22 November, 2011

Automobilia: Top Gear Magazine

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Normally all things automotive revolve around hot rods, rat rods and kustoms around here but when Nuffnang gave me the opportunity to road test and write about Top Gear Magazine I thought why not? Afterall, I know some of the gear heads out there who read this blog aren’t ONLY interested in hot rods but enjoy the high performance beasts as well.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how much it would appeal to me given I am more into hot rods and less into the techy and specy side of things. But I went down to my local newsagent and picked up the latest copy to check out. There were a lot of impressive looking sporty cars adorning the pages and plenty of famous names beaming from the headlines but there was one article that really caught my eye. One article that, even if you have no interest in cars at all, would surely offer an interesting and very compelling read. You can check it out on p. 144 of the November issue of Top Gear Australia Magazine and I guarantee you’ll love it. It’s more of a ‘tale’ than an article.

There’s no other way to describe it other than a human interest piece. A good old yarn. An amazing story about a middle aged man with a wife, kids and a mortgage who re-traces his steps across an amazing outback voyage. An adventure he completed on a postie bike some 15 years ago, he now embarked on a life changing pilgrimage from Darwin to Brisbane in an old clapped out red Volvo. Filled with the tales of the people that he meets as well as poignant observations as he examines his own life, the trip is touching and unbelievable and a total riot. Told with a wry sense of humour through wise eyes, the feature is packed with action and emotion. It was a great read and the absolute standout feature of the issue.

It also rather surprised me. To be honest, it wasn’t the type of thing that I expected to find in a ‘men’s magazine’, a car magazine. I have no doubt that even if you have no interest in cars whatsoever or if you were a woman picking up this magazine, you would really enjoy this article. It has universal appeal. And I wondered if this would apply to other car magazine subscriptions. I think it’s important for any magazine. There’s nothing like being pleasantly surprised by something, or finding something your partner enjoys that you can actually begin to enjoy with them.

And it made me start thinking. Christmas is fast approaching and I really haven’t got my list sorted. I’m pretty short on ideas too. But a magazine subscription would make a great Christmas present I think. It’s one of those little indulgences that you find hard to justify spending the money on yourself. You think of all the other things you could be doing with that money. And you end up missing out. My favourite kind of gifts to buy people are the kind that they would love but not buy for themselves. Magazine subscriptions are great for this.

Best of all, Magshop is giving away an amazing prize just for getting your Christmas shopping out of the way? Where do I sign??

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Hayley said...

That second picture is making me curious about what that story is about :P

Sheri Bomb said...

Haha well I guess you'll have to read to find out :P it really is a great article though, loved it!

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