06 March, 2012


Dear Sheri, I enjoyed working with you…I’m just glad it’s over :P Just kidding!  ♥ Bobbi

Thanks for the cupcakes Walter, do you deliver? – Errol Ray Jnr

Hey Sheri, I am so happy to be an part of an special day. I always appreciate your friendship when it’s always nice to see you at the gigs – Best wishes from Luke

Dear Sheri, Keep up the blogging awesomeness it gives me something to read at work – Brenton

Luv from Junior

Awesome times, you rock – Errol Ray Jnr

Hey Sheri, this is such an awesome day and a brilliant way to launch your new blog. I hope to see a review of the Mjootmn up there one day – Rock on, Josh Viva La Mjootmn

Sheri, it’s everything I imagined and SO much more – Big love, Suger

I ♥ Mitchy Mayhem – Errol Ray Jnr

Congratulations Miss Sheri on your new design! It is AWESOME! Blogging rocks and you are a superstar! -♥ Gil from tessiegirl

Sheri, you da bomb! Congrats and goodluck – Miranda

Hey pretty lady!! Congratulations on the new launch…can’t wait for tomorrow’s read. Best of luck for the future!! - ♥ Emma-Lou xxx

Dear Sheri, Congrats on the new blog! You are a fantastic writer and I love reading your stories. Love the new design too!! You’re a beautiful babe - ♥ Beanie xox

Sheri, Congrats girl you rock! Love Kat, Brenton and Prudence xxxx

I want Errol Ray Jnr’s babies and call them Errol Ray Jnr Jnr! - ♥ Mitchy Mayhem

Oh Sheri, I admire you, you are so very smart. I admire you, so articulate I love reading your blog it puts a picture in my head, I love it – Cheers, Vicki

Congratulations Sheri and thanks for a GREAT afternoon – Leanne x

Sheri, What’s a blog? Colin (Krash) Dear Sheri, I did not write that <- The real Krash had a great day! Thank you xxxx

Miss Super Hot Sheri Bomb, Congrats on your brilliant work. You speak from a beautiful heart – Love ya, Lisa

Miss Sheri you fantastic little blogger you. Go git em girlie and give that Galey Darling a run for her money ;) – Best wishes xo Drea

Hey Sheri, Cowpunkabilly wishes your new blog all the success it deserves! – Well done, Bernie & Kerryn

Sheri! Congratulations on your fabulous blog launch! I can’t wait to see where your adventure goes next! – Love Liv & Ben xx

Deano is gay :)
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

That's what you said people...thanks so much for coming! All the love and support in that room caused me to burst into tears half way across the bridge on the way home.

Stay tuned this week for more posts and pics of the wonderful launch party that was!

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