29 November, 2012

Am I A Tattoo Snob?

I think I had a revelation the other day. But I’m not sure. I need you guys to help me decide. I can’t tell, but I suspect that I may be a tattoo snob. It’s not that I judge people by their tattoos. Sure, not all the tattoos I see I like and there are some that I wonder why anyone would want to get tattooed but in saying that, I’m sure not everyone likes my tattoos. It’s not that that bothers me.

The thing that really gets me is when someone with very few tattoos (I’m talking small tattoos in not very visible places) go about dramatically proclaiming their frequent persecution for being tattooed. I just can’t help but roll my eyes. It’s not because I think I’m any better than them because I have more tattoos. It’s just that for how tattooed I have become and how visible those tattoos are, I am rarely discriminated against, looked down upon or persecuted for being tattooed.

And I’m not just talking amongst my family and friends. Of course they don’t care. But I’m talking employers, prospective landlords, religious people, old people for goodness sakes! Sure I catch people having a bit of a look, but they never look disapproving. Most of the time I figure they’re either trying to figure out what the tattoos are or are simply just admiring the art. Either way, I’m yet to encounter anyone who treats me badly or even differently at all because I am tattooed.

Perhaps because these people aren’t particularly heavily tattooed their smaller, less visible tattoos seem like a big deal. Of course any tattoo is a big deal. It means something to you and it’s exciting to get one. Maybe because it’s the first splotch on a blank canvas it stands out to them more. I don’t know, I’m trying to be forgiving here but everytime I see/hear this it just makes me roll my eyes, cringe a little and wonder if they know how ridiculous they sound.

Maybe I’m just a tattoo snob? Please, be brutal and tell me. Do I just need to be put in my place?

26 November, 2012

A Holiday From Change?

Remember when this place looked like this? Change is good. HAH
They say a change is as good as a holiday but I have a lot of both going on right now! Not only will I be moving house (and areas, goodbye my beautiful HP *sob*) in 2 weeks time, my role at work is about to change, we have a new person just added to our team, I've got two weeks holidays over Christmas and then before I know it I'll be off the US for a month for one of my most life changing experiences yet. Phew! It's hard to keep up.
I am usually pretty resistant to change. Without sounding too OCD, a simple change to my regular routine can sometimes really throw me off and freak me out. What can I say, I'm a creature of habit and if those habits get interrupted or altered I can get a little frazzled. In saying that, I'm going to take a big deep breath and say...I am glad so much is changing.
Woah. There. Can't believe I just said that. So not like me. BUT. I am telling myself, it is all good things. It all means growth and new experiences and excitement and unknowns. It means confronting my own preconceived notions of how I think things should be and showing me just how strong and resilient and calm and on top of things I can be. It is showing me just how capable I am.
Lets face it, there are FAR worse changes I could be facing. For them all to be either positive or only minimally challenging is a massive blessing. The timing is also a blessing. Imagine if I'd have to move right before or even heaven forbid DURING the month I'm away in the US!? So as The ReChords and my front left forearm say, coulda been worse.
I am actually looking forward to the changes. This surprises even myself. But they will just shake things up a bit. Make everything old new again. Allow me to declutter and simplify my life a little. It's all good. I'm excited to see how everything pans out. In saying that, the next couple of weeks are going to get a little crazy with packing and moving and organising things and continuing to prepare all our documentation for the US and gearing up for Christmas and all that fun stuff.
I'll need my 2 weeks Christmas holidays to just catch my breath! How do you deal with change?

23 November, 2012

UPDATE: Holiday of Awesomeness

Soooo something really exciting has happened. EVERYTHING WE CAN POSSIBLY BOOK BEFORE WE LEAVE FOR THE STATES HAS NOW BEEN BOOKED AND PAID FOR!! Ermahgerd! Excuse me while I just wee a little! This is so great on so many levels. Not only does it mean that all monies from here on in are for spending (yaaay, spending!) but it also means that it's REALLY happening and we now have a pretty good idea of where we'll be and what we'll be doing for most of the time. Sah excited!
As it stands, the general plan is to depart Brisbane in the morning on Friday 22 March and arrive in LA before catching a quick flight over to Las Vegas where we'll check in to our hotel at The Orleans, hang out for the day and probably say OMG we're in Vegas! OMG we're in America! about a billion times. On the Saturday we've just booked and paid for our tickets to Monster Jam, the monster truck world finals. Redneck fun here we come!! I have a feeling Saturday night will be a big night so Sunday we'll take it easy, recovering, shopping and exploring. Then Monday we're doing an amazing bus, boat and helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon which we also just booked and paid. I am ready to be blown away! Tuesday and Wednesday will be more shopping and exploring with maybe some shows and shooting thrown in. Then Thursday to Sunday it's all about Viva Las Vegas baby! Our 'main' reason for being there, the biggest rockabilly festival in the world. Bring it on!
Monday 1 April we depart Vegas and hit the road heading through Arizona to Flagstaff and on to Phoenix where we'll probably spend the night. That's a 6 hour desert drive to soak up the scenery then on Tuesday we'll leave Phoenix and cross the border to California to visit Palm Springs where we'll probably stay for the night. Wednesday we'll leave Palm Springs and head for San Diego where we'll set up shop for a few days to visit the zoo, explore the local area and cross over the border into Mexico for a day trip to Tijuana.
Sunday 7 April we'll hit the road again and travel up the west coast of California stopping in at Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Pomona and Santa Monica before heading back to LA on Wednesday 10 April for 5 days. We'll spend 2 days at Disneyland, a day at Universal Studios and spend the rest of the time shopping and exploring before departing LA to head back to Brisbane on Monday 15 April. Due to length of flight and time differences, it'll actually be Wednesday 17 April by the time we actually arrive back in Brisbane.
So there you have it, the basic run down of what my time in the US will entail. I am beyond excited but at the moment is also feels very surreal. This is the biggest overseas trip I've ever been on and I can't believe it's actually happening. Not that long ago, this felt like a huge, amazing but slightly unachieveable dream. I can't believe I'm really going to do it!!

Do you remember your first big dream trip? Where was it to? What was it like?

22 November, 2012

Summer Essentials

Everywhere I looked on social media lately, it seems everyone was either lusting after or squealing about the arrival of fashion and accessories from ASOS. I had no idea who this new fashion retailer was or why everyone was so excited. I thought I'd check it out, but when I got to their site I was a little disappointed. Not only did I not think they'd stock anything that would interest my fashion and style tastes, but they were also based in the UK. Just as I was about to click away I saw banner stating FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!! Errr, better just have a little look then I thought.
I was really pleasantly surprised to find that not only did they stock some great peices that totally rock my style, they also have this really cool feature where you can save items as you're browsing then come back to them later. A little wishlist builder if you will. Now excuse my ignorance if you already knew all about this but I had no idea! So I got a little carried away and starting saving items here, there and everywhere. I was having fun creating my very own little summer essentials list. So I did what any blogger would do. Of course I turned it into a post! So here you have it, my summer essentials list from ASOS.... 


            One Teaspoon                        ASOS                             ASOS                               ASOS
       Tiger Moth Kimono        Dolly Skater in Floral       Skater in Green Spot          Summer in Floral
                $204.00                              $85.00                            $37.40                         $29.75 SALE

Now the leopard kimono is a bit out of my price range and a little over the top but it's so fantastic and I cuold just see myself lazing around the pool in Vegas next year rocking it. The skater floral is a really cute cut and lovely pattern ideal for dressing up or down and those inevitable garden parties summer brings. The green spot skater is such a beautiful colour and the little keyhole detail at the bust is just too cute while the summer floral has a great tropical print that would be ideal for the two tiki parties I have coming up. 


              Moschino                    Paul Smith                           Pieces                                  ASOS
          Chic Heart Belt        Yellow Skinny Belt          Enya Leather Slim Belt        Metal Keeper Skinny
              $314.50                         $117.30                              $27.20                                 $10.20
These belts are all about the colour! I'm so in love with colour this season which is actually a bit unlike me. But it's all just so pretty I've found myself gravitating toward it, what can I say I'm a changed woman? I love these belts because they make such a statement and can turn an average outfit into something special. Some of them are a little exy but they're SO cute and serve as great inspiration if nothing else. 


        Cambridge Satchel Co           Cath Kidston                 Cath Kidston                   Cath Kidston
        11" Red ASOS Exclusive        White Large Zip           Black Shoulder Bag                Travel Bag
                     $170                                $51.00                          $81.60                             $127.50

Can you tell I'm in love with the Cath Kidstone stuff? Bags are an important part of summer as you're usually gallavanting off somewhere. You won't see any beach bags here (I have an aversion to sun, sand and salt water) but any of these are ideal for heading off on a little picnic or, you know, as carry-on for a flight to LA if you so happen to be heading over there. The satchel is handy with all its pockets and you'll never lose that red colour, while the antique rose prints are stunning with the floral trend this season and also give a bit of a 'vintage' feel if you're that way inclined. 


             Accessorize                                      May28th                                        May28th
     Spot & Flower Watch                     Yellow Spot Watch                         Pretty Floral Watch
                 $50.92                                            $42.50                                             $42.50
 Colours and floral and spots, oh my! These watches are a whole lot of fun and an easy way to accessorise an outfit. They say the devil's in the detail and I love the depth these watches would bring to an outfit. They may not be your 'statement' piece but when someone notices how cute they are they'll squeal with delight and think you're a total fashionista for going to the trouble. In saying that, they could easily be a statement piece if paired with a more casual outfit. No doubt you'll smile everytime you check the time.  


              Missoni                                          ASOS                                             Moschino
   Large Lense Stone Arm              Cat Eye with Cut Away                          Heart Sunglasses
              $180.20                                          $17.85                                              $127.50

Could there be anything MORE essential to summer than these!? Eye protection is very important, particularly in our rather sunny tropical climate but there's absolutely no reason why you can't do it in style! I love 'bigness' of those Missoni's, total paparazzi hiders and those cat eyes are just PERFECT! Such a vintage flair! Even though the Moschino's are a little pricey, they're still easily in the ball park of most brand name sunnies are SO cute. How can you resist tortoiseshell AND a heart cut out??
Well that's my recommendations this season. I'm loving colours, florals and anything that indulges my fantasies about the US next year.

Have you ever bought from ASOS? What are your summer essentials?

16 November, 2012

I've Changed

Me 6 months ago V me about a month ago
I've changed. Thankfully for the better. While we're on the topic of self-image I thought I'd give you an update on how my weightloss and getting fit crusade has been going. I'm pleased to say I can definitely see a difference. Not only am I now wearing a size down, the actual shape of my body is changing too. Things are firmer, more shapely and defined. Don't get me wrong though, I've still got a ways to go.
But it is nice to see a difference. To know that I'm seeing results from the effort I'm putting in. In saying that, I could probably put more effort in. On the exercise front anyway. That damn exercise. Gosh I hate it. But it must be done. Not just for weightloss but to remain healthy and keep my body strong. I still hate it though. I wish I didn't. It would certainly make this whole process a lot easier and more enjoyable.
Probably the biggest change I've noticed in myself is my eating habits. As it was before, I still ate relatively healthily but I definitely ate too much and also indulged too often. Now not only am I able to feel full with smaller portions, I'm not indulging as much as I used to and in fact, I don't even crave those naughty foods like I used to. Yay! That makes being good so much easier.
My fitness regime basically involves jogging up and down the staircase in my townhouse 40 times as well as some toning exercises that range from low intensity 3 second crunch holds to a more intense and comprehensive toning regime of sit ups, lunges, push ups and laying leg raises. I try to do this at least 3 times a week although unfortunately lately I've only been making it once or twice a week. Need to step it up!
Other than that, dancing is FANTASTIC cardio and great for toning your arms and back and I do that for about 2 hours at the very least once a week but more often than not it's more like 3 times a week. I've also found foods that I enjoy, are quite nutritionally sound and filling or low GI meaning I don't feel hungry and are also low in fat. Putting all that together, I'm slowly shrinking and changing.

I hope to be ROCKIN my 50s Jantzen swimsuit for the pool party I've got on New Years Eve!

15 November, 2012

On Plastic Surgery: A Controversy

An article in the UK's Daily Mail has been doing the rounds on the internet this morning. About 21 year old Ukranian model Valeria Lukyonova and her quest for Mattel-like perfection. This living doll has undergone extensive plastic surgery to turn herself into a 'human barbie'. Unfortunately the article didn't give too much detail on the young woman, her career or the procedures she has undergone to create her look, rather reserving the mere 350 words to make a mockery out of her lifestyle and her beliefs. As has much of the vitriol that accompanied the article as is circulated the internet.

This is Valeria.

When you look at her, what do you see? A beauty? A freak? A person?

Now her look is not for me. Aside from the fact that I'm not really keen on the idea of plastic surgery in general, the unnaturalness of her look does not appeal to my own personal asthetics.
I don't feel like I can sit here and criticise or ridicule her. I have seen so many nasty comments in regards to her looks. But where do we draw the line on 'body modification' and who gets to decide? More to the point, who has the right to pass cruel judgements on someone because of the way they choose to look? I thought, as a diverse society, we had come further than that.
Some people suggest that she has ruined her body. I have tattoos and I'm sure some people think the same about me. Do you dye your hair? That causes damage to your natural hair yet you are not judged for doing so. Have holes in your ears that were painfully put there by a needle piercing through your skin in one quick, forceful motion? Wear make up? See where I'm going with this?

So you don't like the way she looks? Guess what, she didn't do it for you! Think of all the pain she has gone through after countless operations and recovery periods to modify her body. It obviously means a great deal to her to put herself through all of that. I know at times some of my tattoos have been quite painful and the only thing that stopped me from yelling 'STOOOOP!' at my tattoo artist was knowing the beautiful piece of art that would permanently adorn my skin was the end result.
People pass judgement far too quickly these days. You're too fat. You must be anorexic. She's unhealthy. Too much make up. Geez girl make an effort. I heard she sleeps around. She can't get a man. WTF is she wearing? Seriously, what's with that hair?
It has to stop. Take a long hard look at yourself. I guarantee you you're not everyone's cup of tea. But I'm sure you don't expect to be berrated about your appearance. Generally, you are comfortable with you. Happy with your appearance. Adhere to a semi-defined personal sense of style.

You have your own look. She has hers. It is what it is. Let it be. Why do you even care?

12 November, 2012

My First Geek Con

I'm pretty lucky. This writing gig opens me up to some pretty awesome opportunities. Like getting to meet someone I've been a fan of for quite some time! Thanks to Femme Fatale Magazine I got to go to Supa Nova on the weekend and not only meet but get the autograph of and a photo with the one and only Mistress of the Darkness, Elvira! If you don't know who she is - why are we even friends!? Kidding!! Seriously though, look it up. Here in Australia as a guest of Supa Nova, a pop culture expo, it was so exciting to meet Elvira. I even gave her my business card! She was really lovely in person and DAMN she still looks good for her age!

Supa Nova itself was an interesting experience. As I said, I've never been to anything like it before and to be honest I don't think I'd want to go again. The place was PACKED, the crappy weather didn't help but the event just seemed quite unorganised not to mention EXPENSIVE! The place wasn't well-signed so it was difficult to find what you were looking for, particularly trying to make your way through the crowds. There weren't many staff around to ask for help and those that were around didn't seem to know much anyway.

Entry was $30 but then to meet any of the special guests it was $30 for a signature and $40 for a photo and unless you had bought tickets for either of these things, the staff made sure that you weren't even getting near them. I'm really not sure how I feel about this. I understand the special guests have their own appearance fees etc but considering how many people were through the gate at $30 (more if you wanted a VIP pass) they would have made a killing. It seems wrong to be charging such an exorbitant amount of money for autographs or photos. I mean, you don't pay to get into a gig and get to see the support bands but then have to pay extra to see the headlining act. I dunno, it just doesn't sit right with me. In saying that, I didn't actually have to pay for anything so I guess I can't really complain.

Anyway, it felt like all we did for most of the day was wait. Stand in lines and wait or get jostled by the crowds. Probably because generally this wouldn't be my thing I didn't fully appreciate the expo because it seems like there were thousands of people there having a great time. That being said, there were plenty of interesting costumes to keep us entertained as we waited.

All in all it was a really cool experience getting to meet Elvira and it was kinda fun to do something new and a bit different. Again, a big thank you to Femme Fatale Magazine for sending me on such a cool assignment!

Have you ever met an idol? Was it everything you thought it would be?

09 November, 2012

Are You Confident?

I have always thought of myself as a confident person. You have to be have a blog right? We're totally up ourselves! Hah. Seriously though, I've always considered myself confident. Well, not always ALWAYS. When I was younger it was a bit of a struggle but we're all like that until we find our place in the world. But since my uni days, I've always felt happy with who I am and how I look. It may not be 'perfect' but I'm happy with it. I own it proudly.
However, a recent post series I've been following along with has started to make me question all the things I thought I knew about myself. Long time big sister to this blog, Suger Coat It has created the #ConfidentYou post series for the month of November, posting each day with little tips and exercises to work your way to loving yourself just a bit more and building up your confidence no matter what stage you're at.
Day 6 was the one that hit home with me the most. It was about making eye contact with people and showing them who you really are. Now I am dynamite at doing this when need be. Professional situations, the need to impress etc. But when it REALLY matters? I tend to look over people's shoulders or look at the environment just around them rather than looking into their eyes. It's not because I don't care about them or what they have to say. In fact it's the opposite. I am scared of them seeing too deeply into me. I know that what's inside me is worth seeing. But the scary part, the part I don't like saying out loud or even acknowledging really, is that what is inside me is fragile.
I also happen to be quite transparent. Can't hide who I am or how open, honest and caring I am. I care so much. Maybe too much. I sometimes wish I didn't. But then I don't. Because I wouldn't be me. I know the caring is a good thing. A quality people admire in me. But sometimes it can backfire and I end up getting hurt. Sometimes people take advantage of it. Sometimes I just can't stop caring about someone, even when I know it's not getting me anywhere. 
So that was my revelation for the week. And I slowly am working on and will continue to work on facing that fear. That age old quote about feeling the fear and doing it anyway sticks in my mind. That's living. Life is scary. There are feelings and decisions and consequences. That is the thrill of being alive. So suck it up princess. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Look into those eyes. Be seen. All the way in there. Just let it happen. Trust that you are smart enough to keep yourself protected. Be brave enough to be a little vulnerable.
It's only Day 9 and already this series has me thinking so much. Like how often girls (mostly) can get sucked into being in competition. And how that leads to inner criticism and comparison. Which inevitably leads to negativity, low self-esteem. Confidence doesn't come from being better than someone else. It comes from being strong enough to acknowledge how much that person has to offer. Don't compete. Be strong enough to say, I don't need to put you down to feel better about myself. In fact, here's a compliment because you deserve it and because maybe it might make you feel good. 
Honestly, complimenting someone else, whether it be someone you know or a complete stranger is really uplifting. I remembered today in the toilets at work when I complimented a lady on her shoes. They were AMAZING! And so I told her so. And her whole face lit up. And I remembered what it felt like to light up like that. How great a compliment from a stranger can feel. And I felt great for giving her that feeling. Feelgoods all round guys!
Follow along with me, I'd love to hear your stories too. Confidence can be hard sometimes but it's so valuable. You all deserve to feel happy with yourselves. I hope you do.

08 November, 2012

Introducing Stars & Swallows

It's not often that business relationships turn into friendships. But when you strike up a connection with someone for business purposes to find that you also get on with them like a house on fire, well I consider that a massive win. So please give a very warm welcome to the newest sponsors to the blog, Stars & Swallows. You may remember the name from the pair of original Don Featherstone lawn flamingos they so kindly donated to my big Christmas giveaway (which you still have time to enter). May I just say, get used to hearing their name and not just from me! As a long time reader of the blog, I couldn't be happier to partner up with the brains and beauty behind this brand, Tracey.

This lovely lady runs the brand with her rather tatted up hubby and with such lovely people behind the business, you'll be as impressed as I was with their service. And after hearing the story of how Stars & Swallows began, that really sealed the deal. Tracey was a rockabilly lovin' gal with a definite sense of style but was frustrated with the lack of product available, the high postage costs for overseas brands and the sinking feeling of showing up to an event only to see someone else wearing the same thing. So what's a girl to do? Start her own business of course!

Stars & Swallows are on a mission to bring quality, affordable clothing, beauty, jewellery, homewares and accessories to rockabilly kats and kittens. All items are in stock, so there's none of this pre-order and wait 3 weeks nonsense! Place your order online and receive it promptly and with all items sent registered or express post, you'll never have to worry about Australia Post 'misplacing' an item ever again! As an online shopping afficionado, this is music to my ears!

Because Tracey is so passionate about the need for quality, low prices and originality you can be sure that all your favourite brands like Heartbreaker, Hell Bunny, Sourpuss, Collectif, Rock Steady, Folter, Lucky 13, Fluff, Besame and more are available. Not to mention, Tracey personally sources all of their stock to offer a more diverse range, not just the usual fare you see popping up in all the usual shops. Which means avoiding that awkward moment of spotting someone in the same dress as you.

New products are constantly being added to their range so check the website regularly. Also, these guys are so friendly that if there's something in particular you're looking for and they don't stock it, you can just send them an email and they'll do their very best to source it for you. Now THAT'S customer service!

Stars & Swallows offer a great range of mens and womens clothing and accessories as well as some stuff for the kids and a range of homewares and knick knacks. Best of all they're a small local business so they're well worth supporting.

Go shopping and spoil yourself and feel good while doing it!

06 November, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: Drunken Ass

FINALLY! A new Tattoo Tuesday! Trust me, I'm as happy about this as you are because it means I got a new tattoo! Yay! It may come as a bit of a surprise though, it seems I've been keeping a few things from you guys lately. Naughty naughty. Still, this one was a little more spurr of the moment to be quite honest. But it doesn't mean I love it any less. In fact, I ADORE this tattoo!

Done by the lovely Tilly Lace, Trailer Trash Tattoo's apprentice, there is absolutely nothing amateur about her work and I'm absolutely thrilled with the result. A lil drunken donkey. Or a self portrait as I like to call it. Heh. I've been thinking about getting a cute little donkey for a while. Then I saw some Sailor Jerry style flash that gave me the loose idea.

Also, I've had this song in my head ever since - hah

When I spoke to Tilly about it, she already had some original artwork that seemed to fit the bill. I just decided to make the donkey drunk. And that was that. It's so cute and I loved Tilly's idea for the heart-shaped rope border. It's adorable and I'm so in love with this tattoo! Tilly is also progressing in leaps and bounds and her skill and speed is only continuing to increase since the last time she tattooed me. If you're thinking of getting some of her art on you, get in quick - I sincerely don't think she'll be an apprentice much longer at all! 

Don't worry, I'm already planning my next...it's a sickness, really.

05 November, 2012

BrizVegas Kustom Karnivale

Yesterday was a HUGE day at the Acacia Ridge Hotel - Lori Lee must be very proud of how it all came together. I had a fantastic time and the warm sunny day was the perfect way to enjoy the glinting rods and kustoms in the car park. It was so great to see the car park packed with all manner of hot rods, rat rods, bikes and kustoms as well as Mimsy's iconic Trailer Trash Tattoo trailer park set up.

After checking out the cars we headed up to see Almon Loos in sharp shaving action as he barbered gents into bay rum scented and pomade perfection before moving into the air conditioned luxury of the sprawling range of stalls. Selling all manner of vintage, repro, accessories, homewares, western wear and mexicana, I was on my best behaviour and headed down stairs to the band room before I could spend too much money.

We just missed local lads West Texas Crude but we were just in time to see Almon Loos taking a break from his pop up barber shop to rock out with some tunes performed with Brissie band staples Dan Dualtone, Jon Flynn and Mark Stephens. A somewhat short set, Almon made the most of his time in the spotlight and had the dancefloor moving with a sea of people.

After a short break to catch our breath, Charlie Hightone took to the stage for a high energy set of jump blues inspired rockabilly. He set the pace (fast!) for the perfect dance beat and this little dame couldn't help but dance her little butt off for practically his whole set. What an afternoon! The band room was set in an underground, basement style area of the hotel that made you forget what time of day it was, made you forget about everything except workin up a sweat to these rockin tunes!

The Kitten Katwalk was next up but we'd worked up such a sweat to Charlie that we needed to catch our breath and grab some fresh air before The Go Getters took to the stage for a thunderous set that the crowd really got into. There was plenty of dancing and lots of cheering and hollering. This Swedish trio make a helluva lotta noise for just three guys but again, there were some great dances and all round just a lot of fun.

The day came to a roaring close with a full throttle set from The Jim Rockfords. These guys (and gal) were no wind down for the night, their loud and pounding style was truly appreciated by the dedicated rockers that stayed around to enjoy it. They also performed a cover of The Runaways classic Cherry Bomb which of course we turned into the words Sheri Bomb and involved a lot of pointing at me by my friends. There may have been a tad too much alcohol consumed at this point but it was an absolute riot and a great way to finish a fantastic day!

I have to say, as a new type of gig and new venue for the Robot Productions crew, the day was a huge success and the size, scale and layout of the whole shindig just worked perfectly. It was big enough (in size and acts) to feel like a real treat but not so big that you felt like you were missing out on anything. It really was an outstanding day and I can't wait for the next gig on March 10 with the Los Straitjackets (and another big name to be announced)!

Oh yeah, what do you think of my new hair!?