01 November, 2011

You Make Me Wanna Kill

Ok so...I said I was stepping back, letting myself breathe, trying to relax. And I am I promise. But it's like just putting it out there has lifted some of the weight off me. Like letting out a big sigh. And I rediscovered a song I just LOVE today and I felt like sharing. It's only a short little post so I'm still sticking to my plan. :P Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

I love everything about this song! The video, that lap steel, the guitar and drums, his voice, the lyrics. I just love how it's so full throttle. This song gets me so amped! I can't help but practically head bang to it, it just makes me want to go crazy!! In the good way haha

A big thanks to The Man for putting me on to this one. And seriously, who hasn't been here before?

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