11 November, 2011

Tall Ships & Treasures

Over the years, The Man has amassed an amazing collection of vintage, retro and 50s furniture, homewares, collectibles and memorabilia. He's always had this knack for finding rare and hard to get pieces that even our other collector friends dream of finding. Somehow these things just find their way into his hands. It made for an extremely fascinating household, with so much to take in, even after all this time I find new things each time I look around. But lately we've gotten to the point of overflowing. There's no more room left to collect anything else. And afterall, the thrill of the chase is certainly half the fun! Plus he's moving...and packing up all that stuff would be a MAMMOTH effort. So he's selling up and shipping out!

This Saturday we'll be up at the crack of dawn to get on down to Gumdale for the 1st Annual Treasurefest. Not only is this event PERFECT timing to get some of your Christmas shopping out of the way, but it's also to raise money for Act for Kids. This will be THE place to get all kinds of model cars, rare vintage speed equipment and accessories, heaps of retro/vintage fashion for guys and gals as well as all kinds of collectibles and memorabilia.

It's ridiculous how much stuff The Man has to sell off!! We'll be taking all the smaller stuff like velvet paintings, anodised canister sets, 50s Sunbeam mixers, tall ships, starburst glassware, 50s portable BBQs, western drink containers, carved wooden figurines, the famous naked lady glasses and HEAPS of kitsch homewares, bar accessories and tiki bars.

We'll also have a catalogue available showing the pieces too big to bring in the car, like the Click Clack lounges in working order and mint condition, the 50s wooden wardrobes, the big Kelvinator fridge and this AMAZING Wilkins & Service twin tub. Ain't she purdy!

So come on down and have a look, there's something to appeal to everyone. Not only 'old' stuff but plenty of new as well as fashion and accessories and even live music from our boy Mitchy Mayhem! Hope to see you there!

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Sheri Bomb said...

Haha! Hope you'll come and have a gander Mz Vicki, we've got plenty of bargains apart from the big stuff. So many people have already called 'dibs' and he had a couple of visitors last night who wanted to get in before the big sale on the weekend...I think things will sell pretty fast ;)

Anonymous said...

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