23 November, 2012

UPDATE: Holiday of Awesomeness

Soooo something really exciting has happened. EVERYTHING WE CAN POSSIBLY BOOK BEFORE WE LEAVE FOR THE STATES HAS NOW BEEN BOOKED AND PAID FOR!! Ermahgerd! Excuse me while I just wee a little! This is so great on so many levels. Not only does it mean that all monies from here on in are for spending (yaaay, spending!) but it also means that it's REALLY happening and we now have a pretty good idea of where we'll be and what we'll be doing for most of the time. Sah excited!
As it stands, the general plan is to depart Brisbane in the morning on Friday 22 March and arrive in LA before catching a quick flight over to Las Vegas where we'll check in to our hotel at The Orleans, hang out for the day and probably say OMG we're in Vegas! OMG we're in America! about a billion times. On the Saturday we've just booked and paid for our tickets to Monster Jam, the monster truck world finals. Redneck fun here we come!! I have a feeling Saturday night will be a big night so Sunday we'll take it easy, recovering, shopping and exploring. Then Monday we're doing an amazing bus, boat and helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon which we also just booked and paid. I am ready to be blown away! Tuesday and Wednesday will be more shopping and exploring with maybe some shows and shooting thrown in. Then Thursday to Sunday it's all about Viva Las Vegas baby! Our 'main' reason for being there, the biggest rockabilly festival in the world. Bring it on!
Monday 1 April we depart Vegas and hit the road heading through Arizona to Flagstaff and on to Phoenix where we'll probably spend the night. That's a 6 hour desert drive to soak up the scenery then on Tuesday we'll leave Phoenix and cross the border to California to visit Palm Springs where we'll probably stay for the night. Wednesday we'll leave Palm Springs and head for San Diego where we'll set up shop for a few days to visit the zoo, explore the local area and cross over the border into Mexico for a day trip to Tijuana.
Sunday 7 April we'll hit the road again and travel up the west coast of California stopping in at Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Pomona and Santa Monica before heading back to LA on Wednesday 10 April for 5 days. We'll spend 2 days at Disneyland, a day at Universal Studios and spend the rest of the time shopping and exploring before departing LA to head back to Brisbane on Monday 15 April. Due to length of flight and time differences, it'll actually be Wednesday 17 April by the time we actually arrive back in Brisbane.
So there you have it, the basic run down of what my time in the US will entail. I am beyond excited but at the moment is also feels very surreal. This is the biggest overseas trip I've ever been on and I can't believe it's actually happening. Not that long ago, this felt like a huge, amazing but slightly unachieveable dream. I can't believe I'm really going to do it!!

Do you remember your first big dream trip? Where was it to? What was it like?

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