13 March, 2012

Say Hello!

Sunday I was up early and off to the very lovely London Club in Teneriffe for the Hello Blogger Events Say Hello! Workshop. Having been to previous blogging workshops I was interested to see if and how the girls would be able to provide fresh content and have their speakers cover new topics that would be helpful to me.

I have to say I am SO proud of Dani and Suger for doing such an amazing job! The amount of hard work and organisation that they put in really showed through by what a raging success the day was. There’s really not much you could fault them on, the only hiccup was the dodgy microphone/speaker system but that was on the venue!


The food was great, which is quite important for events like these, especially when attendees are paying a ticket price to come along for the day. There’s nothing like attending an event and knowing it was money well-spent. The speakers did a fantastic job of providing useful information and delivering it in a fun and engaging way.

It was also great to catch up with familiar faces, meet plenty of smiling new ones and I even got to meet a long-time supporter of this blog in the flesh which was pretty darn cool! We all got little gifts at the end which was nice and the people from Mi Goals ROCK for providing such divine stationary – I think bloggers are some of the biggest stationary addicts!

I was Official Tweeter for the day so my fingers were constantly flying across the iPad to keep everyone following along updated. It was nice to get such lovely feedback from everyone (including from a few people who I consider a bit of blog superstars) on what a great job I did maintaining the feed.

Sitting there listening to everyone speak, it was a really nice feeling to discover that I’m actually doing most things right. It’s hard to tell sometimes, especially in the blogging world and even more so when you’re first starting out so it felt great to get a bit of confirmation from those who are walking proof of blogging success.

I did learn quite a few helpful things throughout the day as well though. The main points that I took away from the day were some simple but genius ideas on making my blog images more interesting, that your work is actually copyrighted the minute you publish it no matter whether it’s done formally or not. Oh, and that I have TOO MANY tags. So if you check out my tag cloud now, you’ll notice it’s MUCH smaller. I spent the day yesterday going through every post I’ve ever done and fixing it. True story.

By the end of the day, as much fun as I had had, I was exhausted from the early start, all the mingling and all that tweeting! I think I out social media’d myself…while everyone else went home to tweet, facebook and instagram what a fantastic day they’d had I fell into bed and off the face of the social media earth to recover.

I hope more workshops like this will be held in the future and I can see targeted workshops really working for some of the more in-depth topics that received a lot of questions and were practically begging for more air time. I would definitely go to another one so fingers crossed enough people will get on board…they’ll make me a real blogger yet!

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