16 November, 2012

I've Changed

Me 6 months ago V me about a month ago
I've changed. Thankfully for the better. While we're on the topic of self-image I thought I'd give you an update on how my weightloss and getting fit crusade has been going. I'm pleased to say I can definitely see a difference. Not only am I now wearing a size down, the actual shape of my body is changing too. Things are firmer, more shapely and defined. Don't get me wrong though, I've still got a ways to go.
But it is nice to see a difference. To know that I'm seeing results from the effort I'm putting in. In saying that, I could probably put more effort in. On the exercise front anyway. That damn exercise. Gosh I hate it. But it must be done. Not just for weightloss but to remain healthy and keep my body strong. I still hate it though. I wish I didn't. It would certainly make this whole process a lot easier and more enjoyable.
Probably the biggest change I've noticed in myself is my eating habits. As it was before, I still ate relatively healthily but I definitely ate too much and also indulged too often. Now not only am I able to feel full with smaller portions, I'm not indulging as much as I used to and in fact, I don't even crave those naughty foods like I used to. Yay! That makes being good so much easier.
My fitness regime basically involves jogging up and down the staircase in my townhouse 40 times as well as some toning exercises that range from low intensity 3 second crunch holds to a more intense and comprehensive toning regime of sit ups, lunges, push ups and laying leg raises. I try to do this at least 3 times a week although unfortunately lately I've only been making it once or twice a week. Need to step it up!
Other than that, dancing is FANTASTIC cardio and great for toning your arms and back and I do that for about 2 hours at the very least once a week but more often than not it's more like 3 times a week. I've also found foods that I enjoy, are quite nutritionally sound and filling or low GI meaning I don't feel hungry and are also low in fat. Putting all that together, I'm slowly shrinking and changing.

I hope to be ROCKIN my 50s Jantzen swimsuit for the pool party I've got on New Years Eve!

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Nataasha said...

You look great! Can definately see a difference. Good on you! I can't be bothered to exercise. It will catch up with me eventually lol.

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