08 February, 2012

Blogger Buzz

The blog meet last Sunday was a whole lot of fun! It was great to catch up with a few familiar faces and also meet some new ones. The sushi, tapas and nibbles were quite yummy and I was on my best behaviour and refrained from indulging in a cocktail. We dived into the platters then the chatter really started and we swapped business card after business card. Anne from Domesbilissity had a GREAT business card that even came with your own little piece of coconut ice! Yum!

Lots of fun was had and plenty of blogging tips were shared. It was also nice to have the chance to whinge to people about blog-related stuff who actually get what you’re talking about and understand your frustrations. Ah, kindred spirits!

I also got to meet Gillian of Tessie Girl who has been a regular commenter and reader of this here blog for a while now and it was so awesome to be able to see and speak to her face to face. I get such a kick out of meeting the real person behind the computer screen! A definite highlight of the day!

It was also great to catch up with Ben and Liv from Wait Until the Sunset who have been gallivanting across Europe and Egypt for the last few months! They are so much fun and man the stories they have to tell! Mrs BC from Mrs BCs House of Chaos was there too which was awesome cos as much as I love hanging with her on the internet, she is even more hilarious and wonderful in real life!

Crazy Bloggers!! Thanks Suger

It was also amazing to see how much Ames (from Accidental Wonderland) little peanut has grown! She is due in just a few weeks and it was lovely to see her again. I love that she has such a funky style and doesn’t get bogged down in ‘mummy talk’ of which I cannot contribute. She is just good old fashioned fun!

Danielle of Five Little Reasons was also there and looking fabulous as usual! Unfortunately we didn’t get to have much of a chat but enough for me to know how much I still love her. Oh and Deb from Home Life Simplified and Amy from My Life As A Cake were there! There was just so much going on and so many awesome people to talk to!

I was also super excited to have been able to meet Trudie of My Vintage Vow, Jos from Sew Cook Laugh Live, Cate from Life Behind The Purple Door, Rachel from Redcliffe Style, Sarah from Stitching Lyrical and Caroline from Things I Do. Gosh it’s almost too much fun in one room!

This old chestnut again - thanks Suger!
Front: L-R Ames & Melissa
Middle: L-R Amy, Danielle, Sarah, Deb, Me, Caroline, Cate & Anne
Back: L-R Ben, Olivia, Rachel, Jos, Gillian, Trudie & Mrs BC

More photos to follow as they are shared...

The highlight of the day however was towards the end of the afternoon when I was standing chatting with a few of the bloggers, including our lovely hostess Melissa from Suger Coat It, when I remarked that I had managed to escape the tradition of touching me this blog meet. Big mistake. Suger promptly grabbed my boob and had us all laughing til we cried!

If you’ve not been to a blog meet before don’t worry, this kind of thing doesn’t usually happen…unless you want it to ;)

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B said...

Sounds like I missed out on some fun! I went to the last one at Southbank... maybe next time! I am now concerned about the bosom grabbing - I seemed to have missed that... Hmmm...

Glad you had fun!

Unknown said...

I too had a great day & hopefully next time I get the courage to get & mingle a little more! It was lovely to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we left a tad early to of missed out on the boobage grabbing. Mind you I was with my own boobage issues at the meet when feeding Little V and she bit me.....that nearly bought tears to the eyes but for another reason entirely.

Was so nice see people again and meet new faces like yourself. I hope we can chat more next time. I kept trying to sneak looks at all your ink.......anyways there is always next time. X

Sheri Bomb said...

B, unfortunately I missed the one at Southbank although hopefully it will all come together next time :)

Lovely to meet you too Jos, I LOVED your dress! So beautiful! I kind of got a little trapped in the middle of the bench seat and didn't quite get to mingle as much as I'd have liked either but there is always next time. And as you can see, nothing to be scared of we're all crazy, friendly, funny people ;)

Yeah I remember that happening Trudie, ow I can't even imagine! Perhaps you'll get a boob grab next time ;) haha So great to meet you too, I wish I'd had the opportunity to chat more to a fellow vintage lover but definitely next time :) Also, you don't have to sneak you can just grab my arm and take a gander xx

Domesblissity said...

Thanks for the mention Sheri. Glad you liked the coconut ice.

Anne xx

<----- MZ VICKI said...

This makes me want to take up blogging again just so I can go to these meet-ups. What a great time. xoxoxo

Sheri Bomb said...

No problem Anne it was delicious!

Mz Vicki, you SO should! They are A LOT of fun and you get to hang out with a whole heap of awesome people...like me :P xoxox

Mrs BC said...

Great post on a lovely afternoon. Thanks for the kind words, you always make me blush! And how funny was that cheeky boob grab! I'll be out & proud next time so mine get grabbed too ;)

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks Mrs BC! They are merely true words!! haha boob grabs all round next time! xox

Gillian for Tessie Girl said...

Great wrap up of a fun afternoon Sheri! That cheeky Suger! From boob squeeze to swinger talk- and then she tried to blame everyone else for the naughtiness! Hee Hee. It's awesome to meet like minded, cool people. x

Sheri Bomb said...

Haha indeed Gillian, gotta watch out for that one! ;) Was a really fun afternoon spent with some even funner people :) x

Tony said...

Hmmm and you wonder why I was worried about being a male at one of these get togethers,
I just lost all the courage I had worked up!!
Must admit but, boob grabbing sounds fun! ;)

Sarah said...

I haven't got around to subscribing to everyone I met at that fun blog meet until today. I'm so glad I could meet such cool people. You were one of the coolest Sheri - can't wait to follow your stories on here as well as instagram. Yay for new blog friends! :)

Ames said...

Sherri, you are amazing.
Thanks for the mention, you are so lovely!

Sheri Bomb said...

Nawww thanks so much Sarah!! It was great to meet you too! I didn't get to chat with you as much as I'd like but there's always next time ;)

Ames, it's no problem at all! It was so lovely to see you again :)

Anonymous said...

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