20 December, 2011

Melbourne: The First Weekend

Our first weekend in Melbourne was HUGE! We stayed with the lovely Bex in Doncaster who took extremely good care of us and was the best drinking buddy.

We were pretty exhausted after spending all of Friday travelling. I was up at 7:30 to get ready, pack the final things and drive down to Kingscliffe where I was leaving my car in preparation for my work Christmas party on my return. I then caught the shuttle bus to the airport, flew to Melbourne, met up with The Man, caught the Skybus to Spencer St Station where we walked a few blocks, big suitcase in tow, to catch the bus out to Doncaster. We got off the bus and walked about a km, again huge suitcase in tow, to Bex house.

By the time we arrive my arms and legs were killing me and I just wanted to go to sleep. AS IF THAT WAS GONNA HAPPEN!!

We cracked a beer and ate some Doritos while we waited for Bex to get home from work. After a very joyful hello and lots of cuddles later we decided to hit up The LuWow as we had heard so much about it and were dying to check it out! The three of us high tailed it to Fitzroy where we met up with Link, frontman from The Meanies (for those of you unfamiliar, The Meanies are a late 80s early 90s Aussie pop punk band who toured with the likes of Nirvana, The Lemonheads, Beastie Boys, Pearl Jam etc) We had fun with Bex and Link for the rest of the weekend.

The LuWow is AMAZING!! It's a new tiki bar in Fitzroy that really just has to be seen to be believed! We had THE BEST time there and I'm quite sure it would be impossible to have a bad night at this place. The staff are friendly, the drinks are delicious, the decor is unbelieveable and the music ROCKS!! Oh, and so does Gina the door girl, she took a shining to us and was just the lovliest, friendlist lady and she...'looked after' us both nights - what a gem!!

We went their all Friday night and danced and drank the night away! It really was one of the best nights we've had in a very long time!! Then on Saturday we went for dinner and tunes at the famous Espy but the bands weren't really up to scratch so we decided to head back to our beloved LuWow, but not before I got this shot with the pugs painted on the walls of the basement at the Espy!

We danced and drank some more and had more and more fun! We were drinking these amazing drinks called The Cocktail of Doom. No kidding, this thing was almost single handedly responsible for all my hangovers! But it was delicous, and awesome value! $50 got you this huge bowl which we each ended up getting about 4 or 5 drinks out of and the fresh fruit cut up in the bottom was like eating a shot as it sucked up all the alcohol!

Which of course led to drunken shenanigans and the mandatory late night souvlaki ;)

Battling a whopper of a hangover on Saturday we set off for a day of shopping. A bit of struggle to begin with, it was a surprisingly good hangover cure and I certainly spoiled myself rotten! 3 pairs of shoes, a top, a skirt, a dress, $200 worth of Benefit make up and $150 worth of Soap & Glory products later I was a very happy girl!

Sunday Bex thought it would be fun to go to a tattoo show which her tattoo artist was judging at. With no real plans in mind, we thought that sounded like a fun day so we headed off in Bex big ole F-trunk Hank. After getting a little lost, we finally made it just in time for Bex to enter however what Bex DIDN'T know was that the tattoo show was at a strip club! HAH!

It was a very fun and funny day and certainly the most 'interesting' tattoo show I've been to. To be honest, I wasn't that impressed with the quality of the tattoos on show although Bex awesome colour sleeve won best female arm and best colour - woo! I also had the opportunity to catch up with a magazine 'contact' and we had a very interesting and promising conversation...more on that soon ;)

By the time all the juding was done, we headed back for a quick stop in at The Gem to see Warren Earl before heading home to collapse into bed, ready to head out to the mountains on Monday.

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Tony said...

OMG! girl you definitely believe in sleeping when your dead, Sounds like a fun time was had by all, and as usual you look very pretty :). What exactly is a Tiki Bar?

Sheri Bomb said...

Thank you, it was a blast! A tiki bar is just a jungle-y, island-y themed bar ya know, with tiki carvings and skulls and bamboo and all that great stuff!

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