24 February, 2015

Tattoo Tuesday: I'm A Fan Of Japan

I must apologise for how long it's taken me to post this Tattoo Tuesday. This tattoo was done almost 3 months ago when I was in Japan but I kept forgetting to ask The Man to take a picture of it for me and every time I tried to take one myself, it just ended up looking all weird and distorted. I guess trying to get a good photo of your own hip while hunched over will do that. Anyway, it's certainly about time I shared this with you all. My own little inked memento of my trip to Japan, not to mention even more incentive to go back.
Balancing out my two stem of cherries which were my first ever tattoo, this stunning little piece by Chihiro is on my left hip and was done by Stroker Tattoo in Yokohama. I wanted something lovely and feminine that as soon as you looked at it, you knew it was Japanese. Cherry blossoms seemed like the obvious choice, but I wanted something more than that. The stunning oriental fan is super feminine and what could be more Japanese than gorgeous Mt Fuji? Although we didn't have time to go up Mt Fuji, we saw it from a number of vantage points around Japan and it truly is a stunning sight to behold. The next time we go to Japan, visiting My Fuji is at the top of my list.
Now I must admit, for all the tattoos I have for some strange reason this one KILLED! Why is still a mystery to me as I already have a tattoo in the same spot and it didn't hurt anywhere near as much as this one did. I'm not sure if they use a different technique or different inks or needles or what but I was seriously nearly crying getting this done and I was SO close to telling her to stop and not finish. I'm not ashamed to admit it. It seriously hurt more than my chest piece! But the pain was totally worth it, don't you think? I may have needed a little 'medicine' once it was done HA!

10 February, 2015

A Close Shave with Johnny Voodoos

To kick off the New Year, I did what every girl loves to do, I had a hair makeover! Something completely new and different. Something fun and exciting. I posted a picture of my new ‘do on Instagram but I’ve been meaning to go into a little more detail on here, but with catching up on my Japan trip, I just hadn’t got around to it. But I had my new style freshened up the other day and I have some exciting news about that so I thought what better time to share!

I felt like something a bit different, and what could be more different for me than shaving my head!? Of course, not my whole head, but I’ve really been enjoying my new look with the side shaved in. Lots of people have told me it really suits me, but best of all I really love it! I love my purple hair too, so I decided to keep that going. But like all vibrant colours, it needs a little extra TLC. Enter Jay and Hayley, from Johnny Voodoo’s Barbershop Springwood.

Carrying on the excellent work of the original Johnny Voodoo’s Barbershop in Camira, these two are now manning the new shop, located in Old Skool Tattoo Springwood. This is very good news for me for two reasons. 1) This is just down the road from my work, which makes popping in super easy and 2) this barbershop not only does some of the best quiffs and flattops in Brisbane, but they’re also doing ladies hair now!!
I’m so excited about this! For ages, I’ve been watching The Man get his hair done in the super cool confines of the Johnny Voodoo’s Barbershop and wishing that there was a place as cool as this for women. Now there is! Covered wall to wall in Kustom Kulture artwork, skate decks and oddities, you can recline in an old school barber chair and let Jay and Hayley work their magic on your hair. Forget about boring gossip magazines and Top 40 radio stations, here you'll find cool tattoo and kustom culture magazines and catchy rockabilly and psychobilly tunes. Not only that, but you can also enjoy a cold beer – now THAT’S service!
Specialising in crazy colours and styles, Jay and Hayley offer a super fun and friendly environment to relax and enjoy yourself. At the moment, you can go and visit them from 10am to 6pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and from 1pm to 9pm every Thursday. Much cheaper than many city salons, it’s just $70 for a style cut and $85 for a full head of colour. Of course, if like me you need multiple services, they’ll do you a deal.
So while I enjoyed an ice cold Corona, Jay got to work bringing my new ‘do back to its former glory. Look at that re-growth and old, washed out colour – I’m ashamed! But by the time Jay was done with me I felt like a new woman and left the shop feeling a million bucks! First we bleached my roots, then applied the colour which was a custom mix Jay created just for me from those beautifully vibrant Manic Panic products. After plenty of processing time for colour vibrancy and longevity, it was a nice wash, quick trim and shave and a blow dry that left my hair feeling light, silky and shiny.
I think the results speak for themselves. It’s so awesome that there is finally a place as cool as this for women to get their hair done! The boys have been having all the fun for far too long. In saying that, Jay and Hayley are still right on top of mens cuts as well. In fact, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, they’re offering a mens and ladies cut combo for $80 plus 20% off all colour!! What could be more romantical than getting your hair done together!?
Walk-ins are welcome, but it’s best to call to book for colours so that they can make sure they have the perfect colour waiting for you. For bookings call 3219 8702.