18 May, 2011

Friday 13th

** Please note I am awaiting a picture of me from this post but I didn't want to make you guys wait so I shall edit it in once I get it**

So last Friday was Friday 13th and the Step Inn in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley was holding a Friday 13th extravaganza! 13 bands over 3 stages set the mood for a ghoulishly good time. I feel I should mention that I was so busy having a good time I forgot to take pictuets so I have compiled some as best I can from everyone else's but now that I intend to blog about my adventures I'll have to be more vigilant with my camera!
Anyway, back to Friday 13th! My friend Dee came with me and my boyfriend and we kicked off the weekend with some Sailor Jerry Rum as we were getting ready for the gig. Now my boyfriend and I love any excuse to get dressed up so we spent some time perfecting our outfits. He made a rather dashing if not somewhat rotten zombie and I went as someone I've been wanting to dress up as for a long time - the one and only Elvira!
A rather strapping zombie I'd say ;)
Not one to do anything by halves, I even went so far as to spray my ahir black and used a 'makeup map' from the internet to make sure I had the makeup exactly right. I thought I made a pretty good Elvira if I do say so myself and if the amount of positive comments I got when we were out is anything to go by, so did everyone else. A lot of my good friends didn't even recognise me at first so I'll take that as a good sign!
I was a good girl and nominated myself as the designated driver so it was only a couple of beers early on then soft drink and red bull for the rest of the night for me! It was great fun catching up with all our friends and seeing the varying degrees of creativity and commitment that went into people's costumes. I do find it somewhat disappointing when people don't dress up for these kinds of things but each to their own and as you'll see below there were still plenty of great outfits!
Ahoy there Captain Jack!
Zombah Kittehs
The bands were spread out over 3 separate rooms and we started out in the Main Room to catch the Jim Rockfords, a great local band who I just happen to know personally. Also in the Main Room was Tom Fiend, Slug Guts, DJ Hexus, The Hits, DJ Ghoulish Jake, The Scientists Duo, DJ Wolf and Spitfireliar.
However after catching the Jim Rockfords we moved on to the Rock n Roll Dungeon to rock out with The Vampers whose double bass player made an excellent vampire that night. Also in the Rock n Roll Dungeon was DJ Wolf, Main Street Brats, DJ Shumac and The Flangipanis. We didn't stat for the rest though as we were busy socialising and making our way to the Voodoo Lounge.
The Voodoo Lounge is where we spent most of our time and started out with Teenage Wolves and The Chokes who we sadly missed. DJ J'son from the Rock n Roll Show was spinning tunes in between sets and we stuck around to support The Dirty F Holes and Graveyard Runble, also great bands who I know personally.
The strapping young lads from Graveyard Rumble
As designated driver I was pretty keen to get home once the bands were over so I could take my shoes off (my feet were killing me!) and get stuck into more of the Sailor Jerry Rum which I have to say is easily, hands down the absolute best rum I have ever tasted and even those who aren't rum drinkers agreed! Although pretty strong at 80 proof it's a smooth drop with a blend of spices that makes it smell wonderful and leaves a slighty vanilla-y taste in your mouth. Yum!

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