05 April, 2012

Celebrating The Zombie Jesus Apocalypse

Well, also known as Easter :P

I plan on doing very little. I won't even be blogging over the break (see, I did listen at the workshop!)

There will be a middling amount of chocolate involved. Enough to enjoy but not so much that I feel like I've undone all my good work.

There will be lots of relaxing. I need it. I plan on being kind to myself over the break. Spending time with friends and family. There may be an Easter Egg Hunt involved on Sunday.

I'm also looking forward to going to see The Lorax! That's the plan for tomorrow...The Man and I are going. I think it will be nice. The movie looks super cute and I have a real soft spot for any Dr Suess!

But I think mostly my Easter is going to consist of nibbling on chocolate and sipping wine as I sprawl out on my bed or laze on the lounge. It sounds divine really!

Whatever you're up to over the holidays and however you choose to celebrate or not celebrate this time of year, I hope you have a wonderful time!

See you back here, same time, same place on Tuesday. Hopefully none of us will be nursing hangovers or chocolate coma come downs...we'll see.

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