02 February, 2012

Like A Washing Machine

So you've heard me talk about this rockabilly dancing that I get into. But you probably wonder what it actually is. What it looks like. Something akin to the macarena in a poodle skirt perhaps? Some sort of weird line dancing remeniscent of a desert cult.

Not quite.

But it's a twistin, turnin good time! And it's great exercise! It works your arms and your legs and is a really good cardio work out too.

We're always up for a dance at a gig and to keep ourselves in shape and have a bit of a catch up too, we meet at the Holland Park Bowls Club the first and third Wednesday of every month to get our dance on.

But what's it look like? Well, this! That's Mimsy (Trailer Trash Tattoo) & Pony (The Ten Fours) as well as Mitchy Mayhem and some of the other dancers at the beginning and then you finish off with us.


Phew! It's fast and hard but SO much fun!

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Anonymous said...

Man, I really need to learn to dance...
Maybe someone can help start something like this on the northside of Brisbane??
I'm looking in a certain someone's direction...!

Sheri Bomb said...

Haha Yes Brenton I know, we talked about it and then...nothing. We'll have to get our acts together and see if we can sort something out :)

The Click-Clack Lounge said...

With so many amazing dancers living on the Northside....Wally and Jon hint hint....all we'd need is a venue....I'd love to help out to get this happening xx

Sheri Bomb said...

Go for it Karie! We just got busy and didn't really get around to making things happen but if you're keen by all means! We thought doing the second and fourth Wednesday of the month would be good so it wouldn't clash with the other dancing

Max said...

looks like the kind of exercise I could get into!

Sheri Bomb said...

For sure Max! It's GREAT exercise but so much fun you forget it is :)

bette laurent said...

I would love to learn to dance like this! And am also on the north side !

Sheri Bomb said...

Well no news as yet Bette but keep your eye out and I'll be sure to let you know if anything starts up :)

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