21 December, 2011

Melbourne: A Week of Love

By the time Monday came, we were glad to be heading to the beautiful mountains in Warburton for a change of pace and hopefully some rest! Bex was lovely and dropped us off to The Man's sister Derani in good ole Hank where big cuddles and excited 'they're here!' exclamations were plenty.

After all the big hellos we headed back to Derani's place for a wind down but not before we saw The Man's gorgeous neice showing us her awesome horse riding skills. We then came home to a lovely home cooked meal. Ahhh just what we needed, and how can you not enjoy views like this?

We were so lucky with the weather! We had glorious, warm sunny days everyday! After a good night's rest we were treated to an early part of our Christmas present...Honey Hands Fisher came direct to our door to give us a massage! Seriously, this was the best, most relaxing, most amazing massage I have ever had! I have never been so loose, felt so good or been so relaxed in my life. After an hour and a half of full body massaging I reluctantly had to relinquish the table so The Man could have his turn.

Feeling well and relaxed we took a little walk down to the main town and had a little poke around. We sampled some of the famous local pies - delish! - then pottered on home again but not before we went by 'Bob's House'. A renowned local eccentric, Bob's House has to be seen to be believed...in fact we saw it and we still weren't sure we believed it! I tried to get some good pictures but they really don't do it justice!

He actually lives there - amazing!!

We went out for dinner and ate way too much on Tuesday night and were amused that there was really only one place open in the whole town - small towns eh, too cute!

Wednesday was the day of my big surprise! I got told I had to get up early and had some very confusing clothing suggestions and was not told anything but to 'get in the car' haha We hit the road at 8 am and as much as I tried to work out what could possibly be happening, I'm totally not familiar with the area so really had no idea. Everyone else knew but me and they all took great delight in teasing me. There were even pug farms suggested...that's just mean! :P

We made a quick coffee and toilet stop off in Geelong and I was starting to get a tiiiiiiiny inkling of what could possibly happening, and then I started to see the tourist signs and I just knew. They were taking me along The Great Ocean Road!! Again, the weather was perfect and the water was the most amazing turquoise colour and I just felt so lucky that it had all turned it on for me. Everyone went out of their way to make sure I had a wonderful day and emphasise that it was my special day - so sweet!

It was such a fun day, like a mini road trip and we had lots of fun being silly and singing along like crazy to music in the car. Unfortunately because we were stretched for time we didn't make it all the way along or even as far as the apostles but we did get as far as Lorne, which was pretty cool because that's where The Man grew up so I got to see his old family home and all his favourite haunts. It was such a lovely day! But also quite long, we didn't get home til about 8:30 pm but it was totally worth it!

Well that's not quite the end of our week but this post is getting long so I'll leave it there for now. Check back tomorrow for the rest of our adventures!

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