26 December, 2011

Simple Pleasures

I am a woman of simple pleasures. The little things make me happy. I am surprisingly easy to please. Although I am also easy to disappoint.

A random text.

A silly note.

Catching my eye at THAT moment.

A little something left on my pillow.

A kiss on the cheek at a gig.

An ice cream and a walk along the waterfront.

Changing the words of the song to my name.

A picnic by the water.

Sliding into a freshly made bed of clean sheets.

Little things that really mean nothing in particular. They probably wouldn't warrant a second thought from most other people. But to me, they are the essence of living. Not everyday can be Christmas. Not everyday holds big surprises or major announcements of things so exciting that you can't sleep the night before.

But everyday holds it's own little treasures. I delight in these. And I delight in my ability to see and enjoy them. It's not always easy to do but it is very important. I often hear people with children relishing the way their children's wide eyed wonder reminds them of the joy and beauty that there is to be found in everything.

I don't have kids around me to do this, so I try to make it my mission to do so for myself and maybe at the same time help someone else notice these things as well. No one should have to miss out.

Animals are also great at doing this. Hint hint ;)

I always find myself reflecting, loving and feeling grateful at this time of year. I hope all your Christmases have been full of joy, love and gratitude and all the other wonderful things that this time of year brings like family, food, drink and presents.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great post. Especially love ice-cream.

Melissa {Suger} said...

I love this post. It's so great. And those small things, the simple things... They are my favourites too.

Really. Good post.

Sheri Bomb said...

Nawww thanks ladies, big squishy boob hugs all round ;) xo

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