31 December, 2011


Wow. Scary. Exciting. Fast.

Those are just a few words to describe my life and the things happening with this blog at the moment.

My holiday was a bit of a whirlwind and being so close to Christmas, I kind of left off at a crossroads where there has been a lot going on with the blog.

It's really exciting and I'm looking forward to seeing how everything turns out but suddenly everything seems to have gained momentum all on its own and things seem to be happening very fast.

I now have an ABN, my own domain, a totally new look and design coming for the blog. I hope the change over goes smoothly and I really hope everyone likes the new look. After a meeting with my designer and a lot of backwards and forwards with new ideas and half formed sort-of-kinda-like-this I'm really excited to see the finished product.

It's pretty cool in a way. But it also terrifies me.

When I registered for my ABN something quite strange happened. My heart started beating really fast and I actually felt a little sick. Suddenly everything seemed to get very real. Don't get me wrong, I am super excited! It all just takes a bit of getting used to, I'm not the best at dealing with change.

They say that change is as good as a holiday, and considering I've recently had a lot of both, I think I can be forgiven for having a little 'holy crap' moment.

But you know, as one year draws to a close and another is about to begin I can't help but feel like it could be the start of big, new, exciting things for me and this blog.

And you know what? I couldn't have done it without you! To all of you who've read my blog this year, offered advice, boosted me up when I needed it, given me something to blog about, commented and just generally shown your support - thank you. Without you, this blog would be nothing. I truly appreciate you.

Onwards and upwards my friends.

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Amy@MyLifeasaCake said...

Can't wait to see the redesign!

Sarah said...

Ooh, new design!! Good luck with all your changes. I'll be watching:)

Melissa {Suger} said...

Great, great post hun. Sure be nervous, excited and a little afraid. Then do it anyway.

Looking forward to catching up more in 2012. xo

Sheri Bomb said...

Thanks Amy & Sarah, I can't wait for the design to be ready...I really feel like it's going to improve this space a great deal :)

Suger, thanks and expectionally great advice! I took a deep breath and am just doing it, crossing my fingers & hoping like hell it all works out in the end ;) And yes, can't wait to catch up more this year...it is GOING to happen! xo

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