your worries and effort, will you really gain much as far as your blog goes? Could the same time, money and effort be better spent in another place to promote your blog (display at a show, etc)

I know I sound negative, and I will support you 100% in whatever choice you make, but sometimes its very easy for "other" people to say do this, do that,
but its you that has to actually deal with everything.

Sheri Bomb said...

All great advice Tony, I think it's just a good excuse to have a party :P haha I will look into it a little bit more and then decide whether it's really worth it or not...either way I can't wait to have the new blog live!!

Mrs BC said...

This is so YOU, party girl I can't believe you are hesitating! Book a venue, sort the band, get the word out, enjoy!

Sheri Bomb said...

Oh Mrs BC you're so right! I'll see what I can score and if it isn't going to personally cost me too much why the hell not eh?

Gillian for Tessie Girl said...

I think it's a great idea and I would totally come! Yeah, Man!!

Sheri Bomb said...

Yay! So glad to hear you'd be there Gillian :D Looks like I might just have to chuck a party! ;)

Wait Until The Sunset said...

Do it!!! I'd come! :) xx

Sheri Bomb said...

I'll hold you to that Liv! ;)

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