19 January, 2012

UPDATE: My NOT New Years Resolution

So in my earlier post I mentioned that my NOT New Years resolution was to be a bit healthier and fitter. So far it’s going fairly well.

My diet (and I mean that in the REAL sense of the word, as in the food I consume) is as it has generally always been, healthy but with a little more focus and purpose. I had been recommended a high protein low carb meal plan which advised eggs or another high protein breakfast, a small high protein snack (nuts, tuna etc) mid morning, a high protein lunch (again more eggs, chicken etc with salad or vegies), another high protein snack in the afternoon, a high protein dinner (meat or fish with salad or vegies) and another high protein snack right before bed.

The theory was with limited to no carbs for fuel, your body begins to breakdown its own fat stores. Plus you’re eating fresh, healthy food with lots of vitamins. And the constant eating of snacks and smaller meals is designed to keep your metabolism activated. This kind of eating is not particularly different to what I would normally eat except for being more vigilant on the carbs I do or don’t consume and eating more regularly.

I have to say, I saw results quite quickly with this eating plan but after about two weeks I noticed I began to feel fuzzy and sleepy (from the lack of carbs) and eating so regularly was making me feel very full, almost to the point of being uncomfortable. I also noticed that I seemed to have hit a plateau and the results weren’t as quickly or as easily visible. So I have now decided to alter the plan a little by allowing myself carbs for breakfast (cereal, toast, etc) and by cutting out that last snack before bed.

They are only small changes but I feel much better for it, and I’m still quite happy with the results I am seeing even though they have slowed. Which is where the exercise comes in. I haven’t been so well-behaved on that front. I have gone for a 45 minute to 1 hour walk probably only once or twice a week. Which really, isn’t good enough.

I’ve never been good with exercise. In fact, I downright despise it. So when I do it, I have to distract myself from the fact that I’m exercising. This works well when I have someone to walk with but when I’m on my own I can’t find the motivation. The Rockabilly dancing I do on Wednesday night’s (and of course at gigs!) is GREAT cardio but it doesn’t start back up til February.

I’ve also looked into go-go dancing as a form of fun distraction exercise (plus it would just be cool to be able to move like that!) but the only lady I know who teaches it in Brisbane has not started her classes yet. So while I wait for those to begin, I’m considering doing Zumba (don’t laugh). It seems like great exercise and a fun distraction.

So we will see how I go. But I MUST increase my exercise. Or I will never get fit. But exercise just sucks so much!!

How do you sneak in exercise?

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Mrs BC said...

You are looking HOT, Gorgeous! & Zumba looks like a hoot, do it!

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