08 March, 2012

The Revolving Door of Life

Harvey Pookah enjoying the launch party gift bag
There are times in life when an opportunity presents itself and no matter how great the opportunity or how much you want it, for one reason or another you’re not able to grab it. It can be a very frustrating feeling, knowing that something so awesome is within your reach and yet you have to let it go. Let go of the possibilities, the experience, the fun you would have had.

Sadly, I had to do this yesterday. And it’s taking all of my self-control not to throw a tanty and whinge about how unfair the world is. Because sometimes it really can feel that way. But coming off the back of what a wonderful experience my launch party was, I know I can’t ignore the irony.

I can’t deny how amazingly lucky I am with the way things are in my life right now.

But getting a call from a magazine yesterday morning inviting me down to cover the Sydney Tattoo Expo this weekend at no expense of my own was EXTREMELY hard to turn down. And yet I had to. Given the last minute nature of things, it would have been a frenzy of organising and logistics.

Apart from the fact that I have other things organised over the weekend (including a pretty special blog workshop that I have already committed to) my options for making it happen were pretty limited. Try and get a flight or get a lift down with some guys the editor knew, QLD tattooists who were heading down for the expo.

I’m all up for adventure and I have absolutely no issue with tattoo artists themselves but the idea of being cooped up in a car for the whole drive with a bunch of dudes I don’t know was a prospect that made me uncomfortable. It could have been a car full of priests and I still would have felt uncomfortable. ESPECIALLY if it was priests!

Add to that trying to organise time off work, sort out last minute accommodation, the dilemma of figuring out outfits for 3 whole days with such short time to think about it (don’t laugh) and pretty much everything else you can think of…it just wasn’t going to happen.

BIG sad face!

To be flown down and put up by a magazine to cover an event that I had been wanting to go to anyway would have been positively amazing! And I think why? WHY!? But I am reminded of this quote…

               Sometimes life doesn’t want to give you something you want, not because you
               don’t deserve it but because you deserve something more…

It’s hard to think what could be ‘more’ at this point, but I’ve got my eyes open and I’ll be sure to have plenty of business cards on Sunday ready for that chance.

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Tony said...

Hey Sheri, that's a real bummer, If only... Like you say, maybe there's a better plan? Don't know what else to say, I feel sad for you :(

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