26 March, 2012


This is a really hard post to write. But I guess I always knew I'd have to write it one day...

I am now single. Flying solo. A lone ranger. No longer 'taken'. Not attached. Just me, myself and I.

The Man and I broke up over the weekend. It's really hard, and I'm not going to go into too much detail but he is going through a really rough time and he needs some space and time to himself.

It's tearing us both apart but I think in the end it will be for the best.

We are still best friends though. We always will be. ALWAYS. This I know.

We actually went to a friend's band's gig on Sunday, already broken up, and no one even suspected a thing. We weren't pretending, or trying to hide it. We are just the best of friends. We care so much about each other. And it was just easy to be around each other.

Heck, we're even going to the Brian Setzer concert together on Wednesday night. We are sad but we are also cool. We've done A LOT of talking. We know where we stand. We know how each other feels. We know we are still there for each other.

So, if you know us in real life...please don't feel weird or awkward if you see us out. Together or not together. We're not awkward. We don't feel weird. So please, don't you feel that way either.

That being said, this is still a really hard time, so please forgive me if I don't post much if anything over the coming days. I need time to process things, to adjust.

I will be ok. I have actually surprised myself in the last couple of days. I found an inner strength that I never knew I had. But it's still not easy and I just need some time.

I know you all will understand.

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