28 February, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: The Sweetest Words

Sadly today is the last Tattoo Tuesday from me…for now! I’ve run out of ink to feature but I’ve got plenty more planned so it’s all just a matter of timing and money. Don’t forget to send through any questions or the stories behind your ink, I’d love to feature your work here!

This one is still quite fresh, done last Monday to be exact, thanks to a well-timed phone call to Mimsy and a cancellation I was about to swoop in on! Thanks to whoever’s spot that was supposed to be, glad you cancelled so I could get this awesome piece of artwork!

Like I had to tell you this was done by Mimsy. It’s got her trademark style stamped all over it. And I LOVE it! As you can probably guess, it’s an ode to my love of the written word with a bit of beauitiful vintage thrown it. But it’s colourful, like me. And has a real candy feel to it…cos I’m sweet don’tcha know! And the tag line? Well…I couldn’t not put it in there!

I absolutely ADORE this tattoo! And if there was any question as to whether I was going to end up with a full sleeve…I guess we know the answer now! Every morning when I wake up and see this tattoo on my arm it makes me so happy. I am in love with it. It looks amazing, the colours are so beautiful and it just sits so well on my arm. Mimsy did an amazing job (as always) and I can’t thank her enough!

It should only take a few more hours to finish this arm completely and we’ve pretty much already decided how we’re going to do it. It’s just a matter of booking in and getting it done! So I’m trying to steer clear of ebay at the moment and save my pennies!

The problem is, once my arm is done I already know what I want to get next! Not that that’s really a problem…cos it’s awesome…and Mimsy will do a fantastic job…it’s just that I need to win the lotto to pay for all the things I want! Afterall, my pretty clothes aren’t going to buy themselves!

Sigh, I lead such a hard life don’t I?

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ANG said...

I love it! I'm gonna miss this section, Tattoo Tuesday is my favourite!

Sheri Bomb said...

Me too! :( I'm gonna miss not having new tattoos even more! But soon...I promise soon ;)

Tony said...

I absolutely love that tattoo,I look at it and think "how did she do that" it is so well done!.
I too am going to miss TT, I actually wake up and think, "Cool its Tattoo Tuesday"
How bout you start a swear jar at work and all proceeds go to Sheri's Artgallery ;)

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks Tony, it really is an amazing tattoo! I'm so lucky to have Mimsy as a friend and be able to get such awesome work! Haha unfortunately the proceeds wouldn't get me far, we don't really swear at work

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