03 January, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday: Not Always As It Seams

Tattoo Tuesday continues to be quite popular on the blog but due to the holiday period, the feature kind of stalled. However not to worry, because I thought we'd kick off the new year getting back on track!

Despite being little more than a line, these tattoos took about 3 hours of rather careful line work from the artist, not to mention A LOT of time spent lining up the transfer and making sure they were EXACTLY straight.

Seamed stockings date back to early forms with the ancient Greeks and Romans however their rise to popularity in women's fashion began during the late '30s to early '40s and lasted all the way into the late '60s.

They were knitted flat and 'fully fashioned' meaning they were shaped to fit the leg by decreasing the number of stitches as the stocking was knit towards the ankle, creating a 'knit to fit' and at the same time enhancing the shapliness of women's legs.

Nylon replaced silk stockings around the time of World War II however even then, due to the war such luxuries were scarce. To maintain their ladylike outward appearance during these tough times, women began to draw their 'stocking seams' on.

As a modern woman, I don't have to worry about such trying times however I DO have to worry about straight seams and whether you were a wearer back then or are embracing the style these days, trying to keep your seams straight can be a pain in the bum! Not to mention, the Queensland climate isn't exactly stocking-friendly for most parts of the year.

So I did what I always do and turned to those ladies past to draw inspiration from...and took it one step further. Draw on my stocking seams - PERMANENTLY.

These tats were also done at Voodoo Tattoo and are anchored at the bottom by two love hearts on top of each other and finished off at the top with a little bow under my bum cheeks.

Voila! No more crooked seams and I can stay cool, while looking cool! Sexy lingerie all the time, so a girl can never get caught short ;) The best part? Watching people trying to figure out if they are real or not :P

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Tony said...

Cool!:) coming from a tradesmans background, do you know what I reckon would be a good way to mark them out? Make you stand exactly how you are there, and use an old fashioned plumb bob, You know it is straight and you can just move your leg in and out while the plumb bob is hanging to make it even with the other leg:)

Is it acceptable to ask a tattooist to draw a picture of what you want first to see if you are happy with their interpretation of it. And if your not to try someone ellse?

Unknown said...

Very brave. I am 37 and just got my first tat. I love it!!

Anonymous said...

I really love these. I'm normal a bit of a tattoo skeptic but I think these are totally fun, cute, have a bit of meaning, and can be easily covered for work/wedding purposes. All big ticks in my book.

They are so straight- I did spend a while staring at them because I couldn't believe how perfectly in line they are.

Excited that Tattoo Tuesday is back!

Sheri Bomb said...

Tony, I have heard this suggestion many a time much to my amusement ;)

Most tattoos (with the exception of freehand artists) are first drawn on transfer paper to get the exact design, size and positioning right before it then gets transferred onto your skin and then tattooed over, so yes :)

Thank you Ms Furnas, what did you get? I bet it wasn't as painful or scary as you thought it would be :)

Sheri Bomb said...

Hehe Amy, trust me so did I before I let him tattoo them on!! ;) And thanks, I'm excited too :D

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